Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Birthday to me! I'm 20 and blogging on my birthday, how exciting. My dad woke me up at 8 this morning to say happy birthday and let me know that he is waiting for a package from FedEx, so I might have to sign for it. However, I forgive because he baked a little lemon cake for later and it made the kitchen smell absolutely lovely. Since I didn't do an update yesterday, here's how my week went:
Thursday was the annual KOST FM party at Disneyland, and since we are friends with one of the djs, we are always invited. My mom, sister, and our friend Megan went and from 8pm to 1am, went on almost every ride. 

Us on Main Street. My favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain.  All of the Christmas decorations were up for the first time, and the park looked beautiful! People were taking pictures in front of the large Xmas tree and Small World, which probably used enough electricity to power Los Angeles, but it sure looked nice. 
I was a little more interested in the funny looking dolphin topiaries but you can see A Small World in the background. It really makes the holidays. Also there was fake snow at one point! Which probably sounds dumb for those who live in climates with snow, but for me, it was pretty and had an extra perk of not being freezing.
My score on Buzz Lightyear. I think I got Star Commander or Level 4. Most importantly, I beat everyone.
On Friday, I was tired from the previous evening's activities but went out to dinner with Audrey and her friend at Yen Sushi. I got spicy tuna, crab, cucumber, avocado wrapped in rice paper and it was so good! We made a stop at Ralphs for ginger and conditioner and went back to her house, so I could see her mom and play with her kitty.
On Saturday, Anna and I woke up for yoga at Lululemon because the teacher was from Core Power! I was sore for a couple days after in my arms, legs, butt, and stomach. I worked from 2-9 again but this time I got to work with Bryce, so it was fun. I took some Thanksgiving orders and helped Steve Carrell (he wanted 6 cookies and was very nice), and had my normal Starbucks break. At the end of the night, I took home a coconut cupcake, an apple, raspberry hand pie (oh my god, amazing) and this gem:
Twilight cupcakes!! I am not a fan but I do it mostly for ironic purposes. I took the Jacob because I want to punch Bella in the face, Edward's creepy and also because we had the most Jacobs leftover. Bryce and I took the rest of the Twilight cupcakes and donated them to a bakesale for Xander. 
On Sunday, it rained! Almost all day so my sister and I sat in our room with a heat lamp and did homework. As a reward, we got Menchies (we were the 4th customers all day) because I had credit for a birthday yogurt. 
On Monday, my mom and I went to Costco for my sister, and ran errands at Aaron Bros and other art stores so I could find matte board to mount a photograph for this Night and Day art show at my school. 
Yesterday, I did more homework, went to class and went to the hospital! AJ, Xavi and I drove over to Cedar Sinai (where I was born/the largest hospital) to visit Xander and his dad. On the way, we blasted some Christmas tunes while driving through the canyon. The guard at the visitor desk was named Ebenezer, so immediately I liked the guy. Also he spelled my name Serah or Cerah, which is the greatest spelling of my name everr. We went into ICU, which felt like Grey's Anatomy and looked at all the screens and monitors while Xander slept. His heart rate went down (in a good way) and his fever is almost gone, so things are looking good for him. He did wake up later on in the evening, and although he was pissed that he couldn't talk or get up, he smiled when I talked to him, which was more than I could ask for. We had to leave at around 9:40 so we didn't get trapped in the Beverly Center parking lot, which closes at 10. I came home, finished homework and went to sleep and woke up to not being a teenager anymore. Which sucks. My moodiness will no longer be teen angst, but bitchiness. 
I went hiking already this morning and have to go to class in about an hour. I may see Audrey for coffee but other than that, seems like I will be having a pretty relaxing, low-key birthday. Oh and Happy Birthday to Miley cause we have the same birthday ;]

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