Monday, July 11, 2011

successful update numero 2 - Katey

After a low key night watching some quality episodes of the Hills and Law and Order: SVU, I was thinking of Sara and thought I'd check for an update/add my own. After reading her posts, her baking escapades reminded me of some 4th of July news I overlooked, and I remembered that I forgot to tell her in my last post to stop doing the Scarsdale diet. It's weird.

Anyway, while in Ptown I was supposed to make red velvet cupcakes with cute little 4th of July spinny wheel things (pretty sure there's some sort of real name for them) and fun patriotic paper thingys (also don't know the name). BUT my lovely helpful mother set out all my ingredients for me, causing great confusion. Naturally, when it said add butter, I added all of the available butter aka two sticks instead of one. I failed to realize that one of them was intended for frosting. Oops. I was quite distraught until my dad suggested making them into cookies. BEST IDEA EVER. From possibly the absolute least baking savvy person ever. The cookies were delishhh, and I found some normal white cupcake mix with chocolate frosting to fill the paper thingys and hold the spinner wheels.

 Don't remember if I mentioned these, but 4th of July highlights = beating my 11 year old cousin at cribbage and the fact that my family (that lives in the country, if that adds context) had over $1k worth of fireworks:

Being a moderately sane person, I was afraid to light those off. On the real 4th (the fam celebrated on the 3rd), however, I lit some of my own over in Montlake after sharing the left over white cake w/ chocolate frosting cupcakes with Max's family.

Last week went by super fast, busy with normal work and working at a hospital opening. But speaking of fireworks! I went to the Mercer Island fireworks show with friends which definitely showed my family up. But it's Mercer Island so what would you expect?
They actually looked like that too. Except cooler.

What else what else??
Let's see, ahhh well Sunday I was supposed to go to yoga. And I swear I was going to! Except an old family friend called at 8:30 and so he picked me up and we went to Pike Place and hung out there. I decided it's ok because there's outdoor yoga this Thursday (so excited!) We walked around and grabbed lunch and he showed me this great ballroom in this old hotel where he's getting married next year! It's going to be super formal and super classy and I'm suuuuuuper excited!
(There were prettier pictures but copyright rules confuse/intimidate me)

Despite missing yoga, I got my Starbucks and even made it down to UVillage where I found high waisted denim shorts I'd been looking for! Then I took a walk to Gasworks and drew for a while (or tried too - I think my art days may be behind me). 

But WAIT, before you get bored with this blog post, I then saw Midnight in Paris! Cute, cute movie that makes me want to go back to Paris SO BAD. If you like Paris, French things, art, books, history, or Owen Wilson, go see it. Except if you like Paris a lot it might make you kind of sad you aren't there.
This picture is almost entirely unrelated, but Berthillon is one of the first places I ever went in Paris and is still my favorite. Go there. 

I should end this post as I have nothing terribly exciting left to say, but I hope every one is having a lovely summer with fabulous adventures and wonderful friends!


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