Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Serious

Another calm, quiet week has passed, and I realize I've been in school for almost an entire month already. On Thursday, the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection came out, and unlike Target's Missoni collection, I'd be ready this time. After classes, my mom, sister and I went to the Americana for the unveiling of the clothing in the store. Unfortunately, the leopard boots that I wanted were sold out and weren't even in this store, not to mention they were $300. FORTUNATELY, there wasn't a horrendous line (or any line at all!) to get into the store and they had a wide selection of things to browse over. Also, I got complimentary Pellegrino and cookies! 
these are the boots that I wanted so badly

this is the shirt that I ended up buying

and this is the one that my sister chose
I also got this coin purse for free with my purchase!
On Friday, I went hiking and my sister and I went to Menchies, where I was excited to see that they had pumpkin flavor. I also got pumpkin granola yesterday at Trader Joes. I am so in love with the seasonal goodness! 
My mom, dad and I went to Torrance to visit my cousins on Saturday. My uncle drove us through the Port of San Pedro to get to Long Beach, which was soooo cool! We had to drive over two huge bridges that went right over all the shipping yards and over the marina. In Long Beach we shopped in many vintage stores and looked at Pendletons and antique furniture. While I didn't get anything (I was looking for a retro cheerleading sweater), my mom bought this Jesus that has following eyes. I got a kick out of the dressing rooms in one store because the doors were made out of vintage pink and teal refrigerator doors. After shopping we went out for Japanese food and I proceeded to eat my weight in spicy tuna rolls. 
Yesterday, my sister, dad and I walked to the farmers market and bought more fruit and vegetables and sampled raw almond butter. 
Today, I went to the bank and Trader Joes with my mom, watched Glee and finally finished my painting. I'll post a picture when I take a picture of it! I also went to the library so I've got new books to read!

xoxo Sara

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