Sunday, October 2, 2011

Only in LA is it 90 degrees in Autumn

Good afternoon! Tuesday was Katey and my coffee date! It was the best feeling to share a long awaited non-fat pumpkin spice latte with a good friend and catch up on our lives as much as we could. 
Hearing about the beginning of UW for all of my friends makes me miss them and wish I could walk around the campus and watch the pretty leaves change colors and fall. But I'm still enjoying myself in sunny LA, I mean, I wouldn't be wearing the tank top and shorts that I'm wearing now if I was in Seattle, right? After our coffee date, I had school where I had to ad-lib 30 seconds of information for a fake radio show. I didn't do as well as I hoped I would, since I talk fast and stumbled over my own words but it was good practice and experience in any case. I also turned in my painting and the class shared their thoughts on it. 
Many agreed that it looked very psychedelic but my favorite comment was this one guy's who said it reminded him of cake. I don't exactly know what he's talking about but that's ok. 
On Thursday I had my first college field trip! Well, sort of. My teacher decided that she wanted us to paint outside so instead of going to Valley, we all met up at Balboa park. Justin and I took the Orange Line and went early, since I'd never been there before and he wanted to show me around. 
There was a whole field of black eyed susans, which was totally beautiful and I want to go do a photoshoot there someday. 
And we went underneath a bridge to look at the LA river, which is filthy and disgusting but made more cool pictures. 
We also looked at the ducks and Justin got a watermelon fruit pop from the ice cream truck because it was really hot. The map that our teacher gave us was incredibly nondescript in that she drew a lake, a single tree and either a bridge or a parking lot and told us that was our meeting place. So, it took us a while to find out where we needed to be but eventually we ran into more and more people and it got easier. With one more fruit pop, Justin and I found a shady bench and I searched for something to paint. I decided on the overhang above the bench we sat on, which might not have been the best choice because I had to keep looking up. I also should have painted the sky first, so I wouldn't be faced with the dilemma of filling in blue between the vines and little flowers. That's what I get for not thinking/planning, I suppose. Our friend AJ came to meet us with his friend Branford and when I couldn't paint anymore, we made our way back to their car and drove to the Sepulveda Dam (I believe it was featured in Transformers, just to give a reference, and NO I KNOW IT'S NOT THE HOOVER DAM, in case anyone thinks I'm an idiot). 
We walked around all these trails for a little while but got pretty grossed out because it's a meeting spot for gay guys to have sex, so there are condoms, wrappers, and nasty mattresses lying around everywhere. It felt like I'd get hepatitis just standing around. The place that the guys wanted to skate required us to climb up these ramp things which are really god damn huge. As everyone knows, I have no upper body strength so it took a lot of effort to climb up a pipe to get to the top. And I was wearing Vans aka the worst shoe for climbing ever. 
just for scale, this is Justin on his way down the other side
Going down was easier because the other side wasn't as steep so I was able to slide down on my shoes, which was actually really fun. We spent about 2 hours in this big cement area, the guys skating and sliding down the hill on signs and me taking pictures. The sunset was pink, purple and gorgeous. It got pretty dark so we decided to leave (I think we also might have legally been trespassing due to the time the park closes, but whatever, we didn't get caught) and I quickly realized that we'd have to do part 2 of climbing. It was definitely NOT easy to climb up the not-as-steep side because it was still too steep and slippery for me and my Vans. I actually slid down on the stomach because of this and bruised the entire right side of my body (or at least, I think so, if the pain in my ribcage and bruise on my hipbone is any indicator). With the help of my friends and their making a human chain, I got up and was faced with another challenge. The first side that I had to climb up before was too steep to slide down because it had almost no slope to it. I had to freefall from these metal pegs and looked like a total wuss and girl but I made it down. Eventually. Except I'm not even a graceful girl because on the final drop I fell into sand, which sort of twisted my knee and made me almost fall on my face. So, I won't be invited out with them anytime soon. Not unless I do some training camp. 
I came home to a house filled with the smell of brisket and carrots and potatoes which my mom had made in light of Rosh Hashana. So delicious! My dad (the Jewish one) was even impressed. He tasted a little even though he's recently gone vegan + no oils/fat (for his heart, not just a trendy LA thing haha). 
On Friday, I met my friend Audrey at Starbucks just to catch up and hang out. She's one of my good friends from high school and we have the same taste in movies and both love to bake, so we get along quite well :]
Another one of our friends, Sasha, joined us a little later and we chatted about tattoos (they both have them! I still don't know what to get) and the weird weather (hot, sort of humid but with a cool breeze) and went to Urban and Gap. There was also filming going on, which normally I don't care about but this time I was intrigued because it was Bones, which is one of my favorite shows, and Audrey was excited because she loves Buffy. 
Audrey and I decided to go to the mall so she could use her Sephora and Bath & Body Works gift cards. She ended up with some delicious smelling candles and we both got free samples of tea at Teavana. It also changed weather and started raining when we were driving over, so weird. 
When I came home, my sister and I went to Menchies and we watched Zoolander. Yesterday my sister took an SAT and I went to yoga where I realized how sore I was from Thursday and got another ThinkThin bar for free. Later in the evening, my mom and I met my sister at work to go shopping for some clothes for her Animal Husbandry class (khakis and a black polo) and go to Trader Joes. 
This morning, my dad and sister flew to Portland because they will be looking at Lewis & Clark, Reed, and Evergreen in Olympia. That's where they're going first and will stay at my aunt and uncles house in Olympia tonight. I went to the farmers market with mom to buy some more dates for my dad and strawberries for me and then went to Cardio Barre for a complementary lesson! Sheena, my favorite teacher, remembered me and we talked about Portland and cold weather. It was really nice to be back there and it was fun to work out. My uncle just got back from Afghanistan (I thiink. He was a teacher there) so depending on my mom's tiredness we might drive down to SOTO to visit. 

Seriously, if you haven't had a pumpkin spice latte GO DO IT NOW!
xoxo Sara

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