Monday, October 24, 2011


Halloween is upon us! Definitely one of my favorite holidays: excessive makeup, excessive candy, scary movies, pumpkins, walking around at night and knocking on strangers doors and having that not be creepy and of course, putting the word 'sexy' in front of anything and making it a proper costume--all part of the wonderful package of this American festivity. I've decorated my house and baked pumpkin desserts so now all I've got to do is watch Casper and Rocky Horror (or any other good Halloween movies that anyone can suggest?) and I'll be good! The only fly in the manger is that I still haven't exactly figured out my costume yet and I have only 5 days left (Saturday parties). While it seems that I've left it till the last minute for the past 3 years or so, I will have you know that I have a handful of ideas, which are as follows: cheetah, flamingo, fish, Cheerio (from Glee), Mick Jagger (probably not but wouldn't that be the best?! and I mean the young version, not that he's not amazing now), Dia de Los Muertos, Pebbles or BamBam. Any other good suggestions? If so, PLEASE shoot them my way! And I never buy costumes, so something that's fun to make :)
While this weekend was in the 80's and 90's, today has dropped to the 60's (I'm freezing in my house) but at least it's acting like the season that we're supposed to be in. It also helps that my bathroom smells like potpourri (a spicy, autumny kind) and the persimmons are landing in my driveway like bright orange sticky bombs. 
Last Wednesday, I went to Madewell with mom to return some boots that she got me for my birthday. They were a little too long but too narrow for my feet, which sucks because I've been wanting brown riding boots like that for a while now.
Right when I walked into the store I zeroed in on the center display because right in the middle of blouses and hats was the Alexa Chung leopard boots that didn't even ship to this store and were sold out everywhere. Of course, I tried them on but they were 9 1/2 and made my feet look like Frankenstein. The reason they were in Glendale was because they were a return. Apparently the god of fashion knew how much I liked them because the clerk called to the store in Century City and found a 7 which should be shipped today! So, in a couple of days, I will be a couple hundred dollars less but holding my beautiful shoes in my arms, assuming they aren't too small. I also got a blouse which reminded me of this Stella McCartney dress Alexa Chung wore in Harper's that is too expensive for me to buy. 

On Thursday, my painting teacher was in Wisconsin and we were given the opportunity to go on our museum visit for the semester, so Justin and I went downtown to MOCA. While waiting at the subway station, I illegally signed a petition about Hispanics getting more work opportunities, for, well, I have no idea why I did that actually. But the clipboard guy (!) came back and sat with me and told me he is 21 and has 43 tattoos. I will admit, he was a nice time waster while I waited for Justin because he seemed pretty cute underneath his sunglasses and flannel. MOCA was having some work done, so half of their collection was closed off, but I found some photos for my assignment. 
I went hiking with Justin very early in the morning on Friday so my mom could use her car by a certain time. Then at night, I went to Audrey's house and we and Sasha made a trip to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for dinner. They had never cooked dinner together before but Sasha made burgers, Audrey steamed broccoli and heated baked beans, and I cut avocados and tomatoes and washed lettuce to make wraps. And it was messy but soooo good! Especially since I've been practically vegan for the past week (not really, but close) so eating beef was a nice change. 
I went to yoga on Saturday, caught the 1st 2 quarters of the UW football game and went to Daichan for dinner with my family. It's a Japanese restaurant so I got miso soup and sunomono salad (basically cucumbers, seaweed, and rice vinegar). 
Sunday, I went to the farmers market and TJ for my parents, carried a buttload of groceries and bought my final canvases from Aaron Bros. I went with my mom and sister on our weekly Costco shopping trip and watched more of Glee Season 2. I also felt a touch of the baker coming on so I made chai oatmeal cookies. To be perfectly honest, they were only ok. I would recommend mixing the dry ingredients together prior to adding it to the wet because I don't think the spices were evenly distributed. My dad took them to work and I have yet to ask how they were because I can't distract him with idle chatter while he makes dinner becaaaause I need it to be ready so I can eat and watch Gossip Girl by 8 and I only have 15 minutes. Which looks like I'll have to be fat and eat in front of the tv. 
This week also marks some of the remaining days for my dog, Homer. He has a heart murmur and is doing increasingly worse so we may have to put him down :[ which I have mixed feelings about. 
I'm sorry for the sad ending, but please have a good Halloween weekend! Go to parties, eat candy, scare little kids, have a spooky but safe and fun day!

xoxo Sara

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

London Calling

Aww Katey I'm sorry you're not feeling well, have yourself some hot chocolate and matzoh ball soup! My own sickness has mostly worn off, so I've been able to catch up on my sleep now that I can breathe. Due to my stuffy nose and tiredness, my weekend wasn't as jammed as I thought it was going to be. Here's a little rundown:
On Friday, Audrey and I went to pilates at Lululemon where we did about an hour of ab and butt work, which was perfect because I need a lot of work on my abs (or lack of them haha) but not my butt, it's too big. In the evening, my family and I went to a dance show downtown that my dance teacher's son/my hip-hop teacher choreographed. His company is called Versastyle and they are so incredibly talented. The show was phenomenal and I also got a cute tshirt!
On Saturday, my sister and I went to yoga and took a class from this woman who looked like she was in her 30's but claimed that she just recently turned 50. She also gave us a coupon for a class at her studio called Lotus Kitty! After yoga, we went to Karabel (a dance store) to find a black tutu for my sister's Halloween costume, in which she will be the Black Swan (my idea). What do you think? Should I be the White Swan? I'd be in it for the makeup and feathers. Anything to accessorize! 

I went to Trader Joes with my dad (ooh, I almost forgot! the last time I went to TJ, they had the pumpkin spice coffee that I was hoping for!) and came home to the soup that my mom and I made earlier in the day. I was supposed to go to Audrey's house for a birthday kickback, but I was so exhausted and stuffy that I opted for staying home and watching Glee and Psych with my sister. 
Sunday was Meet the Pros at Valley College, which featured various working people in all areas of the film industry coming to my school to meet and talk to students. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the whole time but I did get to sit at 3 different tables and talk to a director of The Closer, a 1st AD on The Big Bang Theory, a script supervisor, a documentary maker, and an editor on Hawaii Five 0. The editor, it turns out, knows and is a big fan of my dad, so that was funny and coincidental that I talked to him first. We bonded over my time on set this summer. I had to leave early to pick up my sister from work, where we stopped at Pinkberry first, so I could get a parfait (strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi--delicious!) and then went home, picked up my mom and went to Costco. My parents went to one of my dad's employee's bbq and my sister and I stayed home and watched Office Space and Center Stage. 
Best scene in my the movie, right there. Also anytime Gary Cole says yeeeah. 
Yesterday was my interview at American Apparel and I think it went really well! It wasn't long but the hiring manager was super sweet and said that she liked my personality and my knowledge on fashion and will submit my resume and picture to the head people and hopefully they'll like me too! After that, I walked to Barnes and Noble and lo and behold, they finally had the October issue of UK Harper's Bazaar; the one with Alexa Chung on the cover and also the one I've been trying to get all month. I splurged but I couldn't resist. 

Isn't she perfect? I wish I could look like her/have access to her wardrobe. 
When I was there I also saw the UK Marie Claire with Keira Knightley on the cover but I didn't feel like spending $20 on magazines so I decided to save that for my next outing. 
Today, I got a new assignment in painting, where we need 4 canvases to convey 4 different techniques but all the paintings must have some sort of connection (motif, continuous picture throughout, ect.). I thought about it for the majority of the class and came up with the theme of the ocean, ballet, or perhaps a decade? When I got home, my November Teen Vogue came in the mail and who should be on the cover? Alexa Chung! After reading her interview, I decided to do my painting on London! I can make a collage of the Union Jack for one, and then put in a cup of tea, a telephone booth, an English garden, or a bus for the others. I'm excited to see how it will turn out! I'm very much in an English phase right now. All I want is a '60s rockstar thin frame with cropped pants, a cute blouse, ankle boots and a coat with my Chanel bag in tow. And maybe a hat. And I'd stroll through a nice park with grayish skies overhead or down a trendy city street jutting in and out of vintage shops until I was tired or cold in which case I would grab a cup of tea. Britain is my current inspiration for life (although it's not that easy due to the 80 degree weather outside) but I plan to work the culture into my style once the temperature starts dropping. However, I will not be taking up smoking (for now teeehee just kidding, Katey!), but maybe a partly vegan lifestyle? My dad is bible pushing this health book on me which talks about the importance of whole foods from the Earth (no animal products) which is annoying just because it's my dad and I'm a bratty daughter BUT apparently you can lose like 30 pounds in a month meaning I could potentially be 100 pounds!? Attractive, right? I'm considering doing it just to fuck with him and his godforsaken book but I don't know if I'll even exist if I get that tiny. But 15 pounds would look good I think, which is reason enough for me. I'll let you know how it goes! I will not be giving up Starbucks or frozen yogurt though, let that be known. I will just eat much less of it. Wish me luck!

xoxo Sara

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Katey is still alive

Katey is still alive although sick and overwhelmed with school. Fun pictures and stories to come, but thanks to Sara for keeping the blog afloat. Also, Happy Fall! Best time of the year! Go make something pumpkin flavored and drink some hot chocolate! xoxo Katey

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Great Pumpkin (Desserts)

It's been a little over a week since I last updated and the reason for that is there is simply not that much going on in my life right now, sad as that may be. Actually, I'm sort of glad because I think I'm coming down with a cold/flu/some type of sickness that's being passed around. It probably has to do with the up and down of the temperatures this past week (I never know when to wear shorts or jeans or long sleeved shirts or tank tops!). I mentioned last time that my uncle came back into town and my mom and I ended up driving to Torrance to see him and get Chinese food with our family. We also treated ourselves to lunch the next day at Le Pain Quotidien (sooo good) and I got gazpacho, a cappucino and shared an apricot almond tart with my mom.

Last Thursday, my painting teacher had a representative from Golden Paints come and talk to us (for 2 hours...) and even though I almost fell asleep, it was worth it because we got cool paint and gel samples! I was also fortunate enough to win a giveaway at (he actually lives in Seattle!) and I got the most delicious homemade apple butter! It seriously tastes so good I've been eating it straight out of the jar...
On Friday I watched Son of Rambow (Ed Westwick is in it! and a really cute story with cute accents) and then baked some fat-free vegan pumpkin bread (so my entire family could eat it) from this random site. I definitely had to experiment because I didn't have egg replacer, but found a source online that said I could substitute corn starch for the eggs, so I went with that (I would have opted for flax seeds + water but I couldn't find them in my house). 
I was quite surprised that the bread turned out incredibly moist and delicious! I picked up the apple sauce flavor and all of the spices in it and I would recommend it to anyone who is vegan or fat free or just wants some semi-healthy pumpkin bread. After baking, I was bored and it was a beautiful day outside so I walked over to the park to read and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I felt slightly creeper-ish sitting at a park  near the playgrounds but that's the only area with benches so I had no other choice. Luckily, the parents didn't pay attention to me because I was a harmless girl in an AA dress, Ray Bans, and floral Docs reading "The Power of the Actor" (DON'T JUDGE), so clearly, I'm too self-obsessed to kidnap another person. When my sister came home from school, we and her friend, David, went to Menchies (seems to be our Friday ritual) and I got pistachio, strawberry, and peach. David went to his girlfriend's house and Anna and I went to American Apparel so she could use her seasonal clothing allowance to get clothes for work. I helped her pick out a cute purple button down crop top (that I wanted so scooore) and some cranberry colored jeans. I also dropped off a resume and I have an interview on Monday, cross your fingers/wish on a star for me! For dinner, my dad, sister and I went to Hugo's, a healthy restaurant that is open to all your health/allergy issues (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, oil free options of different food). I got some chamomile-vanilla tea and squash, spinach, corn, other veggie soup that was perfect for the chilly Friday evening and tasted exquisite. 
On Saturday morning, I got my sister to come to yoga, where we got more ThinkThin Bars and a free class at a studio in Burbank. I sat around all day until 4ish when I convinced my mom to go to Micheals so I could look at the Halloween decorations. We came home and made a veggie soup for dinner with vegetable stock, yukon gold potatoes, purple potatoes, celery, zucchini, peas, carrots, onions, and butternut squash plus a bounty of herbs and spices. And it totally rocked. I really want to make it again! At 9:30ish, Sasha and Audrey picked me up to go to our friend Kara's birthday party.  The party was basically a middle school reunion, which was both weird and nostalgic but really good to see everyone and catch up. I was mostly outside on the sidewalk (smoking section, not for me but everyone else still smokes ciggs) and playing with Sami's dog. 
On Sunday, I walked to the farmers market by myself (my dad went to some Bike LA event downtown with his friend) and blindly selected sweet potatoes, pluots, a peach and figs. I ran into a friend that works there and sort of re-met another person who happens to work at Menchies and promised me free yogurt if I come in during his shift! Anna picked me up (it had gotten hot by this time, so thank god I didn't have to walk back) and we went to Costco with our mom so Anna could buy junk food for the student store. Side note: they have pumpkin pies at Costco, which are my favoriteee.
When we came home, I wanted to use some more of the pumpkin that I opened for the bread so I made pumpkin cookies
I didn't make the frosting (partly because I don't like making frosting and partly because we didn't have any more butter or cream cheese in the house) but they still turned out tasty. They're not that sweet, which makes them perfect in the morning in place of a muffin with a cup of coffee or tea. The recipe also tells you to flatten them and sprinkle sugar, which I also ignored but next time I will try it with this vanilla sugar we have in the pantry. I gave most of them to my dad to take to work and he texted me on Monday saying that they were a huge hit and that apparently they made some girl's day better. All nice to hear but slightly embarrassing because I didn't think they were THAT good.
My mom and I decorated for Halloween on Monday (so exciting!) and transformed our coffee table and fireplace with candles, lots and lots of skulls, rats and tombstones. We also put up a black wreath, a crucified looking skeleton and glittery spiders on our front door. I love decorating for Halloween because it's the beginning of the Fall season/my favorite time of the year and means that more goodness is on the way. 
Tuesday, I went to school to find that class was cancelled (mixed feelings on that again) so I went home, ate leftover salad and hung out with AJ and Justin. I've been feeling heavy headed and tired and had a sore throat all day but in painting I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up (or both?). My teacher was demonstrating and I didn't listen to anything she said because I had to go sit down and concentrate on where the nearest restroom was. I also started sweating, which was gross and strange but when we were excused and told to paint, I felt much better (well, the same as earlier but not about to die). 
This morning, I woke up at 7:30 because my dog was barking, which made me upset because I don't feel good and couldn't go back to sleep. I looked at the weather for today and apparently it's supposed to be in the 90's (yay for living in a desert). I'm going to go to TJ with my mom so I can get some free coffee (hopefully it's pumpkin spice like last time!) and later on, to class. And after that I have to paint 2 pictures because I didn't do any work yesterday. This weekend will be fuller so I'll be busy with lots to do!
On another note, I'm still trying to decide on a Halloween costume. I'm between the Cheetos cheetah and Eloise right now although I wish that I had enough people to do Glee. I was also thinking about Black Swan but I gave that idea to my sister, which narrows down my options. I better hurry up and decide so I can get cracking on making a costume!

xoxo Sara

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Only in LA is it 90 degrees in Autumn

Good afternoon! Tuesday was Katey and my coffee date! It was the best feeling to share a long awaited non-fat pumpkin spice latte with a good friend and catch up on our lives as much as we could. 
Hearing about the beginning of UW for all of my friends makes me miss them and wish I could walk around the campus and watch the pretty leaves change colors and fall. But I'm still enjoying myself in sunny LA, I mean, I wouldn't be wearing the tank top and shorts that I'm wearing now if I was in Seattle, right? After our coffee date, I had school where I had to ad-lib 30 seconds of information for a fake radio show. I didn't do as well as I hoped I would, since I talk fast and stumbled over my own words but it was good practice and experience in any case. I also turned in my painting and the class shared their thoughts on it. 
Many agreed that it looked very psychedelic but my favorite comment was this one guy's who said it reminded him of cake. I don't exactly know what he's talking about but that's ok. 
On Thursday I had my first college field trip! Well, sort of. My teacher decided that she wanted us to paint outside so instead of going to Valley, we all met up at Balboa park. Justin and I took the Orange Line and went early, since I'd never been there before and he wanted to show me around. 
There was a whole field of black eyed susans, which was totally beautiful and I want to go do a photoshoot there someday. 
And we went underneath a bridge to look at the LA river, which is filthy and disgusting but made more cool pictures. 
We also looked at the ducks and Justin got a watermelon fruit pop from the ice cream truck because it was really hot. The map that our teacher gave us was incredibly nondescript in that she drew a lake, a single tree and either a bridge or a parking lot and told us that was our meeting place. So, it took us a while to find out where we needed to be but eventually we ran into more and more people and it got easier. With one more fruit pop, Justin and I found a shady bench and I searched for something to paint. I decided on the overhang above the bench we sat on, which might not have been the best choice because I had to keep looking up. I also should have painted the sky first, so I wouldn't be faced with the dilemma of filling in blue between the vines and little flowers. That's what I get for not thinking/planning, I suppose. Our friend AJ came to meet us with his friend Branford and when I couldn't paint anymore, we made our way back to their car and drove to the Sepulveda Dam (I believe it was featured in Transformers, just to give a reference, and NO I KNOW IT'S NOT THE HOOVER DAM, in case anyone thinks I'm an idiot). 
We walked around all these trails for a little while but got pretty grossed out because it's a meeting spot for gay guys to have sex, so there are condoms, wrappers, and nasty mattresses lying around everywhere. It felt like I'd get hepatitis just standing around. The place that the guys wanted to skate required us to climb up these ramp things which are really god damn huge. As everyone knows, I have no upper body strength so it took a lot of effort to climb up a pipe to get to the top. And I was wearing Vans aka the worst shoe for climbing ever. 
just for scale, this is Justin on his way down the other side
Going down was easier because the other side wasn't as steep so I was able to slide down on my shoes, which was actually really fun. We spent about 2 hours in this big cement area, the guys skating and sliding down the hill on signs and me taking pictures. The sunset was pink, purple and gorgeous. It got pretty dark so we decided to leave (I think we also might have legally been trespassing due to the time the park closes, but whatever, we didn't get caught) and I quickly realized that we'd have to do part 2 of climbing. It was definitely NOT easy to climb up the not-as-steep side because it was still too steep and slippery for me and my Vans. I actually slid down on the stomach because of this and bruised the entire right side of my body (or at least, I think so, if the pain in my ribcage and bruise on my hipbone is any indicator). With the help of my friends and their making a human chain, I got up and was faced with another challenge. The first side that I had to climb up before was too steep to slide down because it had almost no slope to it. I had to freefall from these metal pegs and looked like a total wuss and girl but I made it down. Eventually. Except I'm not even a graceful girl because on the final drop I fell into sand, which sort of twisted my knee and made me almost fall on my face. So, I won't be invited out with them anytime soon. Not unless I do some training camp. 
I came home to a house filled with the smell of brisket and carrots and potatoes which my mom had made in light of Rosh Hashana. So delicious! My dad (the Jewish one) was even impressed. He tasted a little even though he's recently gone vegan + no oils/fat (for his heart, not just a trendy LA thing haha). 
On Friday, I met my friend Audrey at Starbucks just to catch up and hang out. She's one of my good friends from high school and we have the same taste in movies and both love to bake, so we get along quite well :]
Another one of our friends, Sasha, joined us a little later and we chatted about tattoos (they both have them! I still don't know what to get) and the weird weather (hot, sort of humid but with a cool breeze) and went to Urban and Gap. There was also filming going on, which normally I don't care about but this time I was intrigued because it was Bones, which is one of my favorite shows, and Audrey was excited because she loves Buffy. 
Audrey and I decided to go to the mall so she could use her Sephora and Bath & Body Works gift cards. She ended up with some delicious smelling candles and we both got free samples of tea at Teavana. It also changed weather and started raining when we were driving over, so weird. 
When I came home, my sister and I went to Menchies and we watched Zoolander. Yesterday my sister took an SAT and I went to yoga where I realized how sore I was from Thursday and got another ThinkThin bar for free. Later in the evening, my mom and I met my sister at work to go shopping for some clothes for her Animal Husbandry class (khakis and a black polo) and go to Trader Joes. 
This morning, my dad and sister flew to Portland because they will be looking at Lewis & Clark, Reed, and Evergreen in Olympia. That's where they're going first and will stay at my aunt and uncles house in Olympia tonight. I went to the farmers market with mom to buy some more dates for my dad and strawberries for me and then went to Cardio Barre for a complementary lesson! Sheena, my favorite teacher, remembered me and we talked about Portland and cold weather. It was really nice to be back there and it was fun to work out. My uncle just got back from Afghanistan (I thiink. He was a teacher there) so depending on my mom's tiredness we might drive down to SOTO to visit. 

Seriously, if you haven't had a pumpkin spice latte GO DO IT NOW!
xoxo Sara