Monday, September 12, 2011

Thoughts on thoughts

I've been thinking a lot lately. Day-dreaming too. Is that what happens when your friends go to college in other places and you're left with only your mind to share secrets with? I usually make fun of this deep-introverted-pretentiouness (and I will continue to) but I suppose there are times when it's merely a way to express how you are feeling. I worry about the future. Doesn't everyone? But I worry that I won't be able to support myself and that I won't end up in the line of work that I want, and if that doesn't happen, what am I qualified to do? I'm not saying this in a pitiful way, I'm just stating the facts.
Today I watched Burlesque (the one with Cher and Christina Aguilera) and while being cheesy, it offered some inspiration. Xtina's character wants to be a singer/dancer and stops at nothing to achieve her dream. Even though she has no money and people keep shutting her down, she persists and never gives up. So that's what I need to do I think. Show myself and others that I can do what I want and (hopefully) I'll be good at it.
I really am a sucker for musicals. I really wanted to do musical theater in middle school and dreamed of going on Broadway but, alas, I have a terrible voice, so it's best for everyone if my songs are contained to my house.
Speaking of which, I started dance again today at my old studio! I'm only taking jazz for the time being, because I have painting during the ballet classes but I'd like to try and make one during the semester. I really am trying to stay fit and active. This Saturday, I went to the park for a special Lululemon class, which was wonderful! I've never done yoga outside and thankfully it wasn't scorching (106 earlier in the week) so it was very pleasant.
The rest of the weekend was spent shopping in Urban/Free People, going to Pinkberry, grocery shopping at Trader Joes, Vons, and Whole Foods, and walking to the farmers market. And painting. I finished some carnations and the coloring on the bottle, so I'll work on it more in class tomorrow.
Sorry for the lame post, I didn't really do that much besides school this week.

xoxo Sara

P.S. Does anyone else ever get in a rut and feel hopeless? What do you do to relax and see the bright side of the situation? Here's to hoping dancing out my anxiety will help!

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