Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Serious

Another calm, quiet week has passed, and I realize I've been in school for almost an entire month already. On Thursday, the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection came out, and unlike Target's Missoni collection, I'd be ready this time. After classes, my mom, sister and I went to the Americana for the unveiling of the clothing in the store. Unfortunately, the leopard boots that I wanted were sold out and weren't even in this store, not to mention they were $300. FORTUNATELY, there wasn't a horrendous line (or any line at all!) to get into the store and they had a wide selection of things to browse over. Also, I got complimentary Pellegrino and cookies! 
these are the boots that I wanted so badly

this is the shirt that I ended up buying

and this is the one that my sister chose
I also got this coin purse for free with my purchase!
On Friday, I went hiking and my sister and I went to Menchies, where I was excited to see that they had pumpkin flavor. I also got pumpkin granola yesterday at Trader Joes. I am so in love with the seasonal goodness! 
My mom, dad and I went to Torrance to visit my cousins on Saturday. My uncle drove us through the Port of San Pedro to get to Long Beach, which was soooo cool! We had to drive over two huge bridges that went right over all the shipping yards and over the marina. In Long Beach we shopped in many vintage stores and looked at Pendletons and antique furniture. While I didn't get anything (I was looking for a retro cheerleading sweater), my mom bought this Jesus that has following eyes. I got a kick out of the dressing rooms in one store because the doors were made out of vintage pink and teal refrigerator doors. After shopping we went out for Japanese food and I proceeded to eat my weight in spicy tuna rolls. 
Yesterday, my sister, dad and I walked to the farmers market and bought more fruit and vegetables and sampled raw almond butter. 
Today, I went to the bank and Trader Joes with my mom, watched Glee and finally finished my painting. I'll post a picture when I take a picture of it! I also went to the library so I've got new books to read!

xoxo Sara

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gleeked Out

Oh, joy unbounded, my Teen Vogue showed up Friday afternoon! Thanks to those who crossed their fingers. 
I didn't end up clothes shopping/browsing on Friday but I went into Barnes and Noble in my quest for UK Harpers Bazaar. Sadly, they still have the September issue, so I'll keep checking back until October comes in stock. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, as all I did was finish Franny & Zooey (I enjoyed it!) and watch Lost in Translation. I love Sofia Coppola, I think she's a brilliant director and I dream of making movies like hers (or perhaps even starring in them?) someday. I'm also a big fan of Bill Murray and that, coupled with the fact that I am dying to go to Japan, made it a good watch. 
On Saturday, my sister got her wisdom teeth removed so after yoga, I went to Starbucks and got a skinny hazelnut latte for myself and a light coffee frappuccino for her. I also got a free ThinThin Bar and a free week of classes pass for a local yoga studio, so it's safe to say that Lululemon really pulled out all the stops this week. Basically, I watched movies all day with my sister, including The Princess Diaries, Psych, and Juno, while my parents went to a friend's anniversary party. 
This morning, I went to the farmers market with my dad, where we bought lots of vegetables, some curried lentil soup for my sister, figs for me and sampled dates that tasted like caramel. My sister's friends came over and we watched more Psych and then walked around outside in the sun and took pictures. I sat in an abandoned shopping cart for one and climbed underneath a Jeep for another. We watched the Emmys, which were alright (I'm an Oscar gal) but I thought the opening was great (almost as good as Conan's) also because I think Jane Lynch is fantastic. I was very very surprised that Charlie Sheen was invited, and to present, no less! But at least he didn't do anything insane, even though I couldn't tell if he was sincere in his well wishes or not.
My dad made this delicious white bean and rosemary soup from Field of Greens cookbook for dinner along with some baked sweet potatoes and a plate of fruit. I usually hate sweet potatoes but tonight I think I ate about half of one. Does liking new foods mean I'm growing up? (albeit, slowly?) I am also a proud, new viewer of Glee, as I watched it for the first time tonight! I'm watching Season 1 on Netflix Instantplay and it's pretty addicting. 
Tomorrow, I plan to work on my still life painting, write my 15 second PSA and practice saying Slavic names for my voice class (I have to read a radio announcer test about the symphony, wish me luck!). I also have jazz class which I'm so looking forward to because of all the dancing I've watched this evening. 
I was thinking about schooling (yet again) today and realized that I'd like to study acting in England, just because they have such a different method and take on the teaching of it. My dad suggested I go to Oxford or Cambridge (thanks, Dad, but let's not pretend) and do just that. Which of course, got me thinking again and now I fear my mind will never stop rambling. What do you think? 
Also, Katey, we should figure out when we want our pumpkin spice latte date to be!

Hope everyone is enjoying fall lattes!
xoxo Sara

Friday, September 16, 2011

(FALL)ing in love

I wrote this on my tumblr earlier: I love autumn. I love the leaves, the colors, the crisp smell of the air. I love finally breaking out scarves, jackets, jeans, and boots from their summer hiding. I love the holidays. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday. I love that this leads into Christmas and another kind of holiday cheer. I love the long awaited red cups and seasonal lattes from Starbucks. I love crunching through leaves and making piles to jump in. I love pumpkin pie. I love baking for others and for warmth. I love making fires. I love taking walks and seeing my breath in the air. I love the drizzle. I love the sunshine. I love layering. I love gloves. I love staying in and reading with a blanket and a cup of tea. I love flannel sheets and pajamas. I love apple picking and pumpkin patches. I love the reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and dark greens. I love that it reminds me of being a little kid but I also feel an air of sophistication. I love that I feel clean and alive. 

It's a cloudy morning here in LA. I just sat outside and painted my nails white with black shatter over (I thought you couldn't mess these up but I managed to get nail polish all over the edges of fingers/nails so they look pretty bad but oh well). According to dashboard, it's going to be in the 80s next week so I should enjoy this coolness while I can. I think I'll take advantage of it by walking up to Ventura and going to Barnes and Noble or Urban or Free People (or all of the above), as shopping is one of my favorite things to do in this weather. I'm carless today but I can't say I mind too much. I just hope that it doesn't rain because I'll be stuck. Also my shoes (my sister's TOMS) will soak. It's also a good day for tea and baking so perhaps my new pink mixer (!!!) will be used today, so stand by for a recipe later.

I apologize for the outburst but my October issue should be here, since I believe I saw it in stores.
Cross your fingers that it'll come today!
xoxo, Sara

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First post from the land of functional MacBooks

So this past week, the apple store babysat my computer for pretty much a full week while they expiremented with potential solutions only to realize they have no idea how to fix it (hate to say I told you so). It had, naturally, died a week ago Friday while I was wrapping up my blog post. Of course. After finally coming to their senses, however, the mac people gave me a brand new replacement with which I can blog freely.

What I was saying last time was that not much had happened besides moving out of my apartment and into storage and sharing a town house with smelly boys and a moldy bathroom (now clean). Since then, however, much has happened.

Firstly, I went to San Jose to visit my aunt and uncle.

 My First Crackle Nail Polish and Feathers.

I decided I like the nail polish because it's hard to tell if you mess up.

Also, I saw "The Help" - Awesome. and "Spring Awakening" - Incredible. 
Sidenote on the latter: Sonja Tayeh (an amaaazing choreographer, seen on So You Think You Can Dance) choreographed this version and was there at the show! I, too, am a sucker for musicals.

 See them both!!!!

That's about all the excitement we had time for in San Jose, but the work week went by quickly and all of a sudden I was home in Ptown!

I was welcomed home by friends and we immediately had to purchase s'mores ingredients, as my parents have recently gotten their fire pit thingy up and running. 
Giant Marshmallows anyone? They're for sure the best kind.

The next day involved a trip to McMinville (AKA bumfuck nowhere, as a favorite dance teacher of mine used to say) for a Linfield football game.
Highlight: Bacon Cheeseburger at a fun little restaurant with a monkey in the window. His name was Elvis and he wore denim shorts.

The evening brought a rescue mission for a friend's little sister caught at a party, and many hours of silly games and chatting with friends. Morning brought some fabulous crepes from, where else? La Provence. Yummmmm.

That day and evening and into the night I drove forEVER to Seattle, to Newcastle to get a friend, to Whidbey Island for a friend's birthday, and through God know's where getting lost on the way home. But the birthday was worth it and Whidbey's alway's gorgeous. 

This coming weekend's another trip home for Race for the Cure craziness. Should have some things to say when I get back and am moved into the new apartment! 

Also, has anyone gotten their first pumpkin spice latte yet? Sara and I have a bi-state coffee date coming up for our first one of the season!!

Best wishes in all your adventures! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thoughts on thoughts

I've been thinking a lot lately. Day-dreaming too. Is that what happens when your friends go to college in other places and you're left with only your mind to share secrets with? I usually make fun of this deep-introverted-pretentiouness (and I will continue to) but I suppose there are times when it's merely a way to express how you are feeling. I worry about the future. Doesn't everyone? But I worry that I won't be able to support myself and that I won't end up in the line of work that I want, and if that doesn't happen, what am I qualified to do? I'm not saying this in a pitiful way, I'm just stating the facts.
Today I watched Burlesque (the one with Cher and Christina Aguilera) and while being cheesy, it offered some inspiration. Xtina's character wants to be a singer/dancer and stops at nothing to achieve her dream. Even though she has no money and people keep shutting her down, she persists and never gives up. So that's what I need to do I think. Show myself and others that I can do what I want and (hopefully) I'll be good at it.
I really am a sucker for musicals. I really wanted to do musical theater in middle school and dreamed of going on Broadway but, alas, I have a terrible voice, so it's best for everyone if my songs are contained to my house.
Speaking of which, I started dance again today at my old studio! I'm only taking jazz for the time being, because I have painting during the ballet classes but I'd like to try and make one during the semester. I really am trying to stay fit and active. This Saturday, I went to the park for a special Lululemon class, which was wonderful! I've never done yoga outside and thankfully it wasn't scorching (106 earlier in the week) so it was very pleasant.
The rest of the weekend was spent shopping in Urban/Free People, going to Pinkberry, grocery shopping at Trader Joes, Vons, and Whole Foods, and walking to the farmers market. And painting. I finished some carnations and the coloring on the bottle, so I'll work on it more in class tomorrow.
Sorry for the lame post, I didn't really do that much besides school this week.

xoxo Sara

P.S. Does anyone else ever get in a rut and feel hopeless? What do you do to relax and see the bright side of the situation? Here's to hoping dancing out my anxiety will help!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day aka Weekend of Eating

Ahh four day weekends really are swell, aren't they? I spent mine with my family at various functions where lots of good food was present. I thought about making an apple pie but I was too nervous to test it on a large party when I've never tried it so I limited my baking to another batch of granola for my house.
On Saturday, one of my best friends' (whom I've known since kindergarden) family invited mine over for a movie night/potluck. Most of the guests were her younger brother's age (8th grade) and their parents, so my sister and I stuck to ourselves and talked to various parents we know about college. One of the dad's is a writer for Desperate Housewives and I enjoyed his stories of how he got to where he is now and how random things in your life can eventually find it's way to help you later on (an ex painting teacher of his will be characteristically featured in an upcoming episode). The food was plentiful (as always) and I ate a ton of corn salad that my mom brought (corn, jicama, black beans, tomatoes, bell pepper, cilantro, cotija cheese, vinaigrette). I also ate half a coconut cupcake from the bakery that I used to work at.
double coconut cupcake from Big Sugar Bakeshop, one of my favorites
The movie that we watched was Rio, the one about birds. It was adorable! And made me want to go to Brazil and hang glide. I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did.

On Sunday, my mom's cousin had her annual barbecue in Hollywood. My family brought a green salad to this one, though. We arrived around 3 to help set up and be haggled by various family members about college and my "boyfriend". Anyways, my sister and I busied ourselves by drinking Diet Coke until our cousins showed up to offer conversation on this century. We were pretty hungry and kept sneaking wontons till it was deemed time to eat. I had a rib, lots'o'salad, chili and rice, spam musubi, corn, 300 pounds of watermelon, some chocolate pretzels and almond jello. UGH. I ate a lot. Mostly water I think. Or hope. We also experienced many different weather phenomenons: drizzle, clouds, clear skies, 2 double rainbows, and lightening! And saw a huge red spider that was later identified as a Garden Spider. 
Today, some close family friend's came over so naturally, my dad baked baguettes. I could have eaten all the loaves (it's my favorite) but I contained myself and only had 4 pieces. I tried to only eat the tomatoes, cucumbers, and hummus but I had a little bit of St. Andre cheese. Dinner was rice pasta with sausage and bacon and brussel sprouts on the side. I polished up the brussel sprouts, of course, and the strawberries for dessert. We also had some Bueno Bars, Kinder Bars, amaretti cookies, mocha shortbread and strawberry coconut milk ice cream.
So that concludes my weekend of eating. I went on Wii Fit last night and it told me that I've gained 3.5 pounds in 13 days!!!^%$#%& I really really hope that it's muscle from all the yoga I've been doing and not food from this weekend because that amount of weight makes me want to throw up. In any event, I will be going back to a healthy routine this week and try and get some exercise in between my many paintings. Here's to hoping I'm 4 pounds lighter next time I write!

xoxo Sara

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New school, new babe pool

Tuesday was my first day at Valley College. It's weird not walking around the UW campus but I must say that it's refreshing not to see 4000 North Face jackets. However, I can't help but feel like I'm back in high school but hopefully I'll only be here for a year. This semester I'm taking painting (I actually got into an art class!), screenwriting, and a voiceover class. And I have an extralong weekend due to no classes on Monday or Friday! I have painting with my friend Justin and I've already run into 2 other friends so I'm glad that I'm around some familiar faces.
I already have 3 assignments for painting; I have to paint an egg, a color wheel and sketch a still life (soon to be painted). And it sounds like my teacher doesn't mind abstract which is good for me, as I am not very good at making realistic looking art.
Basically everyone in my other classes wants to be a screenwriter/actor/cinematographer, which is a little intimidating just because that makes them my competition BUT also might motivate me to work hard. I have an idea for a screenplay already so I hope that I have enough skill to make a good story out of it.
On another note, my free week of yoga finished on Tuesday, much to my chagrin. I'm slightly worried that I'll lose muscle and gain weight now that I've stopped, but my sister and I want to try and do it in our living room (from memory). And of course, there's still Lululemon on Saturdays. This also means that I may not eat the pizza that my dad plans to make for dinner, but who knows if I'll be able to resist the smell.
Tonight I want to make some Gwyneth Paltrow granola (I ran out of peanut butter Puffins) if I have enough maple syrup. And this weekend will include painting, and going to various Labor Day parties and barbecues. I hope everyone has a good Labor Day and enjoys their family and friends and end of summer!

xoxo Sara