Friday, July 15, 2011

I want to be a Disney Princess

Today is a sore day, I did Cardio Barre yesterday (damn you triceps and planks) and forced my sister to hike with me today. But my Hawaii trip is getting closer and closer and it seems to be crunch time (HA so terrible). Anyways, the point of my post is to tell you all about the wonderful movie that I saw for the first time last night: Tangled! I shit you not, it's going up there with Emperor's New Groove and The Little Mermaid in my book.

I was totally obsessed with this scene, it's so beautiful
I need to find out how to do this to my hair!! Katey is my normal french-braider so we'll have to do this when we reunite ;] 

Now, getting to the title...
I realized last night that if I could be anything, it'd be a Disney princess. Seriously, think about it! I have therefore compiled a list of reasons that will exemplify why it's clearly a choice lifestyle:
• BFF's with all woodland creatures or any other animal in the vicinity
• Prince Charming
• Perfect singing voice
• Ability to break out into dance with the rest of your villagers at any given moment
• Gorgeous complexion, body, hair, face
• Not the perfect life, there is always an obstacle or tough times that they need to overcome (ex. getting kidnapped by a Beast, wanting to grow legs, your dad hates invasive white men, ect.) and learn from
• Zany adventures
• And of course, Happily ever after!

What is your favorite(s) Disney movies? Are you like any particular Disney characters? I think I'm most like Belle from Beauty and the Beast due to my intense love for reading and the fact that I want that library it it. 

xoxo Sara

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