Monday, July 4, 2011

News from Seattle - Finally

So, as you can tell I'm not quite the blogger extraordinaire that my dear friend Sara is. Sorry for the lack of SEA updates! Since summer started, I have started work at the prosecutor's office, learning lots about lawyer-y things, have relaxed a bit, done too too too much shopping (especially when yoga was cancelled due to a UVil sidewalk sale!), and had WAY too much Starbucks. If there is such a thing. Oooh! Also went to the first outdoor yoga!! Super fun! Even got Maximum to join in, which was awesome. Let's see, I also made galettes with a friend, tried Red Mill burgers and Po Dog for the first time (both delicious), revisited Molly Moon's, and tried a new Thai place. It's been a good summer for food so far.
I have also been back to Portland on 3 super quick trips:
1. Just for a quick visit with friends before heading back to attend an ordination (as in a family friend became a priest). That was quite the adventure. One mass was super long, and then we attended another one the next day in which I fainted during the opening song. Turns out I had the flu that weekend - doesn't make church any better or shorter.
2. I went back two weeks ago for a dance recital and my childhood friend's father's birthday. The whole party ended up back at my parents' house watching videos of my friend and I at age 6 while drinking copious amounts of wine. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

3. This past weekend I drove home to return the car I had driven up to Seattle and to see a few people. My 8 year old and 5 year old cousins and I watched Hotel for Dogs on Friday night, and I highly recommend the film for dog-lovers, small children, and anyone in the mood to feel like a child. The next day I took a friend of mine/actually a friend's little sister who's basically my sister for manipedis, lunch, and shopping. What could be better? Having lived on the college student budget for the last two years, my nails have suffered and I actually forgot how much I love the experience of having them done.

La Provence is also one of my favorite bakeries EVER. I had a fabulous BLT and some delicious Versailles cake - INCREDIBLE.

All in all a successful day concluded by hanging out with an old friend. 

The next day I headed up to Snohomish, WA to celebrate the 4th on the 3rd with the extended family. "Boom City" came through with some awesome fireworks and the relatives came through with delicious food!

Hope you're all having a lovely 4th of July, and I promise to have better and more frequent updates in the future!!!! Yay USA and go do something cool and AMERICAN!

xoxo Katey

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