Monday, November 28, 2011


Happy Post Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your holiday was filled with food, family, friends, and happiness! As I'm typing this, I'm listening to my Christmas playlist on my computer, as the Christmas season has officially begun, and I can't be more thrilled. 
So, on my birthday last week, I came home from school and drove through the traffic to Starbucks so I could meet Audrey for coffee. Two of her friends joined us as well, and we talked about the Occupy movements, UCSC, and life in general for a good 2 hours. I went home and after my sister came home from dance, we decided to go out for Thai food. I got a huuuge bowl of wonton soup and papaya salad which were perfect for the chilly weather outside. 
After dinner, we came home for cake and presents. 

The cake was incredibly delicious (I'm a sucker for lemon bundt cake) and the gift was so surprising. Remember how I had to wait for a package? Turns out it was my brand new black iPhone 4S! I honestly didn't think I was going to get anything because of all the Madewell stuff I'd gotten in the past month but my parents totally surprised me. I'm still getting used to it but it's pretty awesome. Especially the camera. 
I woke up the next morning a little ridiculously happy but I couldn't help it! I love this season, and Thanksgiving is no exception. I was planning on watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but didn't end up turning on the tv at all. However, we did have nonstop Xmas music playing, so it was alright. I helped my dad make brioche for dinner.

We had dinner at our family friend's house (the same place that we've had it for the past 2 years) and we brought brioche, baguette, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. My favorites at dinner were the mashed potatoes, salad, brussel sprouts, and stuffing. I didn't eat that much at dinner because I needed to save tons of room for dessert. Lily made my favorite jello (orange jello, fruit cocktail, marshmallow topping) and amazing pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust, and I also had some apple crisp from Big Sugar. After dinner, we watched Star Wars Episode IV because my sister had never seen it and also because Lily's boyfriend's family just got the entire collection on BlueRay. I forgot how much I liked Princess Leia (the woman can rock some braids) and Chewbacca and never realized how hot Harrison Ford was. 
And just because, we watched Episode V afterwards. Nerdiest Thanksgiving ever but I actually like the movies. Shhh don't tell? 
On Friday, my family drove down to Orange County to visit my cousins and grandparents. My cousin, Holly goes to UCLA and despite living so close to her now, I haven't seen her since she's started. We had leftovers and played Just Dance 2 which was really fun even if I looked sort of stupid playing it. For dinner, my uncle and grandparents picked up sushi and my sister and I hung out with our younger cousin, Gracie. 
We also put tinsel in our hair! It combines both my love of sparkle and holidays. 
On Saturday I woke up to go hiking and found that it was warm outside. I actually took off my jacket and hiked in my tank top because it got into the 80s! So weird for November. I worked from 2-9 again and it was soooo slow so my feet hurt from standing in the same position for too long. At the end of the night, I took home 4 dozen cupcakes because we had a ton leftover. 
Red velvet, chococcino, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, dulce de leche and chocolate mint. All of them went to work with my dad except for 1 red velvet, 1 choco pb, and 2 vanilla.
Yesterday it was warm again but my dad and I walked to the farmer's market to get veggies and pluots and figs. Our fridge is pretty crammed now. We did the weekly Costco run also and my sister and I were impressed with this tequila in a shotgun.
After Costco, my sister stayed home to work on UC applications and my mom and I went to Torrance to visit my cousins there because Wendy was home for the weekend from Berkeley. As always, we had a good time with them and ate round 3 of Thanksgiving leftovers. Japanese holiday leftovers are a little different though because besides the normal turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, we also have sushi, chicken teriyaki, rice and tuna poke. Oh and peanut butter mochi for dessert. Coming home last night and driving through downtown was so beautifully lit up and made me really happy to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. 
This morning, I ate some fruit and cereal and hung out until my mom came home so we could run errands. We went to the library and Target, where I bought some Christmas gifts and Rudolph socks for myself. I love Target holiday stuff! My sister and I also bought yoga classes through Groupon (24 classes for $24!) so I'm excited to get toned again for the upcoming season of eating. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend of eating and shopping and are ready for the next holidays! You know how Katey and I feel about them ;]

xoxo Sara

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Birthday to me! I'm 20 and blogging on my birthday, how exciting. My dad woke me up at 8 this morning to say happy birthday and let me know that he is waiting for a package from FedEx, so I might have to sign for it. However, I forgive because he baked a little lemon cake for later and it made the kitchen smell absolutely lovely. Since I didn't do an update yesterday, here's how my week went:
Thursday was the annual KOST FM party at Disneyland, and since we are friends with one of the djs, we are always invited. My mom, sister, and our friend Megan went and from 8pm to 1am, went on almost every ride. 

Us on Main Street. My favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain.  All of the Christmas decorations were up for the first time, and the park looked beautiful! People were taking pictures in front of the large Xmas tree and Small World, which probably used enough electricity to power Los Angeles, but it sure looked nice. 
I was a little more interested in the funny looking dolphin topiaries but you can see A Small World in the background. It really makes the holidays. Also there was fake snow at one point! Which probably sounds dumb for those who live in climates with snow, but for me, it was pretty and had an extra perk of not being freezing.
My score on Buzz Lightyear. I think I got Star Commander or Level 4. Most importantly, I beat everyone.
On Friday, I was tired from the previous evening's activities but went out to dinner with Audrey and her friend at Yen Sushi. I got spicy tuna, crab, cucumber, avocado wrapped in rice paper and it was so good! We made a stop at Ralphs for ginger and conditioner and went back to her house, so I could see her mom and play with her kitty.
On Saturday, Anna and I woke up for yoga at Lululemon because the teacher was from Core Power! I was sore for a couple days after in my arms, legs, butt, and stomach. I worked from 2-9 again but this time I got to work with Bryce, so it was fun. I took some Thanksgiving orders and helped Steve Carrell (he wanted 6 cookies and was very nice), and had my normal Starbucks break. At the end of the night, I took home a coconut cupcake, an apple, raspberry hand pie (oh my god, amazing) and this gem:
Twilight cupcakes!! I am not a fan but I do it mostly for ironic purposes. I took the Jacob because I want to punch Bella in the face, Edward's creepy and also because we had the most Jacobs leftover. Bryce and I took the rest of the Twilight cupcakes and donated them to a bakesale for Xander. 
On Sunday, it rained! Almost all day so my sister and I sat in our room with a heat lamp and did homework. As a reward, we got Menchies (we were the 4th customers all day) because I had credit for a birthday yogurt. 
On Monday, my mom and I went to Costco for my sister, and ran errands at Aaron Bros and other art stores so I could find matte board to mount a photograph for this Night and Day art show at my school. 
Yesterday, I did more homework, went to class and went to the hospital! AJ, Xavi and I drove over to Cedar Sinai (where I was born/the largest hospital) to visit Xander and his dad. On the way, we blasted some Christmas tunes while driving through the canyon. The guard at the visitor desk was named Ebenezer, so immediately I liked the guy. Also he spelled my name Serah or Cerah, which is the greatest spelling of my name everr. We went into ICU, which felt like Grey's Anatomy and looked at all the screens and monitors while Xander slept. His heart rate went down (in a good way) and his fever is almost gone, so things are looking good for him. He did wake up later on in the evening, and although he was pissed that he couldn't talk or get up, he smiled when I talked to him, which was more than I could ask for. We had to leave at around 9:40 so we didn't get trapped in the Beverly Center parking lot, which closes at 10. I came home, finished homework and went to sleep and woke up to not being a teenager anymore. Which sucks. My moodiness will no longer be teen angst, but bitchiness. 
I went hiking already this morning and have to go to class in about an hour. I may see Audrey for coffee but other than that, seems like I will be having a pretty relaxing, low-key birthday. Oh and Happy Birthday to Miley cause we have the same birthday ;]

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BFF Weekend

Ok so I promised an update and here it is! Last Wednesday, Lena came home for the weekend to celebrate her sister's birthday and because she won't be coming for Thanksgiving. As soon as I got home from school, she picked me up and we went to In'N'Out to celebrate her arrival. 
2 protein style cheeserburgers, animal fries and a diet coke :] I hadn't had In'N'Out since spring break so this was a glorious moment for both of us.  After food, we went to Sam and Jeff's house to chill in their gazebo, bake brownies, and draw Hitler mustaches on all of the babies in InTouch. 
On Friday, it was supposed to rain (lie) and I went to Marc Jacobs and the Grove with my mom. As usual, I found a bunch of clothing I wanted at MJ and Anthropologie and spent a good chunk of time looking at all of their home goods and decorations. Someday I will fill my house with all of those plates and bowls! When I got hungry, I decided to use my filled Pinkberry stamp card and got a free small peppermint flavor with raspberries, blueberries and chocolate chips. 
It was pretty good but a little strong after a while. As in, it had a good mint flavor. With the chocolate chips, it sort of balanced it out though. 
On Saturday morning, I was dismayed to find an email telling me I was scheduled to work that day from 2-9 pm. I was planning on spending the day with Lena, so I got out my frustration by going hiking. After hiking, Lena and I got brunch at Aroma. She got a chai latte and a spinach/cheese croissant and I got a bowl of granola and some pumpkin spice tea. Midway through our meal, it started raining a little bit so we took our drinks and walked back to my house, admiring the leaves of the trees in my neighborhood at the same time. I gave Lena some persimmons from our tree and we went to Ventura to look at the 50% off sale items at Urban and the holiday selection at Pier 1. I went straight to work from shopping and was immediately put to work due to the obscene amount of people out that day. I assumed that because of the clouds and rain, no one would be out and it would be a relatively slow day (so I wouldn't have to do anything) but I was wrong! The parking lot was the most jam packed I'd ever seen it and it seems that everyone was getting a head start on holiday shopping or something. I took a break around 7 to go to Starbucks, got a soy cappuccino and told the barista about the bakery (how he never saw it from 3 doors down is a mystery to me). At the end of the night, we had roughly 6 dozen cupcakes left so my boss took 1 1/2 dozen for one of her kid's soccer games the next day, the person I was working with only took 4 and I took 2 dozen (which I gave to my dad's work) so I had to throw the rest away. Throwing away cupcakes is honestly, one of the saddest things. Next time, I will just take them all so they won't go to waste. My mom felt bad that I had to work while Lena was in town, so my family picked me up from work and we went to Chin Chins for dinner so I could get the greatest salad on the planet, their chinese chicken salad. 

On Sunday, Lena picked me up and we went to the farmers market to visit our friend Jesse. He showed us his motorcycle and we talked about Occupy LA/NY/CAL. If you haven't seen the video of protesters getting beaten by the cops, it's frightening. It looks like Birmingham, AL in the '60s. After speaking about art, work, and Scientology, Lena and I began our driving tour of the west side. Beverly Glen looked especially cool with all the gorgeous fall foliage lining the canyon. It was the most perfect day for sightseeing. We drove down PCH to Santa Monica, went back through the Palisades and got a good look at the ocean and huge mansions. 
Driving around and seeing all of these places made me so thankful that I live where I do, with quick access to the ocean and sunny, blue skies. I realized that I need to make it over to these places more often because I live so close and should take advantage of this fact. Plus it's really fun to go to the SoCal beach in the winter. Something about wearing sweatshirts on the beach is attractive to me. After our driving tour, we were starving and opted for Baja Fresh because they don't have those in Manhattan. I got a chicken taco and was pleased to see that they have cranberry salsa (I'm guessing for the holidays). It was really good and festive! We drove around my neighborhood checking out the leaves like a birdwatcher goes searching for woodpeckers until Lena had to meet up with a friend for coffee. 
I watched the end of Tangled with my sister and did some homework until my cousins and aunt and uncle came over around 4:30. My sister, aunt, mom and I went to Urban to check out the sale and Anna got boots (size 8 so they're too big for me but maybe with thick socks I can get closer?) and I found a hat that wasn't on sale but that I might go back and buy. When we got home, we had some snacks, and sampled some $450 scotch that my dad dug up for my uncle. It was a gift and my dad doesn't drink scotch so he had no idea. My cousin, Sam said it smelled like old people and tasted like shit (he's 12) and I can't say he was wrong. It was pretty disgusting. Lena came by to say goodbye (she left at 9:30 that night :[) and broke the news about Xander. We didn't know that much information at the time, so I was unsure of his condition. Nonetheless, we went to Lala's for dinner (they have bomb bread and sauce for free and the best flan I've ever had) where I had a carrot and potato soup. 
Yesterday, I went hiking, finished my homework and got my Starbucks Gold Card in the mail. My mom and I expressed our worry over Xander and talked about visiting him in the hospital and bringing his parents and Jazzy some food. 
At dance, we're working on a dance to Turning Tables by Adele and I love it! Obviously, I don't really know how we look since I'm doing it, but it feels incredible and I love the choreography and the music. When Anna and I got home, we found out that Xander didn't go into surgery because they were still waiting for results but found that he had no brain injuries. However, both of his lungs collapsed, all of his ribs are broken, and 2 of his vertebrate are damaged (not permanently I don't think). Just writing that gives me chills and make me want to burst into tears. 
I'm almost done with my paintings for Thursday and am in search of a piece of metal for a ritablo we're going to be working on next. And print out a photo to enter in an art show/contest at school. Busy busy busy! I have a full weekend of homework, work, dinner with friends and a party to go to!
I shall leave you with this video: 
xoxo Sara

P.S. Have you heard Set Fire to the Rain by Adele? It's my current jam, I can't get enough of it. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

For Xander

I apologize for all of the sad news lately, I don't want it anymore than you. Yesterday, 2 of my friends got in an accident involving their motorcycles, and one of them is one of my closest friends, Xander. Ben is injured but conscious and Xander was unconscious yesterday and paralyzed from the waist down. I don't have too much information but I think doctors were trying to determine if he had internal bleeding or anything of that nature and hopefully he will go into surgery today and be walking again soon! Xander is very determined and if anyone can get through this, it's him. 
The weirdest thing is that Lena and I drove by the accident site (before we knew anything) earlier in the day and I didn't think much of it, other than think some crazy shit must have gone down due to the 4 police cars and a fallen motorcycle in the middle of the intersection. And that morning, Lena and I were talking to our friend Jesse and Niccolo about motorcycles and we mentioned  Xander's in particular at one point. The information is just starting to hit me right now. Last night, it just didn't seem real and I couldn't believe that it happened. 
I want to go visit him in the hospital, even if he can't hear me. And even just to go see his parents and girlfriend. 
OH and another weird/strange coincidence: Last night, my mom and I were coming back from walking our dog and this thing (that I thought was a cat) ran across my front yard when it heard us coming towards the bushes. I saw it's striped tail and couldn't believe that it was a raccoon! It stopped and looked back at me for like 20 seconds before disappearing from view. This is relevant BECAUSE Xander and I always had a thing for raccoons. Ever since 11th grade. And here was one, just out of the blue, (we hardly ever see them by my house, much less my front yard) looking at me! Call it whatever you want, a sign, coincidence, but it has to mean something, right? Even if it's just to comfort me, I'll take what I can get. 
Niccolo and I were talking about making some kind of card, maybe a huge canvas (so he can hang it up or use it as art later on) to paint/draw on and let everyone who wants to, sign it. I really hope we can do it. I will make time out of my crazy homework schedule because he's my friend and it's important to me. 
Another note: I never thought this situation would come up in my life again, or at least this soon. 3 years ago, my friend Kenza was crossing the street, a car ran a red light, and she became a quadriplegic. Through physical therapy and stem cell research, she's gotten back the use of her upper body, arms and hands, and is on the way towards her legs. I remember visiting her in the hospital, and instead of seeing sadness and depression, she had the most cheerful and optimistic demeanor. Her hope and strength taught me to be thankful for my health and what I have and to just be happy. If she could, then I definitely could too. It's a good lesson for everyone, I think. It also made me even more solid in my views on stem cell research and gave me hope that with technology, we can restore lives to their original way. 
SO, I hope this post reminded everyone (besides the fact that apparently LA streets are dangerous) to cherish what you have and be happy for who you are. 
Xander, please get better soon. You will always be my #1 gangsta

xoxo Sara

P.S. I promise to do my normal weekly update tomorrow! Sorry for this serious one!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Flashbacks to October

1. Sorry to suck so much at posting regularly!!!!!
2. Thanks to Sara for compensating with fantastic updates!

Let's try this from the beginning. How sad is it that I barely remember when I last posted? Late September for sure. I know that the weekend of the 16th was all Susan G Komen Race for the Cure all the time, and the next weekend was a quick trip to Ptown to see old friends.

Then school started, and my life ended.

Ok, so it hasn't been that bad, but it's been pretty busy. And cold. And Michela and I have been sick a lot :(
But the whining stops here.

Good things from October:

#1 Highlight = bi-state coffee date with Sara

Speaking of which, want a recipe for your own?

Here's a recipe using actual pumpkin:

Although I must say I have not tried it. And to be 100% honest, I will probably stick with purchasing my PSLs.

The first weekend of October was less than eventful as everyone adjusted to school, and my Saturday and Sunday were absorbed by a super long retreat. The next weekend, however, was fabulous. Here's why: mom sort of took over my pumpkin, but I had fun before that!

Final product after her adjustments/interference.

Clearly pumpkin carving is the most genius of Halloween past times. That and costumes. But we'll come back to those.

The next weekend would have been fun except Michela and I were both really sick. We did, however, go to the Chamber Dance Company's performance, which is always a good time. And there was a game on Saturday, which was also fun, so the weekend wasn't totally lost to Kleenex and cough drops.

Actually I think this party might have happened that weekend:

Mini EFS Reunion! Thinking of Sara and wishing she was there!

The following week got really busy due to an event I was planning for that Saturday. It went well, though, and I'm glad to be done with it for sure. That evening I rushed downtown to meet my parents for the WSU vs. OSU game, which score-wise was a little disappointing:

But what do I care, really? I go to UW. My primary concern was the food inside, because we were on the club level. Clearly the only way to watch a game.

I feel like I make my weekdays out to be quite boring. Usually that's true, but sometimes they involve fun dinner outings OR lately my friend has been teaching me to make Indian food! Just thought I should throw that out there so you know I'm not too boring.

Finally Halloween weekend arrived. And I was terribly disappointed that I didn't get to wear my costume :( For what it's worth I was going to be Madeline:

I've decided it's too good not to save until next year.

Sunday, I did make it out to a corn maze! In Snohomish nonetheless! That's where my family's from, so Max and I made the rounds to my favorite places (i.e. Pilchuck drive-in for fantastic milkshakes).

What a fabulous Fall past-time! Love corn mazes. Love love love. Definitely compensated for the not getting to wear my costume.

That night we went to dinner at the Root Table for the one year anniversary (weeeeeeeird). It was yummy as usual. Every time I go to Ballard now I reminisce about when Sara and I stumbled upon Santa there last year and it makes me extra excited for Christmas!

Anyhooooo, I think that covers October! Posting about November will be the reward for finishing my next paper!

Hope you all had a great October and that you're staying warm in November!

Sad news: My dog, Homer passed away last Wednesday :[ It was his 10th birthday. He was my first pet and I named him after Homer Simpson. He had been suffering from a heart murmur for over a year and was having more and more trouble breathing and getting around. It seems that he experienced a heart attack before he died because his back end collapsed and he couldn't stand up. My mom, sister and I took him to the back yard where he died in my mom's arms. It was quite traumatic but we still managed to bury him in the backyard under the orange tree and next to the sage plants that he loved to pee on. I miss him and will never forget him.
 This was taken when I got him in 5th grade and he was less than a year old
 The rest of the week was my family recovering from Homer and I managed to not know I was supposed to work on Friday. Luckily, my boss is really nice and didn't seem to mind that I came in an hour late. Because of the rain/cold (50 degrees whaat) we didn't have too much business so it wasn't too challenging, thinking-wise. Midway through work and right when it began pouring, I changed and walked over to Free People for our group interview. Somehow my suede boots didn't get ruined! The interview was pretty easy, 8 or 9 girls crammed into a big dressing room and answered questions about ourselves and picked out an outfit for a Studio City mom on Thanksgiving. After work, I picked up my sister from her hair appointment and we went to Starbucks (skinny peppermint mocha! so delicious!) and back to Big Sugar to talk to Bryce and get some discounted banana bread. 
the best banana bread I've ever had
On Saturday, I went to yoga and Costco with my mom and sister, where I talked to the cutest and sweetest old lady. Seriously, I want to be that woman when I grow old. My sister and I watched a disc of Glee (one of them was the Xmas episode) and I got more excited for the December holidays. 
Yesterday was our friend's annual Harvest Dinner so my family sans Anna (she had to work) went down to Long Beach for good food and crafts. The menu included turkey, cranberry sauce, quinoa with kabocha, peppers, and scallions, white beans, mashed potatoes, salad with pecans, goat cheese, and beets, and bread (some homemade baguette by my dad and the rest was Gelsons/LaBrea). For dessert, we had homemade apple pie and some French berry pie (both delicious AND the person had never baked pies before) and caramel apples. It took a while to make the caramel but it was worth the wait because it's some of the best caramel I've ever had. 
Today, I've had a headache but managed to vacuum, put away Halloween decorations and work on my painting of Big Ben. I'm excited to go to dance because I've been cold all day and that would give me some much needed warmth. I'm also really excited for Wednesday because Lena is coming into town for the weekend since it's her sister's birthday! And we're going to In'n'Out which I haven't had since spring break. It also means that I will need to go hiking in the morning as preparation. Beauty is pain, right?
I'm sure I'll have much to write about after this weekend so adios for now!

xoxo Sara

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy November! According to Facebook, Starbucks red holiday cups are now in season, which Katey and I appreciate and adore. 

I hope everyone had a smashing Halloween day and weekend and are getting excited for Thanksgiving! Burbank's already putting up Christmas decorations on Magnolia, which seems a liiiitttle early for me; I'm sad to take down the Halloween ones. But I guess this means I can start decorating for my birthday and Thanksgiving. I want to put hand turkeys up everywhere. 
Oh, and my dog is still alive! He had a spurt of recovery when my grandparents came over this weekend and is acting better now that we've started feeding him tuna (I swear he's actually a cat). 
Now, on my to weekly update:
Last Wednesday I got a haircut! No length was changed, since I want to keep growing it out but I just went in to get a trim, wash, and dry. Getting my hair done always makes me feel fresh and light and the smell of hair products is one of my favorites. 
On Friday I was called in to work at Big Sugar (bakery), which is nice because I could use the extra cash after my shoe purchase. Speaking of which, my shoes came in! They're beautiful and fit just right but I still don't know if I'm going to keep them yet. Anyways, work was extremely busy on Friday due to the holiday weekend and people were coming in all day to pick up and make orders. I went to Pinkberry for lunch and now have a stamp card for a free small! After work, my sister picked me up and we went to Karabel to buy point shoes. After watching some season 1 Gossip Girl, we got hungry and decided to go to the Counter for dinner, since my mom left us a coupon and some money, and a list for Trader Joes if we went out.
This isn't mine but it looked similar
On Saturday, I decided it was time to get my Halloween costume in order and after discovering Friday night that the cheetah and flamingo weren't up to my standards, decided on a cheerleader. My mom and I went to JoAnn's and Party City and came home with blue felt, a blue paint crayon and pom poms. I spent the rest of the day trying to think up a good mascot and school name and eventually came up with the Machu Piccu Llamas. I think people responded to it pretty well at Sasha's party that night, if my friend Jared was any indication. If I remember correctly, he used to love llamas in middle school and after seeing my shirt, spent much of the evening trying to think of a cheer for my school. I eventually came up with one, although it's a little stupid: "Llamas, llamas, we're so cool! We make shirts with lots of wool!" Not my finest, I'll admit, but not much rhymes with llamas, so you have to get creative. 
Stolen from Sami's pictures; this was the gurlz at the party, unfortunately you can't see my outfit
I got home at around 1:30 am on Saturday (or Sunday?) which might not have been the greatest idea because I had work from 11-5 on Sunday and we're on our feet pretty much the entire time. However, Sunday was soooo slow, I think because everyone had already had parties the night before or they were anticipating the sugar rush on actual Halloween, so we didn't have to do too much. I also got to work with my sister's friend, Bryce, so I got to socialize while I was there as well. At the end of the day, I took 7 cupcakes and a bunch of donut muffins for my dad to take to work and a salted caramel brownie and apple hand pie for my mom and sister. I tried the brownie and pie and ohgod they were delicious!
donut muffins

pumpkin cupcakes
hand pies
salted caramel brownie

My grandparents and parents went to Marukai during the day, which I was sad about missing but my dad brought me home some green tea soy milk, and my mom got my Pocky sticks and chocolate strawberry triangle candy so it was all good. 
On Halloween day, I went hiking in preparation for the sugar that morning and spent much of the day painting for my class later. When my sister got home from school, we made coffee and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show which is so weird but very fun and song filled. Tim Curry is also so fabulous and wears the coolest shoes in the movie. At around 6:30, I went to Sasha's house because we and Audrey went trick or treating in her neighborhood. I hadn't gone trick or treating since 12th grade and I don't even remember getting candy, I think I only walked around and went to Bill Nye's house.
So trick or treating was a nice change of pace compared to my last couple Halloweens (blacked out, was Ke$ha, etc). We only walked a couple of blocks because we didn't really want to eat candy (except I ate 3 packets of M&Ms, a mini KitKat, fruit snacks and a bubble gum but now I'm done) and instead went back to Sasha's, sat on her porch and handed out candy instead. We did have some beers and cigarettes though, but is it still morally wrong if we didn't drink or smoke in front of the little kids? As it was Monday, the trick or treaters were done by around 9:30 at the latest, so we left the bucket and went inside to drink tea and help Sasha make Rice-a-Roni. We hung out and talked till 11 when I left to go home since I was tired and have school today. 

Someone gave my sister OPI Nail Polish! I can't wait to use it! And the green one is glow in the dark
Well, that concludes my Halloweekend! I hope everyone went to parties, saw some cool costumes and ate a fair amount of candy! This week I've got an interview at Free People! I would love the discount there haha 
Go get Starbucks holiday cups!

xoxo Sara