Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Done with the semester!

I had my last final today and am officially on winter break! Granted, I only had 3 classes, but this weekend was spent getting ready for all of them. 
Last Thursday, I had my last Radio Voice and Diction class and turned in my take home final. I'll definitely be getting an A in that class, judging by the grades I got on my last 2 projects :]
On Friday, AJ and I picked up our friend Ella from the Canyon store (hippie central) and drove over to Cedars to visit Xander. Although he had surgery that morning, he was actually awake, so we stopped at Jamba to pick him up a smoothie. I was a little sad to see that Ebenezer wasn't at the front desk but the little old Asian lady that was, was just so gosh darn adorable! She reminded me of my own grandma and I wanted to reach out and give her a hug! Upon entering Xander's room, we had to put on these snazzy paper gown covers  and gloves so we didn't contract a bacteria that Xander could potentially have. 
I pretty much felt like I was in Grey's Anatomy (they were these yellow covers)
Xander can only whisper but he seemed very glad to see us and liked the Magna Doodle I brought for him. He also made us promise we'd never get a motorcycle. He's lost about 25 pounds from his already small, muscular frame, so it was a shock to see him look so gaunt. I almost fainted (still no idea why!) but we talked until Xander decided to take a nap. 
For the next few hours, we sat in the lobby with his parents and Jazzy, talking, drawing and making shapes with pipe cleaners. When we were hungry, we left to go to Swingers, where I had an almond milk cappuccino, Ella got avocado toast and quinoa and AJ got a tuna melt. From food, we went to Ella's mom's studio in West Hollywood, which is super artsy and cool.
The lights in her 'living room' were beautiful. We listened to the Doors, among other rock'n'roll, drank mint tea and sat outside smoking cigarettes and making friends with the neighbors. I wanted to continue hanging with Ella and AJ but had to go home to start my homework for this week. 
On Saturday, my parents went to Irvine to visit my grandma and her boyfriend, Jack, who turned 97! Anna had too much homework and I had to work but we called and wished him a happy birthday. Work was busy for the majority of the day and then got incredibly dead for the last 2 hours. I actually think we had one customer in that span of time. But I still took home 2 dozen cupcakes and 2 donut muffins. After work, my dad and sister picked me up and we went to Thai BBQ for a late dinner. I got the papaya salad that I'd been craving and felt like my mouth was on fire. 
On Sunday, my mom, sister, and I went to the Nutcracker at my dance studio. My friend's grandfather donated homemade latkes and these amazing cheese filled puff pastries. The show was very nice and short. It was the first performance I'd seen in about 2 years, so it was interesting to see how everyone had grown up. 
We had a banana muffin, which rode all the way to Menchies and nearly all the way to the 99 cents store. It met its fate on the floor of my car and was too dirty to eat. My dad made a curry for dinner, which smelled divine but tasted like I licked a volcano filled with molten hot chili peppers. However, I ate a good amount of it and cried too, but it wasn't that bad. 
This week I've also been eating up this vegan cake my dad made over the weekend. It's a chocolate spice cake made with prunes and other vegan-y stuff (it sounds gross but it's honestly delicious). I'm only hoping I don't gain a gazillion pounds since I've eaten probably half the cake by now. 
All day Monday was spent painting and writing my 25 page screenplay. It also rained Sunday night and Monday! Very exciting! 
I turned in my painting on Tuesday, which was fun, I think people liked my piece. My teacher also gave us apple cider as a celebration of our last class. Justin and I slightly felt like throwing it in this one guy's face because he felt the need to comment on everyone's work. 
And today I turned in my 25 pages and took my final for screenwriting! Unfortunately, I forgot my pencil case but thank god I got to school early because I was able to stop in to the bookstore and buy a pack of purple pens. 
After school, I came home and watched Love Actually, my favorite Christmas movie of all time. 
I don't know what to do for the next couple of days because I have no school! Maybe I'll do some baking! I'm mostly excited for Sunday yoga! My sister and I will finally begin our 24 classes and I want to try and go everyday. I hope my boss didn't schedule me a lot because I don't really want to work all that much anymore, I'm good with once a week...

Good luck with finals to those still in school and I hope Christmas shopping is going well!

xoxo Sara

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