Monday, August 1, 2011

August has arrived!

Bonsoir my petit blog readers! The heat in southern California has increased and I felt the sweltering-ness of it today when I sat outside of Pagliacci's/Starbucks. It apparently also rained yesterday a little bit but I was at Cardio Barre when it happened and when I drove home, for some reason I just assumed that everyone in my neighborhood had their sprinklers on at the same time. Speaking of Cardio Barre, my sister and I had our last class yesterday and I was actually pretty sad because not only was I getting good exercise, but I made friends with the receptionist girls and my favorite teacher. But my mom promised to treat us now and again for a class, so I have that to look forward to!
I also have done a few yoga classes here and there, one of them in particular was really fun but so incredibly challenging. My friend Steph works with an ex-yoga instructor who still practices for herself everyday and invited me to come over one evening and join them. I was dripping sweat because she turns on this humidifier thing so that was kind of gross but I felt so cleansed afterwards that I didn't really mind. I was also quite proud of myself for doing a headstand!
Last weekend my dad's friends came into town from Bethesda, Maryland and we took them over to West LA for a Japanese obon festival. We watched dancing and met up with my cousins. After shopping around a bit, we went out for noodles at a restaurant with the most informative bathroom ever (it told me the benefits of barley tea)
We sat behind this curtain thing outside
Sunday, I hung out with my friend on Larchmont and we went to this really good vegan restaurant called Cafe Gratitude and a beauty supply store which had the most amazing skin care and hair products. Oh and every color of OPI Shatter nail polish. We spontaneously decided to go see Midnight in Paris, which I absolutely adored! I am contemplating seeing it again with my mom. And it definitely made me want to go to Paris and cut my hair/do my makeup/embody? Marion Cotilliard. 

This week Lena and I decided to go picnic at the Griffith Observatory and watch the sunset. It has spectacular views, with the Hollywood sign on the next hill and overlooking downtown and all of Hollywood. 
Our picnic included chicken, hummus (spicy and sun dried tomato), tomatoes, carrots, grapes, strawberries, brownies, Diet Pepsi and some yellow jackets.
view of downtown
Today I met this lady at Starbucks who told my sister, my friend and I about our numerology in accordance with our birthdays; apparently I'm selfless and need to say no more often (I always knew I was like Katherine Heigl's character in 27 Dresses) and I have the memory of an elephant. On Wednesday I'm going to a birthday party at a trampoline place so I shall report back on that later! And I'm going to Hawaii this weekend!

xoxo Sara

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