Monday, July 18, 2011

Impromptu Berkeley Trip

This weekend I drove up to Berkeley to visit my cousin for her 24th birthday. I woke up on Saturday morning at 6 am (gag), chugged some coffee and set off with my cousin, Wendy and her other cousin, Allison. Although it was carmaggedon, the road was clear the entire drive and we arrived in Berkeley at around 1:15ish. By that time, I was starving since all I'd had was some coffee, an apple and a banana. We rested for a moment and then took BART into SF to get lunch/do some shopping. My stomach literally felt like it was eating itself and I was in a lot of pain while we searched for food all over the Ferry Building.
Eventually we landed on Thai food and I got a delicious green papaya salad. After lunch, we booked it over to Nordstroms/the gigantic mall and while Emma got her makeup done, her friend and I went to try on $600 Jimmy Choos and Diors in Bloomingdales. I didn't make any purchases, but Jill bought the Diors (this girl spent about $1000 in shoes that day, Louboutins pre-lunch). After shopping, we went to dinner at the Cheeseboard in Berkeley; they make only one kind of pizza and salad each day. That night it had tomatoes and cheese and basil and onions on it and was excellent. I also got a salad which had squash and jicama and was also very good. Gelato followed but I opted out due to calories and temperature; however I sampled chocolate orange sorbetto which was fabulous.
In honor of birthday spirits we took shots of tequila and rum (not mixed of course). Wendy and I eventually went out with my friends from high school, who invited us to a frat party. The first house was pretty chill, it was just some guys playing beer pong and wasn't too crowded or dirty. The second place, however, was disgusting. I'm sorry, I'm just not really into frat parties. Especially when there's beer all over the floor, you get 4Loko on your sister's Toms and when the guys are particularly douchey looking. I did have fun though. I danced on a table and got a kick out of the 3847302 random Irish guys in attendance.
Sunday we got a late breakfast in Oakland at the Oakland Grill. I got a fat bowl of granola and fruit, which is also choice. Then we went over to Blue Bottle and got iced coffee and attended a free coffee tasting or "cupping". Basically this hip Asian guy taught us the correct way to taste coffee (honestly they all tasted the same to me, I'm a disgrace)

After Oakland, we walked around Telegraph a little bit and then began our drive home. In all, I had a really good weekend and I definitely want to go back to SF and Berkeley and explore the shops and adorable cafes that I passed by but couldn't stop at! 
Ooh I almost forgot! I found the largest purple bruise on my knee and I have no idea where it came from or when it happened since I was wearing pants the entire weekend. It's weirdly fascinating though. 

xoxo Sara

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