Monday, June 13, 2011

Because Katey Simply Has to Have the Last Word

A Blog Post to Commemorate and Highlight the Best Adventures of Sara & Katey
The original adventures

Ahh the cheese festival, many delicious cheeses. Or in Sara’s case, just goat cheese.
The original Diet Coke bottle.
 Perfect for wine.

Some of you may not know that on Sara and Katey’s original Greenlake trip last year they drove. Katey had her car in town for a bit, and they had many adventures. But due to Katey’s Oregonianness, Sara had to pump the gas.

We found a fondness for Greenlake and an example for our future baking entrepreneurship after buying some lemonade from a small child.

In Ballard we shopped around and picked up some Free Wood for a Golden Gardens fire that never took place.

Go Dinosaurs.

We even made it to Kent and took a trip to the “Great Wall Mall!” The actual mall was kind of a let down, but the memories were exceptional :)
(the two Asian girls in the group outside the “Great Wall Mall”)

IKEA is the perfect place to play house!

Sara’s adventures in Seattle wouldn’t have been complete without Dick’s, although for some reason she’s kind of bummed in this picture - fries too greasy?

This year would most definitely not have been the same without my Sara adventure time. Here’s a look back at some good times from earlier in the year:

Sometimes the simplest things - like trying new coffee - make some of the best memories!

We’ve had some great times just walking to fun neighborhoods and trying new places. Some winners were definitely Homegrown, 14 Karat CafĂ©, Zoe Yogurt, and many more. 

The long-awaited trip to the pumpkin patch! 
We brought the whole crew along for this one, and purchased a lovely pumpkin courtesy of Dr. Maze.

Ke$ha and Britney. Infamous pop stars = fantastic choices in Halloween costumes.

Have we ever told you how much we LOVE the holidays?
Bellevue has extensive shopping, Starbucks, and delicious matzo-ball soup to make you feel warm and festive!

 Speaking of warm, snow is not. It’s cold.
A trip to the Nutcracker was the perfect birthday gift for an amazing birthday girl.
Michela and I wouldn’t have celebrated with Sara any other way :)

I was lucky enough to have Sara take a trip down to Portland with me this year. We saw lots of fun things and had some really good times. It’s a fun city that’s even more fun with great friends!

These are some of the best memories but nowhere near all of them. We had incredible adventures, and I’m very lucky to have had a friend like Sara with whom to share the last two years. For those of you (one) readers who may be concerned about the future of “Meow or Never,” we will continue to blog as a way of maintaining our adventures and  of keeping in touch with each other. “Meow or Never” will become a place where we share adventures from Seattle and LA with each other. Also, be ready for some good stories when we meet up again for visits!
As is typical of a Katey & Sara post, I’d like to include a recipe. Bear with me, I’ve tried to make this as original and non-cheesy as possible.

A recipe for the best kind of friendship (with specifications to emulate the Katey & Sara model):
Shared values 
(shopping, Starbucks, an affinity for yoga - but not such that you need to talk about it, especially not to strangers)
Or another common method of communication.
Equal wit 
(also possibly considered sass)
Common activities to enjoy together 
(yoga, shopping, Starbucks, exploring, watching Audrey Hepburn movies, trying new things and visiting new places)
An appreciation for one another 
(I have greater respect for Sara than many people I know. She is one of the most honest, down-to-earth, intelligent, savvy people I have ever met. She’s not just a friend; she’s someone I admire and have learned from. She’s someone I am lucky to know and spend time with. She’s someone I’ll miss very much, but am confident I will stay in touch with. Because to lose track of a friend like that is just dumb.)
Thank you, Sara, for having been such an amazing friend to me the past two years.
I wish you nothing but joy, love, happiness, and exciting times back in LA, and I know you will do amazing things. Good luck, and I look forward to our future adventures.

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