Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Masons and Elephant Ears

Hello Everyone!
We hope you've all had lovely weekends! It turns out that last weekend was the Seattle Cheese Festival, which we both thought was this past weekend and thus missed it. We went last year and sampled lots of delicious cheeses (well mostly Katey since Sara is a picky eater) and it sucks that we forgot to actually the check the date for this year. We'll just have to wait around till next year now. This weekend we spent most of our Saturday at the UDistrict Street Fair. The Street Fair is always full of all kinds of people: street performers, vendors, religious people, and the ones that try to make you sign things (clipboard people). Fortunately, when we don't want to sign things, we can conveniently rely on the fact that we're out of state, so they don't want our signature anyway. We toured the street fair multiple times with different friends and saw all kinds of things. We saw super cute kittens as well as a man walking a ferret. Katey also got a blue balloon from the Free Masons so that the others could find her in a crowd. She took a pamphlet too for educational purposes. Sara got henna on her hand (in under 10 minutes!) and quickly became a walking advertisement for the booth. There was also an abundance of fried food, including the classic "brick of french fries." Katey also relied on the classic elephant ear for nourishment. After returning from the Street Fair, we watched Love in the Afternoon. We were quite disappointed in Audrey Hepburn's attraction to the older Gary Cooper. We followed the movie up with The Hills, as watching Heidi ruin her life while Lauren and Whitney (our alter-egos) succeed is much more satisfying.
Sunday we started off with yoga and Starbucks, of course! Delicious, as always. Then we went to a dance performance choreographed by graduate students at UW. It was nice, but we unfortunately almost passed out from a combination of hunger and fatigue. We felt the rest of the day was best spent relaxing and doing some homework.
Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, so we're looking forward to some time for extra fun adventures - probably including Starbucks. We hope you have an excellent week and have some exciting plans for your 3 day weekends too!

the cutest kitties that we've ever seen

Sara's awesome/fast henna

Katey & Sara

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