Monday, July 25, 2011

notes from the blackberry

Just a few things to say as it's rather difficult to write a very good post from my phone. First and foremost though, apologies for sucking at posting frequently. HOWEVER, I don't have too much to say in terms of "summer adventures" because it basically isn't summer in Seattle. It's cloudy and icky all the time except for maybe 3 days in the last month or so. As of Friday, we'd had a mere 70 minutes of 80 degree weather. I have, however, had some fun. Seen a few movies, attended bbq's took a trip ti ptown (and got voodoo yummmmmmm) but these are just highlights/previews. Details and pictures to follow. Oops failed to mention that the apple store took my computer until further notice. That computer is always in need of something. Anyhooo that's the reason for this less than adequate smart phone post. More/better things to say soonn!!!!

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