Monday, November 7, 2011

Sad news: My dog, Homer passed away last Wednesday :[ It was his 10th birthday. He was my first pet and I named him after Homer Simpson. He had been suffering from a heart murmur for over a year and was having more and more trouble breathing and getting around. It seems that he experienced a heart attack before he died because his back end collapsed and he couldn't stand up. My mom, sister and I took him to the back yard where he died in my mom's arms. It was quite traumatic but we still managed to bury him in the backyard under the orange tree and next to the sage plants that he loved to pee on. I miss him and will never forget him.
 This was taken when I got him in 5th grade and he was less than a year old
 The rest of the week was my family recovering from Homer and I managed to not know I was supposed to work on Friday. Luckily, my boss is really nice and didn't seem to mind that I came in an hour late. Because of the rain/cold (50 degrees whaat) we didn't have too much business so it wasn't too challenging, thinking-wise. Midway through work and right when it began pouring, I changed and walked over to Free People for our group interview. Somehow my suede boots didn't get ruined! The interview was pretty easy, 8 or 9 girls crammed into a big dressing room and answered questions about ourselves and picked out an outfit for a Studio City mom on Thanksgiving. After work, I picked up my sister from her hair appointment and we went to Starbucks (skinny peppermint mocha! so delicious!) and back to Big Sugar to talk to Bryce and get some discounted banana bread. 
the best banana bread I've ever had
On Saturday, I went to yoga and Costco with my mom and sister, where I talked to the cutest and sweetest old lady. Seriously, I want to be that woman when I grow old. My sister and I watched a disc of Glee (one of them was the Xmas episode) and I got more excited for the December holidays. 
Yesterday was our friend's annual Harvest Dinner so my family sans Anna (she had to work) went down to Long Beach for good food and crafts. The menu included turkey, cranberry sauce, quinoa with kabocha, peppers, and scallions, white beans, mashed potatoes, salad with pecans, goat cheese, and beets, and bread (some homemade baguette by my dad and the rest was Gelsons/LaBrea). For dessert, we had homemade apple pie and some French berry pie (both delicious AND the person had never baked pies before) and caramel apples. It took a while to make the caramel but it was worth the wait because it's some of the best caramel I've ever had. 
Today, I've had a headache but managed to vacuum, put away Halloween decorations and work on my painting of Big Ben. I'm excited to go to dance because I've been cold all day and that would give me some much needed warmth. I'm also really excited for Wednesday because Lena is coming into town for the weekend since it's her sister's birthday! And we're going to In'n'Out which I haven't had since spring break. It also means that I will need to go hiking in the morning as preparation. Beauty is pain, right?
I'm sure I'll have much to write about after this weekend so adios for now!

xoxo Sara


  1. Michela and I have decided we're making those caramel apples!!!!!!

  2. i'll send you the recipe! they were seriously so amazing