Friday, August 5, 2011

Stay Cool

Yesterday ended up straying from the plans that I previously wrote. Right after posting it, my friend Xander asked if he could shoot me and Lena (with a camera!) for a project that he's helping a professional photographer with. The job consisted of driving around famous/cliched, traffic heavy spots in LA and putting up signs created by the photographer. Our first stop was West Hollywood and I went onto a median in the middle of a busy intersection, smiled at some curious drivers and put up the sign while Xander stood on another corner taking pictures. We then made a pit stop at El Pollo Loco and afterwards, picked up Lena from her house. From there, we drove up Beachwood into the Hollywood hills, in search of a good view of the Hollywood sign.
We put up a sign in a residential, but popular viewing spot and continued on. We eventually found this scenic viewpoint with many tourists and views of Lake Hollywood and a quite green mountainside.
Another sign went up and Lena and I pretended to have a jolly ole time (although of course, we were) while the shutter snapped a mile a minute. Finally, after harassing some tourists, we drove down to Hollywood and Highland. This time, Xander got pictures of us crossing the street with yet another sign (that a bum asked me about) and put it up on a corner in front a hot dog vendor. We chatted with the guy at the cart about clubs in the area and we apologized that we didn't frequent any and therefore had nowhere to recommend. Because parking is expensive, we went to get our card validated at Starbucks and saw this beast old man sitting outside writing on an electric typewriter. Soooo gangsta.
After sitting in traffic, I got home and was immediately put to work on getting dinner ready for an employee of my dad's who is going to housesit for us while we are away. This guy was pretty hot (and only 25!), tan, and probably pretty ripped. And he was nice, if a little quiet. But the most important thing is that my dogs liked him. Prior to him coming over, my mom told me "Be nice to him." to which I replied "What is that supposed to mean?!" and she explained that there is no need for all of my sarcasm, which just makes me feel like a girl Seth Cohen. But also makes me wonder if I am a scary person. Oops...
Today I actually ran errands with my mom and packed for Hawaii because we're leaving at like 6:30 in the morning or something equally ridiculous. And praise Allah everything fit in my little tiny REI suitcase! So next time I post, I will have tales from Oahu!

xoxo (Gossip Girl)

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