Saturday, April 23, 2011


Spring finally decided to grace us with its presence. Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and next week but at least we got to bask in the sunlight/warmth for one day. We spent the day at Pikes, buying flowers and having a picnic above the water. We also apologize to our one reader for not updating this week. So to catch up:
Last Friday we went to UVillage for some more birthday celebrating. 

this was a wholegrain oatmeal chocolate chip flax seed cookie (or something like that) and it was soooo good even though it looks kinda dumpy here

and because Katey turned 20 she obviously needed a venti from Starbucks

all of the flowers at Pikes were gorgeous! they were mostly tulips and daffodils

and here's our picnic, consisting of a baguette, hummus, roasted tomatoes, and jazz apples (the coolest name)

Also we're very excited because we won a giveaway from! Thanks for the novel! And we just got an order for some banana bread! 
Hope everyone (Maximum) has a good rest of the weekend (Passover)! 

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