Sunday, April 3, 2011

This weekend Katey is in Portland so there is nothing to report on (except I went to yoga?) Anyways, because our only reader Maximum has requested that we have more posts, I, Sara, have taken it upon myself to show some highlights from our past adventures (before we knew to blog them).

Greenlake back in fall quarter when were obsessed with the leaf colors
field trip a pumpkin patch where we played with sunflowers and corn
Pikes Place to sample macarons
Seattle Art Museum
our other obsession was the Starbucks holiday drinks
we ventured all the way to Bellevue because I was sick and insisted on finding matzoh ball soup. Katey had never had traditional Jewish food so we also got a knish
Pikes hanging with a FAT bear and some gross posters
we weren't thrilled for snow
but i'll admit it's really pretty
Santa in Ballard
yay for cooking! and Katey's a great chef because she tries to listen to my weird request not to put any oil in my eggs
brownies, lemon bars (recipe later maybe) and skinny chocolate chip cookies from  here.
our weekend in Portland wouldn't have been complete without Pine State biscuits

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