Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everything I haven't been able to share because my computer hates me

Sooo I wrote this super fabulous post (in pages due to my computer not connecting to the internet in the bakery I was at), but when I went to save it, that little rainbow wheely thing showed up again and the computer freaked. I ended up back at the apple store where they seem to have fixed the computer, but could not save the post :( I should note that my blogging plans last week were halted by the apple store taking my computer to replace the display. They clearly have it in for Meow or Never. Here’s my best recreation of what I wrote earlier:
So, when I started that post I was sitting in a fabulous little French bakery on Eastlake where my friend works. It’s called Le Fournil and has fabulous food. I got the ham, swiss, and butter sandwich because that’s what my host mom in Bretagne made when I was there, and it was lovely. With the sandwich came a latté and an apple tart, all for like $8.99. Magnifique lunch special. It was kind of rainy and gross out but the food made it feel like Paris in the rain (Midnight in Paris anyone??). 

Sorry the photo's not super clear...but believe me, it wouldn't have captured the deliciousness anyway

Speaking of foreign meals, I attended a pan-cultural feast on Thursday with friends of the friend who works at the bakery. I brought baked brie (duhhhhh, best thing ever). And there was paella, some other Spanish soup, and cherry tart! Yum. Delicious food, new friends, and a gorgeous view of like everything pretty from this girl’s house in Magnolia = a good night. Friday brought fun times with Thai food and cupcakes, but the Thai was even better as picnic food in the sun the next day! Except tragedy of all tragedies was missing yoga at Alki on Saturday :( I had to help with this SAT class and had to stay longer than expected. Sad, but Maximum swore we would find a way to do yoga at Alki. If you happen to be nearby in the future, be on the lookout for two ridiculous looking people attempting their own yoga practice on the beach.

(this is actually way prettier than mine...but I forgot to take a picture)
Speaking of yoga, I kind of failed today as well. Yesterday was super eventful even without yoga, post SAT class I ran errands with Maximum, got ready to attend a wedding, stopped by a picnic, and went over to the wedding. Well, our friend’s brother’s wedding reception, technically (the couple got married like a year ago in Korea). We were out late dancing, eating, celebrating, etc. Lots of fun, but left me quite sleepy this morning. 
Now to recount adventures prior to this weekend....
Last weekend was a super fun trip to Portland! It’s always good to go home but even better when five of your favorite old friends meet you at the train. We went to Voodooo Donuts and got a big box of all of our favorites (see photos). After a late night of chatting and catching up, I got up for breakfast (some delicious French version of eggs benedict) at one of my favorite French bakeries ever, La Provence. I think I’ve mentioned it before and it’s a must if you happen to find yourself in Lake Oswego, OR. 
After that I was ready for what seemed impossible: taking my almost 6 year old cousin for her very first pedicure. Shit. She was, however, surprisingly good (minus sharing allllll the family’s dirty laundry with the women doing our nails) and we both ended up with lovely nails. We then celebrated her birthday with the fam until much too late for someone getting up to catch and 8:30 train.

The Blazer Blunt. A classic.
The Cock and Balls. THE Classic.

Bacon Maple Bar = surprisingly fabulous.

The weekend before was largely uneventful (primarily buying my cousin’s present: a Crewcuts outfit, tea party game, and a Ramona book), until my high school best friend’s little sister showed up at my apartment (I live with their oldest sister). We hung out and made big plans for the next day. Monday evening we got all dressed up for dinner in Queen Anne and a trip to the Space Needle! I had forgotten how gorgeous it is, especially when the sun sets. Then we found my 21st birthday venue! B&O Espresso. It’s very cute, very French, with very delicious desserts and even more delicious-sounding alcoholic beverages - in short, a 21-turning Katey’s dream.
I think that covers most of the interesting things I’ve been up to, if I remember more I’ll be sure to add them. I hope to be posting more regularly again and hopefully my computer complies! PS be expecting some good recipes and photos after August 12, as my friend Laura and I are planning something fabulous for our summer get together!!!!!!
Hope you’re all well and getting more sun than Seattle!

PS i SOOOO want to see Tangled!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

notes from the blackberry

Just a few things to say as it's rather difficult to write a very good post from my phone. First and foremost though, apologies for sucking at posting frequently. HOWEVER, I don't have too much to say in terms of "summer adventures" because it basically isn't summer in Seattle. It's cloudy and icky all the time except for maybe 3 days in the last month or so. As of Friday, we'd had a mere 70 minutes of 80 degree weather. I have, however, had some fun. Seen a few movies, attended bbq's took a trip ti ptown (and got voodoo yummmmmmm) but these are just highlights/previews. Details and pictures to follow. Oops failed to mention that the apple store took my computer until further notice. That computer is always in need of something. Anyhooo that's the reason for this less than adequate smart phone post. More/better things to say soonn!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Impromptu Berkeley Trip

This weekend I drove up to Berkeley to visit my cousin for her 24th birthday. I woke up on Saturday morning at 6 am (gag), chugged some coffee and set off with my cousin, Wendy and her other cousin, Allison. Although it was carmaggedon, the road was clear the entire drive and we arrived in Berkeley at around 1:15ish. By that time, I was starving since all I'd had was some coffee, an apple and a banana. We rested for a moment and then took BART into SF to get lunch/do some shopping. My stomach literally felt like it was eating itself and I was in a lot of pain while we searched for food all over the Ferry Building.
Eventually we landed on Thai food and I got a delicious green papaya salad. After lunch, we booked it over to Nordstroms/the gigantic mall and while Emma got her makeup done, her friend and I went to try on $600 Jimmy Choos and Diors in Bloomingdales. I didn't make any purchases, but Jill bought the Diors (this girl spent about $1000 in shoes that day, Louboutins pre-lunch). After shopping, we went to dinner at the Cheeseboard in Berkeley; they make only one kind of pizza and salad each day. That night it had tomatoes and cheese and basil and onions on it and was excellent. I also got a salad which had squash and jicama and was also very good. Gelato followed but I opted out due to calories and temperature; however I sampled chocolate orange sorbetto which was fabulous.
In honor of birthday spirits we took shots of tequila and rum (not mixed of course). Wendy and I eventually went out with my friends from high school, who invited us to a frat party. The first house was pretty chill, it was just some guys playing beer pong and wasn't too crowded or dirty. The second place, however, was disgusting. I'm sorry, I'm just not really into frat parties. Especially when there's beer all over the floor, you get 4Loko on your sister's Toms and when the guys are particularly douchey looking. I did have fun though. I danced on a table and got a kick out of the 3847302 random Irish guys in attendance.
Sunday we got a late breakfast in Oakland at the Oakland Grill. I got a fat bowl of granola and fruit, which is also choice. Then we went over to Blue Bottle and got iced coffee and attended a free coffee tasting or "cupping". Basically this hip Asian guy taught us the correct way to taste coffee (honestly they all tasted the same to me, I'm a disgrace)

After Oakland, we walked around Telegraph a little bit and then began our drive home. In all, I had a really good weekend and I definitely want to go back to SF and Berkeley and explore the shops and adorable cafes that I passed by but couldn't stop at! 
Ooh I almost forgot! I found the largest purple bruise on my knee and I have no idea where it came from or when it happened since I was wearing pants the entire weekend. It's weirdly fascinating though. 

xoxo Sara

Friday, July 15, 2011

I want to be a Disney Princess

Today is a sore day, I did Cardio Barre yesterday (damn you triceps and planks) and forced my sister to hike with me today. But my Hawaii trip is getting closer and closer and it seems to be crunch time (HA so terrible). Anyways, the point of my post is to tell you all about the wonderful movie that I saw for the first time last night: Tangled! I shit you not, it's going up there with Emperor's New Groove and The Little Mermaid in my book.

I was totally obsessed with this scene, it's so beautiful
I need to find out how to do this to my hair!! Katey is my normal french-braider so we'll have to do this when we reunite ;] 

Now, getting to the title...
I realized last night that if I could be anything, it'd be a Disney princess. Seriously, think about it! I have therefore compiled a list of reasons that will exemplify why it's clearly a choice lifestyle:
• BFF's with all woodland creatures or any other animal in the vicinity
• Prince Charming
• Perfect singing voice
• Ability to break out into dance with the rest of your villagers at any given moment
• Gorgeous complexion, body, hair, face
• Not the perfect life, there is always an obstacle or tough times that they need to overcome (ex. getting kidnapped by a Beast, wanting to grow legs, your dad hates invasive white men, ect.) and learn from
• Zany adventures
• And of course, Happily ever after!

What is your favorite(s) Disney movies? Are you like any particular Disney characters? I think I'm most like Belle from Beauty and the Beast due to my intense love for reading and the fact that I want that library it it. 

xoxo Sara

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the most updates in a long time

Seriously, this is a record for both of us! We're being so diligent in posting that it almost brings tears to my eyes. Don't worry, Katey, Scarsdale is done for now :] I really want to see Midnight In Paris, also, as everyone should know how much we love all things French. And I second the Berthillion suggestion, SO GOOD. 
Speaking of all things French, Bastille day is in 2 days! I may break out one of these tie dyed shirts I made last week, but then again, I could opt for classic stripes. But I'm quite impressed with myself! I think they turned out pretty good for not knowing what I doing and getting the instructions off a Disney website on how to throw your child a tie-dying party.

Yesterday, there was enough cloud coverage in the morning to go hiking, so Lena and I walked Fryman twice; a record for me, since I usually only do it once. We saw Ray Romano on the way in, which is sort of cool, I guess. After that we made a stop at Western Bagel and I got overexcited by the fact that they have whole wheat versions of all the flavors (that's actually really embarrassing, but if Katey's the only one reading this, then that's ok). After a trip to Costco with my mom--where I accidentally deleted a picture on my phone/my background and semi-freaked out, not to mention will have to go back to Little Tokyo to take it again--I came home and made some granola. I had a bowl this morning and it was amaazing. It's out of Gwenyth Paltrow's cookbook and I modified it a little due to ingredient availability in my house. My mom decided to whip out some oatmeal-chocolate chip (at my insistence, also cause she felt bad about my lost picture I think)-raisin cookies and an hour later I decided that I needed to make the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe to send to my friend Jeremy in Seattle. I'm crossing my fingers that the box gets there in one piece and doesn't get searched/I get arrested for mailing silly string. 
Today the sun is juuust beginning to break through the overast. My mom and I are going down to Long Beach to visit her best friend and her kids and since it's on the water, it is more overcasty and grey, thus cooler (fine, 76 degrees). Here is the recipe for the New York Times cookies (I only refrigerated them overnight and they seem fine) and depending on my laziness I will post the recipes for the oatmeal cookies and granola. 
I just looked at my dashboard (computer not car. that'd be totally impossible and illegal if i updated while driving. but impressive) and it looks like Seattle is rainy all week so I will enjoy my 70 degree sunshine for everyone up north! If you are up in that region, go see Midnight in Paris if you haven't already and bake some cookies or granola! Being stuck inside doesn't have to be boring!

xoxo Sara

Monday, July 11, 2011

successful update numero 2 - Katey

After a low key night watching some quality episodes of the Hills and Law and Order: SVU, I was thinking of Sara and thought I'd check for an update/add my own. After reading her posts, her baking escapades reminded me of some 4th of July news I overlooked, and I remembered that I forgot to tell her in my last post to stop doing the Scarsdale diet. It's weird.

Anyway, while in Ptown I was supposed to make red velvet cupcakes with cute little 4th of July spinny wheel things (pretty sure there's some sort of real name for them) and fun patriotic paper thingys (also don't know the name). BUT my lovely helpful mother set out all my ingredients for me, causing great confusion. Naturally, when it said add butter, I added all of the available butter aka two sticks instead of one. I failed to realize that one of them was intended for frosting. Oops. I was quite distraught until my dad suggested making them into cookies. BEST IDEA EVER. From possibly the absolute least baking savvy person ever. The cookies were delishhh, and I found some normal white cupcake mix with chocolate frosting to fill the paper thingys and hold the spinner wheels.

 Don't remember if I mentioned these, but 4th of July highlights = beating my 11 year old cousin at cribbage and the fact that my family (that lives in the country, if that adds context) had over $1k worth of fireworks:

Being a moderately sane person, I was afraid to light those off. On the real 4th (the fam celebrated on the 3rd), however, I lit some of my own over in Montlake after sharing the left over white cake w/ chocolate frosting cupcakes with Max's family.

Last week went by super fast, busy with normal work and working at a hospital opening. But speaking of fireworks! I went to the Mercer Island fireworks show with friends which definitely showed my family up. But it's Mercer Island so what would you expect?
They actually looked like that too. Except cooler.

What else what else??
Let's see, ahhh well Sunday I was supposed to go to yoga. And I swear I was going to! Except an old family friend called at 8:30 and so he picked me up and we went to Pike Place and hung out there. I decided it's ok because there's outdoor yoga this Thursday (so excited!) We walked around and grabbed lunch and he showed me this great ballroom in this old hotel where he's getting married next year! It's going to be super formal and super classy and I'm suuuuuuper excited!
(There were prettier pictures but copyright rules confuse/intimidate me)

Despite missing yoga, I got my Starbucks and even made it down to UVillage where I found high waisted denim shorts I'd been looking for! Then I took a walk to Gasworks and drew for a while (or tried too - I think my art days may be behind me). 

But WAIT, before you get bored with this blog post, I then saw Midnight in Paris! Cute, cute movie that makes me want to go back to Paris SO BAD. If you like Paris, French things, art, books, history, or Owen Wilson, go see it. Except if you like Paris a lot it might make you kind of sad you aren't there.
This picture is almost entirely unrelated, but Berthillon is one of the first places I ever went in Paris and is still my favorite. Go there. 

I should end this post as I have nothing terribly exciting left to say, but I hope every one is having a lovely summer with fabulous adventures and wonderful friends!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

I have finally unpacked everything! It only took a month. Oh wait, I have a suitcase full of scarves, but no matter, the important summer stuff is out of the way. Since I last posted I've gone to Cardio Barre 4 times (gotta get bikini ready for my upcoming trip to Hawaii) and today my best friend and I walked 7 miles round trip to the Marc Jacobs store. I was profusely sweating and ended up with a really attractive purse strap tan. My 4th of July was spent at my friend Sam's house and included lots of Beer Pong and an outing to Jons Market.

I baked a pretty bomb cake for my mom's birthday, it was vanilla with strawberry frosting and I got it out of Bon Appetit magazine.

My friend Skyler and I made tie dye shirts a couple day ago and they turned out surprisingly well. They are also red, white and blue so I guess we'll be festive for Bastille Day or something. I also went to MOCA with my mom to see a show on graffiti which was sooooo tight.

Like I said I walked so far today and now I feel like marrying my pillow. Tomorrow I will possibly go to Costco, my bff's modeling agency and then hiking. Assuming I'm not too sore. Adios for now!
xoxo Sara

Recipe for cake adapted from J. Morgan's Steakhouse in Montpelier, VT:
12 servings (this is a full recipe but I halved it)
• 3 cups cake flour
• 3/4 tsp. salt
• 1/2 tsp. baking powder
• 1/2 tsp. baking soda
• 3 cups sugar
• 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp
• 7 eggs
• 2 tbsp. vanilla 
• 1 cup sour cream (I used greek yogurt b/c that's what I had)
• 2 8 oz. packages cream cheese, room temp
• 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp
• 4 cups powdered sugar
• 1 cup pureed strawberries*
• 6 fresh strawberries* 
• 3/4 cup chilled heavy whipping cream*
*note: original recipe calls for 1/2 cup seedless strawberry jam instead of fresh/pureed and the most recent time I made this cake I left out the whipped cream, although it's delicious either way. 
-Using an electric mixer, beat cream cheese & butter till smooth. Beat in sugar, then jam (or fresh/pureed berries) Beat cream in medium bowl till peaks form. Fold whipped cream into frosting. Cover; chill till firm enough to spread, about 2 hours. 
-Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Butter and flour two 9 inch cake pans with 2 inch high sides. Sift flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda in bowl. Using electric mixer, beat sugar and butter till fluffy. Add eggs 1 at a time. Beat in vanilla. Add in sour cream; beat 30 seconds. Add flour mixture in 3 additions. Divide batter between pans. 
-Bake cakes till tester comes out clean, about 50 minutes. Cool in pans on rack 10 minutes. Run small sharp knife around sides then turn onto racks and cool completely. 
-Using large serrated knife, cut each cake horizontally in half. Place 1 cake half, cut side up, on plate. Spread 2 tbsp. strawberry jam over, then 3/4 cup of frosting. (I used fresh sliced strawberries instead of jam). Repeat 2 more times with cake layer, jam, frosting. Top with remaining cake layer, cut side down. Spread frosting all over sides, top. Cover and refrigerate. 
NOTE: this is a really large cake so be prepared! When I halved it, I didn't even cut the cake in half, but it just depends on personal preference, it will be good no matter what! Also I decreased frosting by over half and I still had extra, just saying. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

News from Seattle - Finally

So, as you can tell I'm not quite the blogger extraordinaire that my dear friend Sara is. Sorry for the lack of SEA updates! Since summer started, I have started work at the prosecutor's office, learning lots about lawyer-y things, have relaxed a bit, done too too too much shopping (especially when yoga was cancelled due to a UVil sidewalk sale!), and had WAY too much Starbucks. If there is such a thing. Oooh! Also went to the first outdoor yoga!! Super fun! Even got Maximum to join in, which was awesome. Let's see, I also made galettes with a friend, tried Red Mill burgers and Po Dog for the first time (both delicious), revisited Molly Moon's, and tried a new Thai place. It's been a good summer for food so far.
I have also been back to Portland on 3 super quick trips:
1. Just for a quick visit with friends before heading back to attend an ordination (as in a family friend became a priest). That was quite the adventure. One mass was super long, and then we attended another one the next day in which I fainted during the opening song. Turns out I had the flu that weekend - doesn't make church any better or shorter.
2. I went back two weeks ago for a dance recital and my childhood friend's father's birthday. The whole party ended up back at my parents' house watching videos of my friend and I at age 6 while drinking copious amounts of wine. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

3. This past weekend I drove home to return the car I had driven up to Seattle and to see a few people. My 8 year old and 5 year old cousins and I watched Hotel for Dogs on Friday night, and I highly recommend the film for dog-lovers, small children, and anyone in the mood to feel like a child. The next day I took a friend of mine/actually a friend's little sister who's basically my sister for manipedis, lunch, and shopping. What could be better? Having lived on the college student budget for the last two years, my nails have suffered and I actually forgot how much I love the experience of having them done.

La Provence is also one of my favorite bakeries EVER. I had a fabulous BLT and some delicious Versailles cake - INCREDIBLE.

All in all a successful day concluded by hanging out with an old friend. 

The next day I headed up to Snohomish, WA to celebrate the 4th on the 3rd with the extended family. "Boom City" came through with some awesome fireworks and the relatives came through with delicious food!

Hope you're all having a lovely 4th of July, and I promise to have better and more frequent updates in the future!!!! Yay USA and go do something cool and AMERICAN!

xoxo Katey