Monday, November 7, 2011

Flashbacks to October

1. Sorry to suck so much at posting regularly!!!!!
2. Thanks to Sara for compensating with fantastic updates!

Let's try this from the beginning. How sad is it that I barely remember when I last posted? Late September for sure. I know that the weekend of the 16th was all Susan G Komen Race for the Cure all the time, and the next weekend was a quick trip to Ptown to see old friends.

Then school started, and my life ended.

Ok, so it hasn't been that bad, but it's been pretty busy. And cold. And Michela and I have been sick a lot :(
But the whining stops here.

Good things from October:

#1 Highlight = bi-state coffee date with Sara

Speaking of which, want a recipe for your own?

Here's a recipe using actual pumpkin:

Although I must say I have not tried it. And to be 100% honest, I will probably stick with purchasing my PSLs.

The first weekend of October was less than eventful as everyone adjusted to school, and my Saturday and Sunday were absorbed by a super long retreat. The next weekend, however, was fabulous. Here's why: mom sort of took over my pumpkin, but I had fun before that!

Final product after her adjustments/interference.

Clearly pumpkin carving is the most genius of Halloween past times. That and costumes. But we'll come back to those.

The next weekend would have been fun except Michela and I were both really sick. We did, however, go to the Chamber Dance Company's performance, which is always a good time. And there was a game on Saturday, which was also fun, so the weekend wasn't totally lost to Kleenex and cough drops.

Actually I think this party might have happened that weekend:

Mini EFS Reunion! Thinking of Sara and wishing she was there!

The following week got really busy due to an event I was planning for that Saturday. It went well, though, and I'm glad to be done with it for sure. That evening I rushed downtown to meet my parents for the WSU vs. OSU game, which score-wise was a little disappointing:

But what do I care, really? I go to UW. My primary concern was the food inside, because we were on the club level. Clearly the only way to watch a game.

I feel like I make my weekdays out to be quite boring. Usually that's true, but sometimes they involve fun dinner outings OR lately my friend has been teaching me to make Indian food! Just thought I should throw that out there so you know I'm not too boring.

Finally Halloween weekend arrived. And I was terribly disappointed that I didn't get to wear my costume :( For what it's worth I was going to be Madeline:

I've decided it's too good not to save until next year.

Sunday, I did make it out to a corn maze! In Snohomish nonetheless! That's where my family's from, so Max and I made the rounds to my favorite places (i.e. Pilchuck drive-in for fantastic milkshakes).

What a fabulous Fall past-time! Love corn mazes. Love love love. Definitely compensated for the not getting to wear my costume.

That night we went to dinner at the Root Table for the one year anniversary (weeeeeeeird). It was yummy as usual. Every time I go to Ballard now I reminisce about when Sara and I stumbled upon Santa there last year and it makes me extra excited for Christmas!

Anyhooooo, I think that covers October! Posting about November will be the reward for finishing my next paper!

Hope you all had a great October and that you're staying warm in November!


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