Friday, June 17, 2011

Home: California Edition

Hello, reader(s)! I (Sara) managed to get all of my stuff out of my room, into the car, down to Olympia (where I repacked everything into 8 suitcases and 3 boxes), to the airport and finally home without anything exploding, breaking, or being searched by TSA. Ok fine, one box got searched. But the most important thing is that I'm home! We've been experiencing some June gloom but it is still nonetheless warmer than Seattle which is a nice change.
Although I attempted to unpack (2 suitcases and all of the boxes are empty!) I still feel like I've left a mess of my space and am trying to figure out how all of my things are going to fit in my house. I decided to take a break in between by baking (duh). My family informed me that I should use up the 3 black bananas that have been sitting in our fridge since spring break (way to go guys).
My first recipe was banana biscotti. I didn't add the chocolate chips (because we didn't have any) nor did I drizzle/dip them in chocolate despite the request of my sister only because I was feeling lazy (I hate melting chocolate for some weird reason). Also, I don't think I baked them long enough because they were on the softer side but they are still delicious!
Next I made banana muffins. My family really likes these; they're super moist and have a good banana-y flavor. Unfortunately I didn't have any almond extract or amaretto so I just added a good dose of vanilla and they turned out fine. 
Last night some friends of mine had a "classy" themed party at their house and somehow managed to throw together an outfit despite the fact that almost all of my clothes are still in suitcases. 
Throwback to Prom 2009

I'm sure more baking will occur within the next few days because of Father's Day so I may be posting again soon!

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