Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kudos to Sara for sharing those previous adventure photos! I thought it was about time I (Katey) figured out how to actually post something. Also, I wanted to add that if we ever get more than one follower, we invite you all to offer suggestions for our adventures.

On the short term/this weekend agenda we have (tentatively and subject to change):
- Baking some delicious treats to sell to our friend Kevin (side note: we're always willing to sell cookies if any of our future readers want to buy some)
- Going to lunch or dinner at one of the places recommended by Sara's mom's friend
and we'll probably add something else as well. We're thinking.

Long term thoughts and plans:
- Freemont on a Sunday: market, Theo, Sara's mom's friend's bakery
- Selling cookies at Gasworks
- Dim Sum with our friend Jason
- Possibly shopping in Ballard again
- The other places recommended by Sara's mom's friend

Suggestions much appreciated.

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