Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BFF Weekend

Ok so I promised an update and here it is! Last Wednesday, Lena came home for the weekend to celebrate her sister's birthday and because she won't be coming for Thanksgiving. As soon as I got home from school, she picked me up and we went to In'N'Out to celebrate her arrival. 
2 protein style cheeserburgers, animal fries and a diet coke :] I hadn't had In'N'Out since spring break so this was a glorious moment for both of us.  After food, we went to Sam and Jeff's house to chill in their gazebo, bake brownies, and draw Hitler mustaches on all of the babies in InTouch. 
On Friday, it was supposed to rain (lie) and I went to Marc Jacobs and the Grove with my mom. As usual, I found a bunch of clothing I wanted at MJ and Anthropologie and spent a good chunk of time looking at all of their home goods and decorations. Someday I will fill my house with all of those plates and bowls! When I got hungry, I decided to use my filled Pinkberry stamp card and got a free small peppermint flavor with raspberries, blueberries and chocolate chips. 
It was pretty good but a little strong after a while. As in, it had a good mint flavor. With the chocolate chips, it sort of balanced it out though. 
On Saturday morning, I was dismayed to find an email telling me I was scheduled to work that day from 2-9 pm. I was planning on spending the day with Lena, so I got out my frustration by going hiking. After hiking, Lena and I got brunch at Aroma. She got a chai latte and a spinach/cheese croissant and I got a bowl of granola and some pumpkin spice tea. Midway through our meal, it started raining a little bit so we took our drinks and walked back to my house, admiring the leaves of the trees in my neighborhood at the same time. I gave Lena some persimmons from our tree and we went to Ventura to look at the 50% off sale items at Urban and the holiday selection at Pier 1. I went straight to work from shopping and was immediately put to work due to the obscene amount of people out that day. I assumed that because of the clouds and rain, no one would be out and it would be a relatively slow day (so I wouldn't have to do anything) but I was wrong! The parking lot was the most jam packed I'd ever seen it and it seems that everyone was getting a head start on holiday shopping or something. I took a break around 7 to go to Starbucks, got a soy cappuccino and told the barista about the bakery (how he never saw it from 3 doors down is a mystery to me). At the end of the night, we had roughly 6 dozen cupcakes left so my boss took 1 1/2 dozen for one of her kid's soccer games the next day, the person I was working with only took 4 and I took 2 dozen (which I gave to my dad's work) so I had to throw the rest away. Throwing away cupcakes is honestly, one of the saddest things. Next time, I will just take them all so they won't go to waste. My mom felt bad that I had to work while Lena was in town, so my family picked me up from work and we went to Chin Chins for dinner so I could get the greatest salad on the planet, their chinese chicken salad. 

On Sunday, Lena picked me up and we went to the farmers market to visit our friend Jesse. He showed us his motorcycle and we talked about Occupy LA/NY/CAL. If you haven't seen the video of protesters getting beaten by the cops, it's frightening. It looks like Birmingham, AL in the '60s. After speaking about art, work, and Scientology, Lena and I began our driving tour of the west side. Beverly Glen looked especially cool with all the gorgeous fall foliage lining the canyon. It was the most perfect day for sightseeing. We drove down PCH to Santa Monica, went back through the Palisades and got a good look at the ocean and huge mansions. 
Driving around and seeing all of these places made me so thankful that I live where I do, with quick access to the ocean and sunny, blue skies. I realized that I need to make it over to these places more often because I live so close and should take advantage of this fact. Plus it's really fun to go to the SoCal beach in the winter. Something about wearing sweatshirts on the beach is attractive to me. After our driving tour, we were starving and opted for Baja Fresh because they don't have those in Manhattan. I got a chicken taco and was pleased to see that they have cranberry salsa (I'm guessing for the holidays). It was really good and festive! We drove around my neighborhood checking out the leaves like a birdwatcher goes searching for woodpeckers until Lena had to meet up with a friend for coffee. 
I watched the end of Tangled with my sister and did some homework until my cousins and aunt and uncle came over around 4:30. My sister, aunt, mom and I went to Urban to check out the sale and Anna got boots (size 8 so they're too big for me but maybe with thick socks I can get closer?) and I found a hat that wasn't on sale but that I might go back and buy. When we got home, we had some snacks, and sampled some $450 scotch that my dad dug up for my uncle. It was a gift and my dad doesn't drink scotch so he had no idea. My cousin, Sam said it smelled like old people and tasted like shit (he's 12) and I can't say he was wrong. It was pretty disgusting. Lena came by to say goodbye (she left at 9:30 that night :[) and broke the news about Xander. We didn't know that much information at the time, so I was unsure of his condition. Nonetheless, we went to Lala's for dinner (they have bomb bread and sauce for free and the best flan I've ever had) where I had a carrot and potato soup. 
Yesterday, I went hiking, finished my homework and got my Starbucks Gold Card in the mail. My mom and I expressed our worry over Xander and talked about visiting him in the hospital and bringing his parents and Jazzy some food. 
At dance, we're working on a dance to Turning Tables by Adele and I love it! Obviously, I don't really know how we look since I'm doing it, but it feels incredible and I love the choreography and the music. When Anna and I got home, we found out that Xander didn't go into surgery because they were still waiting for results but found that he had no brain injuries. However, both of his lungs collapsed, all of his ribs are broken, and 2 of his vertebrate are damaged (not permanently I don't think). Just writing that gives me chills and make me want to burst into tears. 
I'm almost done with my paintings for Thursday and am in search of a piece of metal for a ritablo we're going to be working on next. And print out a photo to enter in an art show/contest at school. Busy busy busy! I have a full weekend of homework, work, dinner with friends and a party to go to!
I shall leave you with this video: 
xoxo Sara

P.S. Have you heard Set Fire to the Rain by Adele? It's my current jam, I can't get enough of it. 

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