Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everything I haven't been able to share because my computer hates me

Sooo I wrote this super fabulous post (in pages due to my computer not connecting to the internet in the bakery I was at), but when I went to save it, that little rainbow wheely thing showed up again and the computer freaked. I ended up back at the apple store where they seem to have fixed the computer, but could not save the post :( I should note that my blogging plans last week were halted by the apple store taking my computer to replace the display. They clearly have it in for Meow or Never. Here’s my best recreation of what I wrote earlier:
So, when I started that post I was sitting in a fabulous little French bakery on Eastlake where my friend works. It’s called Le Fournil and has fabulous food. I got the ham, swiss, and butter sandwich because that’s what my host mom in Bretagne made when I was there, and it was lovely. With the sandwich came a latté and an apple tart, all for like $8.99. Magnifique lunch special. It was kind of rainy and gross out but the food made it feel like Paris in the rain (Midnight in Paris anyone??). 

Sorry the photo's not super clear...but believe me, it wouldn't have captured the deliciousness anyway

Speaking of foreign meals, I attended a pan-cultural feast on Thursday with friends of the friend who works at the bakery. I brought baked brie (duhhhhh, best thing ever). And there was paella, some other Spanish soup, and cherry tart! Yum. Delicious food, new friends, and a gorgeous view of like everything pretty from this girl’s house in Magnolia = a good night. Friday brought fun times with Thai food and cupcakes, but the Thai was even better as picnic food in the sun the next day! Except tragedy of all tragedies was missing yoga at Alki on Saturday :( I had to help with this SAT class and had to stay longer than expected. Sad, but Maximum swore we would find a way to do yoga at Alki. If you happen to be nearby in the future, be on the lookout for two ridiculous looking people attempting their own yoga practice on the beach.

(this is actually way prettier than mine...but I forgot to take a picture)
Speaking of yoga, I kind of failed today as well. Yesterday was super eventful even without yoga, post SAT class I ran errands with Maximum, got ready to attend a wedding, stopped by a picnic, and went over to the wedding. Well, our friend’s brother’s wedding reception, technically (the couple got married like a year ago in Korea). We were out late dancing, eating, celebrating, etc. Lots of fun, but left me quite sleepy this morning. 
Now to recount adventures prior to this weekend....
Last weekend was a super fun trip to Portland! It’s always good to go home but even better when five of your favorite old friends meet you at the train. We went to Voodooo Donuts and got a big box of all of our favorites (see photos). After a late night of chatting and catching up, I got up for breakfast (some delicious French version of eggs benedict) at one of my favorite French bakeries ever, La Provence. I think I’ve mentioned it before and it’s a must if you happen to find yourself in Lake Oswego, OR. 
After that I was ready for what seemed impossible: taking my almost 6 year old cousin for her very first pedicure. Shit. She was, however, surprisingly good (minus sharing allllll the family’s dirty laundry with the women doing our nails) and we both ended up with lovely nails. We then celebrated her birthday with the fam until much too late for someone getting up to catch and 8:30 train.

The Blazer Blunt. A classic.
The Cock and Balls. THE Classic.

Bacon Maple Bar = surprisingly fabulous.

The weekend before was largely uneventful (primarily buying my cousin’s present: a Crewcuts outfit, tea party game, and a Ramona book), until my high school best friend’s little sister showed up at my apartment (I live with their oldest sister). We hung out and made big plans for the next day. Monday evening we got all dressed up for dinner in Queen Anne and a trip to the Space Needle! I had forgotten how gorgeous it is, especially when the sun sets. Then we found my 21st birthday venue! B&O Espresso. It’s very cute, very French, with very delicious desserts and even more delicious-sounding alcoholic beverages - in short, a 21-turning Katey’s dream.
I think that covers most of the interesting things I’ve been up to, if I remember more I’ll be sure to add them. I hope to be posting more regularly again and hopefully my computer complies! PS be expecting some good recipes and photos after August 12, as my friend Laura and I are planning something fabulous for our summer get together!!!!!!
Hope you’re all well and getting more sun than Seattle!

PS i SOOOO want to see Tangled!!!!!!!!!!!

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