Thursday, August 25, 2011

When In Doubt, Tree Pose

These past two days have been utterly fantastic. I've just been completely happy, enjoying life.
It all started on Saturday when my sister and I went to yoga at Lululemon (good things come out of this class, I swear). The featured teacher that week was from CorePowerYoga and after class she gave us coupons for a free week of unlimited classes. My sister and I finally picked a day to go, when we were invited to hang out with her friend, Megan and some British boys that she wanted us to meet. Megan expressed an interest in yoga, so we agreed to go (Wednesday) and meet up with the boys afterwards.
Oh, I forgot to mention that CorePower is hot yoga so we practiced in a 103 degree room, so it's like being in a volcano. My top was completely soaked and I looked like I jumped in a pool when I walked out of the room. But we felt so cleansed and pumped!

We showered and changed and went to pick up the guys so we could go to Malibu Creek State Park. Ahhh the guys were adorable! So sweet and funny and alright, cute too. And they brought us snacks and water! Anyways, Malibu beach is typically a good 20 degrees cooler than the valley but the park is in the hills and more inland, so it was about 94 degrees as we walked from the road (no way were we paying for $12 parking) to the river/lake/body of water? This was my first time swimming in a non ocean or swimming pool and it was really fun! Despite the moss.
We swam, jumped off a rock and caught tadpoles. Then we proceeded to scale walls, climb boulders and explore caves for a good hour or so. And all barefoot and in bathing suits. After a morning of intense yoga. Needless to say I am incredibly sore right now. I was slightly terrified (I don't like heights) and I have zero upper body strength so climbing around deep pitfalls was a little scary but I feel proud of myself that I actually did it and didn't quit. The whole thing was like if 127 Hours had a baby with SpiderMan. Getting back to our stuff was easier and felt quicker and I immediately jumped into the water and swam around some more. We also practiced tree pose on the less mossy rocks and threw some stress stars at each other (don't ask).
Lunch was Monster sandwiches (that's what they were actually called, I swear. I guess that's America for you) from Ralphs, super healthy tasting muffins, apples, and Cliff Bars. And lots and lots of water.
When we finally decided to leave, we noticed a bunch of police cars, helicopters and fire trucks because apparently there was a fire on the next hillside or something but luckily, it didn't keep us from leaving and returning to the main road, which was hell because of all the traffic. We made a stop at Starbucks before getting on the freeway (which didn't have any coconut syrup, much to James and Ollie's sadness) and headed home, tired and bruised (fine, just me) from a long, but good day.
This morning, all of us went to yoga + Megan's older brother and I think I sweat more today than I did yesterday. I wore shorts so I guess I didn't have enough fabric to soak the sweat because it was running down my legs (ew, I'm sorry to gross everyone out but it's true). I think we may be going again tomorrow.
My mom left for Vegas today so it's just me and my sister at home right now, chilling out and watching Psych. I start school on Tuesday boohooo so I'm so thankful for these past few days giving me a good end to my summer. And I really hope I get to see them again soon. Not for obvious reasons, only!

hope everyone finds a foreigner of their own ;]
xoxo, Sara

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