Monday, October 24, 2011


Halloween is upon us! Definitely one of my favorite holidays: excessive makeup, excessive candy, scary movies, pumpkins, walking around at night and knocking on strangers doors and having that not be creepy and of course, putting the word 'sexy' in front of anything and making it a proper costume--all part of the wonderful package of this American festivity. I've decorated my house and baked pumpkin desserts so now all I've got to do is watch Casper and Rocky Horror (or any other good Halloween movies that anyone can suggest?) and I'll be good! The only fly in the manger is that I still haven't exactly figured out my costume yet and I have only 5 days left (Saturday parties). While it seems that I've left it till the last minute for the past 3 years or so, I will have you know that I have a handful of ideas, which are as follows: cheetah, flamingo, fish, Cheerio (from Glee), Mick Jagger (probably not but wouldn't that be the best?! and I mean the young version, not that he's not amazing now), Dia de Los Muertos, Pebbles or BamBam. Any other good suggestions? If so, PLEASE shoot them my way! And I never buy costumes, so something that's fun to make :)
While this weekend was in the 80's and 90's, today has dropped to the 60's (I'm freezing in my house) but at least it's acting like the season that we're supposed to be in. It also helps that my bathroom smells like potpourri (a spicy, autumny kind) and the persimmons are landing in my driveway like bright orange sticky bombs. 
Last Wednesday, I went to Madewell with mom to return some boots that she got me for my birthday. They were a little too long but too narrow for my feet, which sucks because I've been wanting brown riding boots like that for a while now.
Right when I walked into the store I zeroed in on the center display because right in the middle of blouses and hats was the Alexa Chung leopard boots that didn't even ship to this store and were sold out everywhere. Of course, I tried them on but they were 9 1/2 and made my feet look like Frankenstein. The reason they were in Glendale was because they were a return. Apparently the god of fashion knew how much I liked them because the clerk called to the store in Century City and found a 7 which should be shipped today! So, in a couple of days, I will be a couple hundred dollars less but holding my beautiful shoes in my arms, assuming they aren't too small. I also got a blouse which reminded me of this Stella McCartney dress Alexa Chung wore in Harper's that is too expensive for me to buy. 

On Thursday, my painting teacher was in Wisconsin and we were given the opportunity to go on our museum visit for the semester, so Justin and I went downtown to MOCA. While waiting at the subway station, I illegally signed a petition about Hispanics getting more work opportunities, for, well, I have no idea why I did that actually. But the clipboard guy (!) came back and sat with me and told me he is 21 and has 43 tattoos. I will admit, he was a nice time waster while I waited for Justin because he seemed pretty cute underneath his sunglasses and flannel. MOCA was having some work done, so half of their collection was closed off, but I found some photos for my assignment. 
I went hiking with Justin very early in the morning on Friday so my mom could use her car by a certain time. Then at night, I went to Audrey's house and we and Sasha made a trip to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for dinner. They had never cooked dinner together before but Sasha made burgers, Audrey steamed broccoli and heated baked beans, and I cut avocados and tomatoes and washed lettuce to make wraps. And it was messy but soooo good! Especially since I've been practically vegan for the past week (not really, but close) so eating beef was a nice change. 
I went to yoga on Saturday, caught the 1st 2 quarters of the UW football game and went to Daichan for dinner with my family. It's a Japanese restaurant so I got miso soup and sunomono salad (basically cucumbers, seaweed, and rice vinegar). 
Sunday, I went to the farmers market and TJ for my parents, carried a buttload of groceries and bought my final canvases from Aaron Bros. I went with my mom and sister on our weekly Costco shopping trip and watched more of Glee Season 2. I also felt a touch of the baker coming on so I made chai oatmeal cookies. To be perfectly honest, they were only ok. I would recommend mixing the dry ingredients together prior to adding it to the wet because I don't think the spices were evenly distributed. My dad took them to work and I have yet to ask how they were because I can't distract him with idle chatter while he makes dinner becaaaause I need it to be ready so I can eat and watch Gossip Girl by 8 and I only have 15 minutes. Which looks like I'll have to be fat and eat in front of the tv. 
This week also marks some of the remaining days for my dog, Homer. He has a heart murmur and is doing increasingly worse so we may have to put him down :[ which I have mixed feelings about. 
I'm sorry for the sad ending, but please have a good Halloween weekend! Go to parties, eat candy, scare little kids, have a spooky but safe and fun day!

xoxo Sara

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