Thursday, December 15, 2011

Belated Memories of November

Dear Sara:

I am so sorry for my shortcomings as a blog partner!!! I feel so bad! I am thinking my New Year's resolution will be to blog once a week, and as long as I can find a set time each week, I think it's doable. Also, thank you for being the best and giving us a good blog!

Now for November:

I actually had started a blog post for November, but I can't figure out how to find saved I'll start fresh.

Honestly, most of November was spent getting ready for a super huge Dream Project event. Seriously, worst Veteran's Day weekend of my life. Meetings literally ALL day. Ew. Early November (actually Nov. 1-20) seriously damaged my sleep schedule and my complexion. The event was, however, super successful and helped lots and lots of kids. Always worth it.

The next event after the first half of the month was gone was THANKSGIVING. Always fantastic :)

I went to Portland for a couple of days before the fan headed back up to Seattle for the actual day of Thanksgiving (spent with family friends and tons of delicious food).

My friend Lizzie and I kicked off my only full day there with breakfast at Mother's aka one of the most fabulous places in Portland. I had this fabulous french toast, which I believe is dipped in corn flakes:

Then my only friend I've known longer than Lizzie, Alex and I headed to Hawthorne area in search of bearaphernalia, yes, bearaphernalia. As in bear paraphernalia. I have some friends who very much want to decorate their basement ("the bear den") with bear things. Needless to say, the primary stop was House of Vintage.
It truly is a wonderland.

Of course, House of Vintage came through with a plate, a hat, and a sort of weird mini-tapestry thing that said "Trees of Mystery" on it with an embroidered bear. If I had been thinking at all I would have taken photos.

After a long night of chat with other friends, lots of Katey-mocking, and my mom's delicious chili, it was Turkey day and time for my parents and I to move on to Seattle for food food food. It was a successful endeavor and overall a fairly lazy weekend. Until Saturday when we went to the Apple Cup to watch the Cougs and the Huskies face off. Not a super exciting game, but a Husky win is always a plus. The next day I ended up home and studying away. 

...I think that ends November?? Wow, my life is boring without Sara! Slash I really need to document it better when it seems exciting at the time! 2012 resolution! Promise promise!


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