Thursday, September 1, 2011

New school, new babe pool

Tuesday was my first day at Valley College. It's weird not walking around the UW campus but I must say that it's refreshing not to see 4000 North Face jackets. However, I can't help but feel like I'm back in high school but hopefully I'll only be here for a year. This semester I'm taking painting (I actually got into an art class!), screenwriting, and a voiceover class. And I have an extralong weekend due to no classes on Monday or Friday! I have painting with my friend Justin and I've already run into 2 other friends so I'm glad that I'm around some familiar faces.
I already have 3 assignments for painting; I have to paint an egg, a color wheel and sketch a still life (soon to be painted). And it sounds like my teacher doesn't mind abstract which is good for me, as I am not very good at making realistic looking art.
Basically everyone in my other classes wants to be a screenwriter/actor/cinematographer, which is a little intimidating just because that makes them my competition BUT also might motivate me to work hard. I have an idea for a screenplay already so I hope that I have enough skill to make a good story out of it.
On another note, my free week of yoga finished on Tuesday, much to my chagrin. I'm slightly worried that I'll lose muscle and gain weight now that I've stopped, but my sister and I want to try and do it in our living room (from memory). And of course, there's still Lululemon on Saturdays. This also means that I may not eat the pizza that my dad plans to make for dinner, but who knows if I'll be able to resist the smell.
Tonight I want to make some Gwyneth Paltrow granola (I ran out of peanut butter Puffins) if I have enough maple syrup. And this weekend will include painting, and going to various Labor Day parties and barbecues. I hope everyone has a good Labor Day and enjoys their family and friends and end of summer!

xoxo Sara

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