Monday, September 19, 2011

Gleeked Out

Oh, joy unbounded, my Teen Vogue showed up Friday afternoon! Thanks to those who crossed their fingers. 
I didn't end up clothes shopping/browsing on Friday but I went into Barnes and Noble in my quest for UK Harpers Bazaar. Sadly, they still have the September issue, so I'll keep checking back until October comes in stock. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, as all I did was finish Franny & Zooey (I enjoyed it!) and watch Lost in Translation. I love Sofia Coppola, I think she's a brilliant director and I dream of making movies like hers (or perhaps even starring in them?) someday. I'm also a big fan of Bill Murray and that, coupled with the fact that I am dying to go to Japan, made it a good watch. 
On Saturday, my sister got her wisdom teeth removed so after yoga, I went to Starbucks and got a skinny hazelnut latte for myself and a light coffee frappuccino for her. I also got a free ThinThin Bar and a free week of classes pass for a local yoga studio, so it's safe to say that Lululemon really pulled out all the stops this week. Basically, I watched movies all day with my sister, including The Princess Diaries, Psych, and Juno, while my parents went to a friend's anniversary party. 
This morning, I went to the farmers market with my dad, where we bought lots of vegetables, some curried lentil soup for my sister, figs for me and sampled dates that tasted like caramel. My sister's friends came over and we watched more Psych and then walked around outside in the sun and took pictures. I sat in an abandoned shopping cart for one and climbed underneath a Jeep for another. We watched the Emmys, which were alright (I'm an Oscar gal) but I thought the opening was great (almost as good as Conan's) also because I think Jane Lynch is fantastic. I was very very surprised that Charlie Sheen was invited, and to present, no less! But at least he didn't do anything insane, even though I couldn't tell if he was sincere in his well wishes or not.
My dad made this delicious white bean and rosemary soup from Field of Greens cookbook for dinner along with some baked sweet potatoes and a plate of fruit. I usually hate sweet potatoes but tonight I think I ate about half of one. Does liking new foods mean I'm growing up? (albeit, slowly?) I am also a proud, new viewer of Glee, as I watched it for the first time tonight! I'm watching Season 1 on Netflix Instantplay and it's pretty addicting. 
Tomorrow, I plan to work on my still life painting, write my 15 second PSA and practice saying Slavic names for my voice class (I have to read a radio announcer test about the symphony, wish me luck!). I also have jazz class which I'm so looking forward to because of all the dancing I've watched this evening. 
I was thinking about schooling (yet again) today and realized that I'd like to study acting in England, just because they have such a different method and take on the teaching of it. My dad suggested I go to Oxford or Cambridge (thanks, Dad, but let's not pretend) and do just that. Which of course, got me thinking again and now I fear my mind will never stop rambling. What do you think? 
Also, Katey, we should figure out when we want our pumpkin spice latte date to be!

Hope everyone is enjoying fall lattes!
xoxo Sara

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