Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season

Holidaze. There's so much seasonality, I love it! On Monday, my mom and I decorated our lemon tree and some bushes by my windows with little red ornaments. Good thing we waited because last Thursday, Southern California was hit with some really strong winds, knocking over trees and even destroying some houses, so our festivities would be scattered across my driveway and front yard otherwise. 
I went to the sample sales with my mom on Friday. She ended up with some scarves and necklaces from Chan Lu and a vest from White & Warren. I contemplated buying a red and white thermal that reminded me of Santa Clause and searched Tarina Tarantino but came up with nada. My reward for going shopping was lunch at Bottega Louie, where they had an adorable macaron tree displayed in the window. I had a salad with chicken, celery, scallions and other foods of pale green color and my mom had a club sandwich which had egg (I'd never heard of that before). I almost opted for a macaron but was too full, otherwise I would have tried the earl gray flavor.
Later in the afternoon, my sister and I went down to Ventura so I could buy a hat and look for Christmas gifts. I also wore my Alexa Chung leopard boots! God, I love them, they're so much fun to wear! I was also a good 2 or 3 inches taller, which was exciting. The hat that I wanted from Urban was $35 BUT when I got to Urban, saw that it was in the sale section for $9.97! And then, it was 50% off sale items, so my total came to......$5.49. Best deal ever! The next part of our plan was to go to Art's for matzoh ball soup. 
It was perfect for the weather outside and exactly what'd I'd been craving all summer. It also reminded me of Katey and my quest for matzoh ball soup last Christmas season. After dinner we headed home to see our parents off to a party in Korea Town for an ex-neighbor. We stayed in and caught up on Psych and Glee from that week and sat in front of the space heater. 
On Saturday, I had plans to go to Sasha's and make dinner but unfortunately, I was called in to work from 2-9 (my regular shift now). I was doubly mad because I was watching Elf when I had to leave but at least I got paid. It was actually a good day at work, I like to gossip and joke with the bakers and watch the time pass with my co-worker. I also got to cut 200 pieces of ribbon, which took a good 2 hours, I think. My boss said she would donate the extra food to the fire department and I think they deserve the cupcakes more than me, so I only took 1 dozen plus 2 donut muffins. I took the cupcakes to Sasha's, where I came late but had fun with her, her dogs and our other friends. 
On Sunday, it was cold but we went to Costco and I came home and made this:
It's soba noodles in a miso broth with cabbage, scallions and tofu. Well my dad and sister made it, I just arranged it but still soooo amazing! And it's in my cute Snow White bowl.
I also took some leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving (they have a maple syrup, buttery streusel on top) and put them in some puff pastry to make turnovers. I was unsure of what they would taste like/how they'd come out but I am proud to say they were a success! My family loves them, even my vegan dad! He claimed he would eat them all if he could. I have some pie crust in the freezer so I figure I could make some mini pies or a tart with the remainder of the potatoes if I have to. 
I also roasted some chestnuts this weekend! Not on an open fire, sadly, but they were still delicious nonetheless.  
Oh, I forgot all about my exciting news last week! First of all, I won an art show at my school! I submitted a photo for this show, "Night and Day" and apparently the Art Club really liked it so I got $50! The second piece of news is that I got a lead in a radio play we did in my broadcasting class. It's not actually on the radio but we recorded it in class, which was pretty fun!
Last night, I went to a benefit for Xander at Space15Twenty in Hollywood, so I took the subway with some friends, watched AJ and Kaleik (I don't know how to spell his name but that's my stab at at it) shotgun 2 beers and caught up with many friends. And drank a ton of coffee with some hot chocolate in it. It was absolutely freezing but we decided to go to the park and go on the swings, on this carousel and I slid down a slide that happened to have frost on it. And after that we went to the skate park and then finally went home. They came in for hot chocolate and a cupcake and I ate some dinner because I was absolutely starving.
I hope to go to the hospital again this week because I have a gift to give to Xander. Also he's hopefully going to be moved out of the ICU in the next week or so! And he's able to breathe on his own a little more each day!

Enjoy your scarves, hats and gloves! I'm going to get mine out!
xoxo Sara

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  1. yay matzo ball soup!!!!!!!! Also, congratulations on the art show!!!!! So exciting!