Sunday, June 12, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow

We're done! Summer vacation is finally here! (but of course, the weather is still sub-par) We've been incredibly busy this week writing papers so we forgot to update on last weekend's activities. On Friday we got together at Cedar's Indian restaurant for Sara's Farewell Dinner. No tears ensued but lots of reminiscing and smiling. On Saturday it got hot enough for us to wear tank tops and skirts and we celebrated the warmth with a trip to U Village, with a good chunk of time spent in QFC choosing cookies. We were fortunate enough to have the good weather carry over to Sunday, which was also Sara's last Sunday yoga :[ However, we still enjoyed class; esp. our teachers who played Shakira. Instead of going straight to Starbucks in UVill (as is our normal routine), we trekked up to Greenlake with our laptops, course packets, and sunglasses in tow to utilize the rooftop seating at the Greenlake Starbucks. It was verrrrry hot (Sara has an attractive tan line to prove it) and there were about 300 pigeons but we got a substantial amount of work done! After a while, Sara got hungry + her battery was dying, which was a good excuse to be done with paper writing and go across the street to get frozen yogurt. Obviously, we got an array of flavors and toppings (how can you not sample them all?!) with the honey lavender flavor standing out as a top pick. We then walked back to the U District, sweaty but filled with the pride of a job well done.
This week we spent our time watching copious amounts of The Hills (and psychoanalyzing Spencer), getting lattes (extra free shot of espresso at the cafes on campus!) and soaking up as much time with each other as humanly possible. Oh, and we got very good at making candy leis for a graduation for Dream Project. Last night we went to Eastlake Bar and Grill for a Dream Project event and for $5 steak night. Or so we thought. Apparently they moved the price up to $6.99, which is still a bargain. Sara opted for Diet Coke and got countless refills, which is a blessing and a curse, as she is trying to drink less diet soda.
Today we spent our remaining hours getting a free latte, talking about toys we had or wanted when we were little kids (specifically Barbie Jeeps, American Girl Dolls and Littlest Pet Shop board game) and very much wishing that we wouldn't have to be separated. Katey headed to Portland while Sara continued to pack up her room (SO MUCH DUST). It was a sad goodbye but we are both excited for summer and the end of finals. And we're hoping to reuinte at some point via road trip to California or random visit to Seattle next year on Sara's part.
We hope that our adventures were enjoyable to read about and that we could inspire you and your best friend to take some adventures of your own! We also hope that everyone's finals went well (or your 2nd month of summer if you go to a semester school). We'll try and update on our own with more baking and fun!

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