Saturday, May 14, 2011

As we type, we are sitting at 14 Carrot Cafe basking in some long-awaited sunshine. Sara just ate some delicious granola and Katey enjoyed the French toast. Despite a somewhat sassy hostess, the experience has been lovely due to a friendly waitress, good food, and a fun atmosphere. And also probably because we're sitting in the sun. We walked here this morning (only 1.6 miles!) and thought it might rain, but luckily that didn't happen. We've been pretty lucky weather-wise on our walks lately. We walked to Greenlake 2 weeks ago (as seen in pictures in the last post), and last week we went to Fremont. For whatever reason our friends are appalled by the concept of walking any farther than it takes to get to class, but at least they only boost our egos with their shocked reactions to how far we walk.
Speaking of Fremont, while there, we went to the Sunday market and stopped by Theo. BUT Theo was out of samples! We had never seen such a thing in our lives and were very disappointed. They put out some chai and coconut, but it still wasn't up to normal Theo standards. We stopped at PCC and sat by the water and then made it back to UVillage just in time for happy hour at Starbucks (aside: Katey recently hit gold star status at Starbucks!).
Last night we stopped by a party at a friend's house and stayed just long enough for a guy (previously thought to be shy and awkward) to forcibly throw Katey into a mosh pit (even though he claimed that he "had no idea it would be that violent" and that "he was trying to protect her" which doesn't even make any sense). After walking through the longest alley we've ever seen (and in the wrong direction) we made it to Maximum's house to hang out, went to Dick's for late night food with our extremely drunk friend and almost passed out from exhaustion at 2 am. And yet we still we woke up at 8:34ish am to walk to this cafe because we love food that much. Although we're probably some of the few that would get up early to eat AND walk over a mile.

Kudos to us and applause to the food. Now go enjoy the sun and have some adventures of your own!

Katey and Sara

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  1. I miss PCC SOOOO much when I"m here in Cali!!! ahhh! My friend definitely had a party at Theo a few years ago it was sooo much fun :) I haven't been for samples though... definitely should get on that ;)