Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First post from the land of functional MacBooks

So this past week, the apple store babysat my computer for pretty much a full week while they expiremented with potential solutions only to realize they have no idea how to fix it (hate to say I told you so). It had, naturally, died a week ago Friday while I was wrapping up my blog post. Of course. After finally coming to their senses, however, the mac people gave me a brand new replacement with which I can blog freely.

What I was saying last time was that not much had happened besides moving out of my apartment and into storage and sharing a town house with smelly boys and a moldy bathroom (now clean). Since then, however, much has happened.

Firstly, I went to San Jose to visit my aunt and uncle.

 My First Crackle Nail Polish and Feathers.

I decided I like the nail polish because it's hard to tell if you mess up.

Also, I saw "The Help" - Awesome. and "Spring Awakening" - Incredible. 
Sidenote on the latter: Sonja Tayeh (an amaaazing choreographer, seen on So You Think You Can Dance) choreographed this version and was there at the show! I, too, am a sucker for musicals.

 See them both!!!!

That's about all the excitement we had time for in San Jose, but the work week went by quickly and all of a sudden I was home in Ptown!

I was welcomed home by friends and we immediately had to purchase s'mores ingredients, as my parents have recently gotten their fire pit thingy up and running. 
Giant Marshmallows anyone? They're for sure the best kind.

The next day involved a trip to McMinville (AKA bumfuck nowhere, as a favorite dance teacher of mine used to say) for a Linfield football game.
Highlight: Bacon Cheeseburger at a fun little restaurant with a monkey in the window. His name was Elvis and he wore denim shorts.

The evening brought a rescue mission for a friend's little sister caught at a party, and many hours of silly games and chatting with friends. Morning brought some fabulous crepes from, where else? La Provence. Yummmmm.

That day and evening and into the night I drove forEVER to Seattle, to Newcastle to get a friend, to Whidbey Island for a friend's birthday, and through God know's where getting lost on the way home. But the birthday was worth it and Whidbey's alway's gorgeous. 

This coming weekend's another trip home for Race for the Cure craziness. Should have some things to say when I get back and am moved into the new apartment! 

Also, has anyone gotten their first pumpkin spice latte yet? Sara and I have a bi-state coffee date coming up for our first one of the season!!

Best wishes in all your adventures! 

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