Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy November! According to Facebook, Starbucks red holiday cups are now in season, which Katey and I appreciate and adore. 

I hope everyone had a smashing Halloween day and weekend and are getting excited for Thanksgiving! Burbank's already putting up Christmas decorations on Magnolia, which seems a liiiitttle early for me; I'm sad to take down the Halloween ones. But I guess this means I can start decorating for my birthday and Thanksgiving. I want to put hand turkeys up everywhere. 
Oh, and my dog is still alive! He had a spurt of recovery when my grandparents came over this weekend and is acting better now that we've started feeding him tuna (I swear he's actually a cat). 
Now, on my to weekly update:
Last Wednesday I got a haircut! No length was changed, since I want to keep growing it out but I just went in to get a trim, wash, and dry. Getting my hair done always makes me feel fresh and light and the smell of hair products is one of my favorites. 
On Friday I was called in to work at Big Sugar (bakery), which is nice because I could use the extra cash after my shoe purchase. Speaking of which, my shoes came in! They're beautiful and fit just right but I still don't know if I'm going to keep them yet. Anyways, work was extremely busy on Friday due to the holiday weekend and people were coming in all day to pick up and make orders. I went to Pinkberry for lunch and now have a stamp card for a free small! After work, my sister picked me up and we went to Karabel to buy point shoes. After watching some season 1 Gossip Girl, we got hungry and decided to go to the Counter for dinner, since my mom left us a coupon and some money, and a list for Trader Joes if we went out.
This isn't mine but it looked similar
On Saturday, I decided it was time to get my Halloween costume in order and after discovering Friday night that the cheetah and flamingo weren't up to my standards, decided on a cheerleader. My mom and I went to JoAnn's and Party City and came home with blue felt, a blue paint crayon and pom poms. I spent the rest of the day trying to think up a good mascot and school name and eventually came up with the Machu Piccu Llamas. I think people responded to it pretty well at Sasha's party that night, if my friend Jared was any indication. If I remember correctly, he used to love llamas in middle school and after seeing my shirt, spent much of the evening trying to think of a cheer for my school. I eventually came up with one, although it's a little stupid: "Llamas, llamas, we're so cool! We make shirts with lots of wool!" Not my finest, I'll admit, but not much rhymes with llamas, so you have to get creative. 
Stolen from Sami's pictures; this was the gurlz at the party, unfortunately you can't see my outfit
I got home at around 1:30 am on Saturday (or Sunday?) which might not have been the greatest idea because I had work from 11-5 on Sunday and we're on our feet pretty much the entire time. However, Sunday was soooo slow, I think because everyone had already had parties the night before or they were anticipating the sugar rush on actual Halloween, so we didn't have to do too much. I also got to work with my sister's friend, Bryce, so I got to socialize while I was there as well. At the end of the day, I took 7 cupcakes and a bunch of donut muffins for my dad to take to work and a salted caramel brownie and apple hand pie for my mom and sister. I tried the brownie and pie and ohgod they were delicious!
donut muffins

pumpkin cupcakes
hand pies
salted caramel brownie

My grandparents and parents went to Marukai during the day, which I was sad about missing but my dad brought me home some green tea soy milk, and my mom got my Pocky sticks and chocolate strawberry triangle candy so it was all good. 
On Halloween day, I went hiking in preparation for the sugar that morning and spent much of the day painting for my class later. When my sister got home from school, we made coffee and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show which is so weird but very fun and song filled. Tim Curry is also so fabulous and wears the coolest shoes in the movie. At around 6:30, I went to Sasha's house because we and Audrey went trick or treating in her neighborhood. I hadn't gone trick or treating since 12th grade and I don't even remember getting candy, I think I only walked around and went to Bill Nye's house.
So trick or treating was a nice change of pace compared to my last couple Halloweens (blacked out, was Ke$ha, etc). We only walked a couple of blocks because we didn't really want to eat candy (except I ate 3 packets of M&Ms, a mini KitKat, fruit snacks and a bubble gum but now I'm done) and instead went back to Sasha's, sat on her porch and handed out candy instead. We did have some beers and cigarettes though, but is it still morally wrong if we didn't drink or smoke in front of the little kids? As it was Monday, the trick or treaters were done by around 9:30 at the latest, so we left the bucket and went inside to drink tea and help Sasha make Rice-a-Roni. We hung out and talked till 11 when I left to go home since I was tired and have school today. 

Someone gave my sister OPI Nail Polish! I can't wait to use it! And the green one is glow in the dark
Well, that concludes my Halloweekend! I hope everyone went to parties, saw some cool costumes and ate a fair amount of candy! This week I've got an interview at Free People! I would love the discount there haha 
Go get Starbucks holiday cups!

xoxo Sara

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