Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the most updates in a long time

Seriously, this is a record for both of us! We're being so diligent in posting that it almost brings tears to my eyes. Don't worry, Katey, Scarsdale is done for now :] I really want to see Midnight In Paris, also, as everyone should know how much we love all things French. And I second the Berthillion suggestion, SO GOOD. 
Speaking of all things French, Bastille day is in 2 days! I may break out one of these tie dyed shirts I made last week, but then again, I could opt for classic stripes. But I'm quite impressed with myself! I think they turned out pretty good for not knowing what I doing and getting the instructions off a Disney website on how to throw your child a tie-dying party.

Yesterday, there was enough cloud coverage in the morning to go hiking, so Lena and I walked Fryman twice; a record for me, since I usually only do it once. We saw Ray Romano on the way in, which is sort of cool, I guess. After that we made a stop at Western Bagel and I got overexcited by the fact that they have whole wheat versions of all the flavors (that's actually really embarrassing, but if Katey's the only one reading this, then that's ok). After a trip to Costco with my mom--where I accidentally deleted a picture on my phone/my background and semi-freaked out, not to mention will have to go back to Little Tokyo to take it again--I came home and made some granola. I had a bowl this morning and it was amaazing. It's out of Gwenyth Paltrow's cookbook and I modified it a little due to ingredient availability in my house. My mom decided to whip out some oatmeal-chocolate chip (at my insistence, also cause she felt bad about my lost picture I think)-raisin cookies and an hour later I decided that I needed to make the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe to send to my friend Jeremy in Seattle. I'm crossing my fingers that the box gets there in one piece and doesn't get searched/I get arrested for mailing silly string. 
Today the sun is juuust beginning to break through the overast. My mom and I are going down to Long Beach to visit her best friend and her kids and since it's on the water, it is more overcasty and grey, thus cooler (fine, 76 degrees). Here is the recipe for the New York Times cookies (I only refrigerated them overnight and they seem fine) and depending on my laziness I will post the recipes for the oatmeal cookies and granola. 
I just looked at my dashboard (computer not car. that'd be totally impossible and illegal if i updated while driving. but impressive) and it looks like Seattle is rainy all week so I will enjoy my 70 degree sunshine for everyone up north! If you are up in that region, go see Midnight in Paris if you haven't already and bake some cookies or granola! Being stuck inside doesn't have to be boring!

xoxo Sara

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