Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good

This weekend was my trip to Seattle! I was scheduled to leave Friday morning but due to snow, my flight was cancelled. Thanks to my dad being so diligent, he got me on the same flight for Saturday. I spent a lot of time contemplating on which shoes to bring with me (rain boots, Uggs, or Docs?) and decided on Docs, despite the fact that they aren't exactly security line friendly. Burbank wasn't too boring because I bought the new Vogue with T.Swift on the cover and didn't get there super early. My flight was easy, as well, aside from drinking too much Diet Coke and having to pee. 
Since Katey and Max are the best, they picked me up from the airport, saving me from public transport. 
I think I brought some sun with me because Saturday was clear and gorgeous as I flew in. We stopped at Pikes for food and pictures even though it was freezing and windy.
After getting situated at Katey's, we drove to UVillage with Michela and Anna to go to Sephora and dinner. I was surprised that many of my friends showed up and I really hope that my excited-ness didn't overwhelm them. I had so much to say that I don't think I ever shut up! We had dinner at Boom noodle and I got a yummy salad (which are harder to eat with chopsticks that I thought).
We stayed in for the remainder of the night and watched Never Been Kissed and ate popcorn and chocolate. 
The neighbors upstairs were having a party and blasted 90s music till the wee hours of the morning. I enjoyed listening to the Ramones and Blondie but unfortunately the dj was a little spastic and cut off songs in the middle. 
Ok Sunday morning, what do you think we did? Yoga duh! Except UVill had a kettle balls class, which looked a little like death so we drove to Pacific Place for a normal yoga class. 
My arms and stomach are pretty sore from all of the poses and core work the teacher made us do but I enjoyed every minute of the class! And obviously, you'd be insane not to think that we got Starbucks after, so we went to UVillage and got lattes. 
I finally took a shower (post-airplane look doesn't really work for me) and we walked through the rain to Chaco Canyon, an organic, vegan cafe. I got a green smoothie in what I thought was a can but was really a fancy metal cup and lentil soup and quinoa; all quite delicious. 

Jeremy met us for lunch and got some celery juice, which was slightly weird but seriously tasted like celery. We went to TJ to get dinner and other groceries on the busiest day (probably post-snow, we're guessing). 
I got Yogurtland with my cousin even though it was very cold out and came back to Katey's to take another crack at the Audrey puzzle. 
Yeah, we didn't finish it. But I got the edges!
Anna and Aaron stopped by for chips and dip and the rest of us made tacos while educating Aaron on what a blog is. After practically sitting inside the heater, Brad showed up and told us about his Scientology experience until it was late and needed rest before school. Katey and I stayed up a little longer to watch the Hills (what else?) which made for a very good last night. 
Monday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, and walked to campus in the sunshine! While Katey was in class, I used my $71 UW Bookstore rebate and bought The Help, a book about Breakfast at Tiffany's, the Catcher in the Rye, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart, and Real Simple. Probably not the best choice considering their weight. I also rushed up to 50th to buy a cookie but the cafe was closed so I had to then go over to Suzallo to buy an apple for the airport, stopping to take a picture of the trees on the way. 
We walked back to Katey's and found her lost ballot on the way, packed up my things, and drove to the airport. It was sad to say goodbye but I will be back to visit (hopefully this summer!) and Katey is thinking of coming down during her spring break so there will be more opportunities to see each other in the nearish future!
I had many hours at the airport once through security (and they dumped out my entire change purse) so I read my magazines and ate my apple and Bumble Bar and had Starbucks. 
The plane ride home was a little bumpier than usual but gave me stunning views as I left Washington. 
It was cold when I came home and I was starving so I made a salad and some soup and watched Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie with my sister because my dad went to a screening of The Descendants (Clooney was in attendance, so I wasn't too jealous). 
Today, I went to TJ with my mom and baked some Gwyneth Paltrow peanut butter cookies for Brad's birthday. I really really hope they survive the trip up north!
Also it's supposed to get almost to the 80s this week, weeeiiiirrd!

xoxo moi

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tales of Snowmageddon

Ohhhh my goodness. The snowapalooza of this week has been craziness to say the least. UW cancelled school three days in a row and Seattle shut down in typical Seattle snow fashion.

This was last weekend when the first snow hit...then there was Wednesday and Thursday.

Anna and Aaron came sledding!                    And Michela rode in a shopping cart.

 We played :) 

and made banana bread that photographed poorly but tasted delicious!

Speaking of delicious treats, I failed to inform you all about the fabulous chocolate cake with peanut butter oreo butter cream frosting that my dear friend Laura adopted from some cupcakes we created last summer. They were heavenly:

Our friend Matt was in town to celebrate his birthday and loooooved his 5 layer cake of deliciousness.

Things I forgot to mention but that are also fantastic and have made my life better:

The descendants. Maximum and I saw it like a week and a half ago, and it made me cry. A lot. 
But it was really good. 

Random but I got a pedicure when I was home with my mom like two weeks ago and it still looks good because it's winter and literally no top coat could ever top snow and rain as a pedi-protector. Speaking of nails, have you noticed the whole mismatched-mani trend? I tried it today but wasn't quite ready to get too crazy so I just alternated colors. Here's Miley doing it correctly:

Also, Pinterest. Super cool. Do it. http://pinterest.com/
One of the things I pinned as I've been learning my way around also made me super happy:

Is this not the most fabulous thing ever????? Dior Something Blue. OMG.

Ok well that's all for now, but oh heyyyy Sara is coming to visit tomorrow (unfortunately not today due to the shit show that is Seattle in the snow) and we're for sure about to have tons of adventures so expect to hear about them! Off to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" now!


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ughh I'm so full right now. I ate way too much sweet potato for my own good while watching tv. Did everyone enjoy the Golden Globes? I mostly did. I'm a fan of Ricky Gervais and was very glad to see him back again this year. I'm also satisfied that the New Girl didn't win any awards because as much as I love Zooey Deschanel, I can't stand that show. 
Sooo last weekend I said I'd try and document Intelligentsia but I was too embarrassed to snap pictures like a Hollywood tourist, so I'm sorry to say that I failed in that department. I got a soy latte, shamelessly (but hopefully covertly) stared at a cute hipster barista and bought an $18 1/2 pound bag of coffee. I also saw Andy Milanokis and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (or as he's known to me as Angela's father in Bones) which was something I could get excited about. We shopped for a little while but had to leave because Emma needed to get to the airport and we parked like 8 blocks away so it took some time to get to the car. 
The cutest menorah I've ever seen! It was a shrine to commemorate a much loved daschund at a store in Silverlake. 
My sister started school this week so most of my time was spent at home with my mom running errands or hanging out. For instance, we went to Target, Trader Joes, the mall, and the Americana. 
They were painting the window at Anthropologie and doing some overall decorating, which is obviously going to look amazing. 
I also baked cookies. 
These are oatmeal raisin from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook. SO GOOD. And they're vegan and refined sugar free. I modified the recipe a little bit by using apple pie spice instead of straight cinnamon and adding a little bit of almond extract. 
I ate almost half of the batch. 
Friday was my busiest day this week because I went to Target with my mom in the morning and bought some pink strawberry heart marshmallows for Valentines Day, spent a few hours curled in a blanket watching tv and then went out with Audrey. We started at the Grove so she could pick a ring up for her dad, then dropped it off and finally went to Sasha's where all of us + Otis (Sasha's puppy) went to Marie et Cie for coffee. Because Audrey was sick and cold and I had to go to yoga, we finished our drinks and went home. Upon arriving home, I found that my sister was too tired to go to yoga so we went out to Daichan for Japanese food with my family. I ordered ozoune which is Japanese New Year's soup with mochi. 
On Saturday, we woke up early for yoga and I went to work from 2-7. The store's hours diminished so I get out earlier than pre-holiday season. I brought home some cupcakes and a donut muffin and 2 scones which have gotten eaten between last night and this morning by my mom and sister. I spent most of work making buttons or pins so my wrists and arms were pretty tired by the end of the night. 
Today, I went to yoga again because it's our favorite teacher's class (she looks like Terri from Glee so we call her Honey Badger). This morning she told us to say "Fuck That" to our problems which is probably one of the most unconventional yoga teachings I've ever experienced but also really fun to yell with a group of people (which is what she made us do). Anna and I came home and immediately got ready to go to Silverlake for round 2 of Intelligentsia because Kate and Anna didn't come last week. Oh, and we also brought our moms so it was a lovely mother-daughter outing. The adorable barista was there again, although I didn't get nearly as many smiles from him as last time. And don't think I didn't think about the hours that he was there last time, because I'm a first rate stalker and I got this shit covered. Clearly Sunday afternoons will my chosen day to get coffee now. We shopped along Sunset, trying on hats and sunglasses, and most all of us ended up buying ear cuffs from this incense/cross/skull selling shop. 
I like it because it's like getting the piercing without getting the piercing. Hence, no pain. 
We parted ways, observed a 2nd car accident (and it was a pretty bad one) and went to Gelsons so Anna could get some spicy tuna rolls. We got home at 4:57 and were just in time to watch the Golden Globes. Besides the 1 1/2 sweet potatoes that I ate (roughly), I also had brown rice and black beans and sesame spinach. And a tangerine. And I'm still so full! Maybe I feel this way because I'm bloated and cramping. UGH. 
My mom and I just walked my dog and it started sprinkling! So perhaps there will be rain tomorrow, hurrah! Or maybe that's not good because we are supposed to go to Costco. 
Happy MLK Day! I'll be writing from Seattle next time!!

xoxo Sara

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ringing in ohtwelve

Happy new year one and all!
(from New Year's Eve)
As you can probably tell my new years resolutions are a little slow to start but one of them is to blog once a week with a minimum of every other week. I'm only a couple days off of being within the first seven days of the year. I think my new blogger app on my super cool iPhone that I got for Xmas will help with my dedicatedness. I am not however totally clear on where the pictures will show up when I post this so we shall find out together.*

Now let's recap the 11-12 transition:

Christmas was fabulous! Well Christmas eve was. You're experiencing the product of the iPhone now. It was crazy and family-y...see photo

Did I mention Max got to partake in the fun?

Xmas day we flew to San Jose to see my aunt and uncle. Got there around 12 and had a nice relaxing day. For most of the weekend/the four days we were there we watched home videos of the fam from long ago, hung out, and ate. We also saw Sherlock Holmes and it was fabulous!

This was a favorite stocking stuffer. They're napkins that say, "I'm sure a little hard work must have hurt SOMEbody." Too cute. My aunt is most definitely the reason I enjoy following Whitegirlproblems.

After returning home, I had just one day in which we took care of iPhone things, got my car out of the shop (loose wheel bearing), and packed before I drove back to Seattle with my friends Anna and Aaron- a journey complete with homemade sandwiches by Aaron and cookies by his mom.

In Seattle we rang in the new year pretty low-key-ly. We made dinner (delish pasta with homeade pesto) with friends and went to one party before some of us (aka me) were falling asleep immediately following the ball drop. Note on the pesto: my mom's friend made it, but I'm going to try to track down the recipe if it's not too secret.

I was probably more excited than others to ring in the new year...

Since then life has been school and pretending school isn't happening. It'll be a tough quarter but I'm excited about classes. And I'm committed to my blogging resolution so more later!

Ps most exciting news EVER: Sara's visiting on the 20th ish! Cant wait!!!!


*From the iPhone photos went straight to the bottom :( I edited on the computer

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy New Year! So far, 2012 has treated me well. It's been filled with friends, food, and smiles!
The day after Lena turned 21, my friend, Casey celebrated her alcohol legality as well. I spent the morning shopping Anthropologie for a present and ended up with a C mug for Casey and an apron for Lena. The girl who rung my mom and I up had the cutest braid in her hair and I want to try it out this week!
Kinda looked like this, she got the idea from http://pinterest.com/ which is sort of like tumblr but with how-to's. 
I also added some Bailey's and Kahula to the mug and drove over to Casey's house later in the evening to hang out with some friends. We played Kings Cup and some other card/drinking games until I was tired and freezing (we were outside) and went home. 
Magically, I didn't have to work New Years Eve! Casey picked up my shift for me (yes, the same Casey that had like 5 beers and a bunch of shots the night before, she's a rockstar) so I was able to go hiking and to the mall with Lena. We began our night at our friend Jesse's house, where his parents were having a classy adult party. One of the guests used to be a part of Paul McCartney's band, the Wings, so he played guitar for us and jammed with my friend Jay on drums and Julian on bass. Before midnight, Lena and I booked it over to Willie's house to chill with some CH people and play beer pong. It was a pretty low-key New Years Eve due to the fact that right after the ball dropped, we pretty much headed home. 
The next morning I woke up and didn't watch the Rose Parade for the first time in many years. My dad made some miso soup with mochi and soba due to the holiday, which was pretty god damn delicious. 
We went to my aunt's house in Hollywood to keep with traditions, where I ate some more soba, char sui pork and more soup. Also some weird black beans for good luck. But only odd numbers because even ones are bad apparently! 
We exchanged gifts with my cousins and this is my sister wearing the scarf she got with the basket as a fez. I got a cute camera necklace with rhinestones! Unfortunately, my sister and I left early to go to our friend, Megan's house because she was having a game night with the British boys that we hung out with over the summer! (Megan and my sister actually spent New Years Eve with them but this was my first time seeing them since August). 
We played a British version of Trivial Pursuit with Ollie, Anna and I on a team. We allllmost won too. Megan's mom is so adorable and Japanese and kept bringing us more food to snack on (similar to what my own mom makes, actually) while we sat around their heated table (there is a heater underneath for your feet, it's amazing). After the games, we tried to decide on a movie and bounced from Pretty in Pink to Dazed and Confused to Gnomeo and Juliet to this random turtle movie until I was going to fall asleep, so we went home. Also James/Megan, Anna/Ollie had decided to cuddle and I didn't feel like being the awkward fifth wheel, so it was good timing. 
On Monday, Anna and I went to yoga and Jamba Juice and I worked on my cookbook for Lena. We had my childhood best friend, Allia, her brother and dad, and some other family friend's come over for dinner that night. Our menu consisted of farro with mushrooms, baked sweet & normal potato fries, chicken kebabs, sausages, grilled veggies, and brussell sprouts for dinner and berries, amarretti cookies and candied fruit for dessert. I ate a bunch of the cookies because they were soft and so different than any I'd ever had and a ton of candied ginger. Allia, Austin, Anna, and I played card games, watched YouTube videos and reminisced about the Simpsons and our childhood. 
Tuesday was a very exciting day for 2 reasons! One, I bought a ticket to Seattle! I'll be coming up the weekend of the 21st so Katey and I can blog together again. And second, I left for Idyllwild with Lena's family, where we'd stay in a cabin in the mountains. We drove up in the morning, made a pit stop at Carl's Jr. and arrived around 2. Usually, it's snowy this time of year, so there's lots of time for sledding and snowman building but because of this freak weather, it was in the 70s and got quite warm. 
Upon arriving, we set out to buy groceries, started a puzzle and made bloody Mary's. For dinner, we had pizza and coffee and watched tv. 

On Wednesday, we explored the shops that were open and fed the local squirrels. 
We almost finished the 1000 piece puzzle of a barn but gave up on the sky (it was a lost cause). We began a 750 piece one featuring a junk yard of cars and whatnot, which was much easier and had glitter in it. For dinner, we made tacos! And we watched Midnight in Paris afterwards, which was just as good as I remembered. 
On Thursday, we checked out shops again and walked up the slight hill. My wool sweater and Uggs were a poor choice in wardrobe because it got hot. We played Speedmitton to warm up and then made dinner of steak and broccoli and played Scattergories before packing up and leaving. Lena, her brother and I left early so Lena could get shit done before she left today. I stayed at her house that night and we watched some episodes of Breaking Bad, which was pretty intense but good before passing out in her sister's tempurpedic mattress. 
The next morning, we woke up and went hiking and the rest of the day I spent at home, relaxing from the high altitude. 
Today was Lena's last day :[ so we went to lunch at Il Trem. 
This was my chicken, avocado, chickpea, parmesan salad. I went straight to work only to find that I wasn't scheduled but got to stay for 3 hours, making buttons and doing other busy work. I got dinner with Lena and our friend Anna at Gangadin, this Indian restaurant near my house. They have a whole vegan menu so I got spinach and tofu which was delicious! Lena's flight is in an hour-ish so I had to say my goodbyes to her. I don't know when she'll be back because she can't come during spring break or the summer since her lease is till August so it looks like I'll need to make a trip over to Brooklyn in the upcoming months. 
Tomorrow I have plans to go to Intelligentsia coffee in Silverlake aka the Williamsburg of LA. I'll try and remember to take pictures!

xoxo Sara