Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day aka Weekend of Eating

Ahh four day weekends really are swell, aren't they? I spent mine with my family at various functions where lots of good food was present. I thought about making an apple pie but I was too nervous to test it on a large party when I've never tried it so I limited my baking to another batch of granola for my house.
On Saturday, one of my best friends' (whom I've known since kindergarden) family invited mine over for a movie night/potluck. Most of the guests were her younger brother's age (8th grade) and their parents, so my sister and I stuck to ourselves and talked to various parents we know about college. One of the dad's is a writer for Desperate Housewives and I enjoyed his stories of how he got to where he is now and how random things in your life can eventually find it's way to help you later on (an ex painting teacher of his will be characteristically featured in an upcoming episode). The food was plentiful (as always) and I ate a ton of corn salad that my mom brought (corn, jicama, black beans, tomatoes, bell pepper, cilantro, cotija cheese, vinaigrette). I also ate half a coconut cupcake from the bakery that I used to work at.
double coconut cupcake from Big Sugar Bakeshop, one of my favorites
The movie that we watched was Rio, the one about birds. It was adorable! And made me want to go to Brazil and hang glide. I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did.

On Sunday, my mom's cousin had her annual barbecue in Hollywood. My family brought a green salad to this one, though. We arrived around 3 to help set up and be haggled by various family members about college and my "boyfriend". Anyways, my sister and I busied ourselves by drinking Diet Coke until our cousins showed up to offer conversation on this century. We were pretty hungry and kept sneaking wontons till it was deemed time to eat. I had a rib, lots'o'salad, chili and rice, spam musubi, corn, 300 pounds of watermelon, some chocolate pretzels and almond jello. UGH. I ate a lot. Mostly water I think. Or hope. We also experienced many different weather phenomenons: drizzle, clouds, clear skies, 2 double rainbows, and lightening! And saw a huge red spider that was later identified as a Garden Spider. 
Today, some close family friend's came over so naturally, my dad baked baguettes. I could have eaten all the loaves (it's my favorite) but I contained myself and only had 4 pieces. I tried to only eat the tomatoes, cucumbers, and hummus but I had a little bit of St. Andre cheese. Dinner was rice pasta with sausage and bacon and brussel sprouts on the side. I polished up the brussel sprouts, of course, and the strawberries for dessert. We also had some Bueno Bars, Kinder Bars, amaretti cookies, mocha shortbread and strawberry coconut milk ice cream.
So that concludes my weekend of eating. I went on Wii Fit last night and it told me that I've gained 3.5 pounds in 13 days!!!^%$#%& I really really hope that it's muscle from all the yoga I've been doing and not food from this weekend because that amount of weight makes me want to throw up. In any event, I will be going back to a healthy routine this week and try and get some exercise in between my many paintings. Here's to hoping I'm 4 pounds lighter next time I write!

xoxo Sara

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