Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy New Year! So far, 2012 has treated me well. It's been filled with friends, food, and smiles!
The day after Lena turned 21, my friend, Casey celebrated her alcohol legality as well. I spent the morning shopping Anthropologie for a present and ended up with a C mug for Casey and an apron for Lena. The girl who rung my mom and I up had the cutest braid in her hair and I want to try it out this week!
Kinda looked like this, she got the idea from which is sort of like tumblr but with how-to's. 
I also added some Bailey's and Kahula to the mug and drove over to Casey's house later in the evening to hang out with some friends. We played Kings Cup and some other card/drinking games until I was tired and freezing (we were outside) and went home. 
Magically, I didn't have to work New Years Eve! Casey picked up my shift for me (yes, the same Casey that had like 5 beers and a bunch of shots the night before, she's a rockstar) so I was able to go hiking and to the mall with Lena. We began our night at our friend Jesse's house, where his parents were having a classy adult party. One of the guests used to be a part of Paul McCartney's band, the Wings, so he played guitar for us and jammed with my friend Jay on drums and Julian on bass. Before midnight, Lena and I booked it over to Willie's house to chill with some CH people and play beer pong. It was a pretty low-key New Years Eve due to the fact that right after the ball dropped, we pretty much headed home. 
The next morning I woke up and didn't watch the Rose Parade for the first time in many years. My dad made some miso soup with mochi and soba due to the holiday, which was pretty god damn delicious. 
We went to my aunt's house in Hollywood to keep with traditions, where I ate some more soba, char sui pork and more soup. Also some weird black beans for good luck. But only odd numbers because even ones are bad apparently! 
We exchanged gifts with my cousins and this is my sister wearing the scarf she got with the basket as a fez. I got a cute camera necklace with rhinestones! Unfortunately, my sister and I left early to go to our friend, Megan's house because she was having a game night with the British boys that we hung out with over the summer! (Megan and my sister actually spent New Years Eve with them but this was my first time seeing them since August). 
We played a British version of Trivial Pursuit with Ollie, Anna and I on a team. We allllmost won too. Megan's mom is so adorable and Japanese and kept bringing us more food to snack on (similar to what my own mom makes, actually) while we sat around their heated table (there is a heater underneath for your feet, it's amazing). After the games, we tried to decide on a movie and bounced from Pretty in Pink to Dazed and Confused to Gnomeo and Juliet to this random turtle movie until I was going to fall asleep, so we went home. Also James/Megan, Anna/Ollie had decided to cuddle and I didn't feel like being the awkward fifth wheel, so it was good timing. 
On Monday, Anna and I went to yoga and Jamba Juice and I worked on my cookbook for Lena. We had my childhood best friend, Allia, her brother and dad, and some other family friend's come over for dinner that night. Our menu consisted of farro with mushrooms, baked sweet & normal potato fries, chicken kebabs, sausages, grilled veggies, and brussell sprouts for dinner and berries, amarretti cookies and candied fruit for dessert. I ate a bunch of the cookies because they were soft and so different than any I'd ever had and a ton of candied ginger. Allia, Austin, Anna, and I played card games, watched YouTube videos and reminisced about the Simpsons and our childhood. 
Tuesday was a very exciting day for 2 reasons! One, I bought a ticket to Seattle! I'll be coming up the weekend of the 21st so Katey and I can blog together again. And second, I left for Idyllwild with Lena's family, where we'd stay in a cabin in the mountains. We drove up in the morning, made a pit stop at Carl's Jr. and arrived around 2. Usually, it's snowy this time of year, so there's lots of time for sledding and snowman building but because of this freak weather, it was in the 70s and got quite warm. 
Upon arriving, we set out to buy groceries, started a puzzle and made bloody Mary's. For dinner, we had pizza and coffee and watched tv. 

On Wednesday, we explored the shops that were open and fed the local squirrels. 
We almost finished the 1000 piece puzzle of a barn but gave up on the sky (it was a lost cause). We began a 750 piece one featuring a junk yard of cars and whatnot, which was much easier and had glitter in it. For dinner, we made tacos! And we watched Midnight in Paris afterwards, which was just as good as I remembered. 
On Thursday, we checked out shops again and walked up the slight hill. My wool sweater and Uggs were a poor choice in wardrobe because it got hot. We played Speedmitton to warm up and then made dinner of steak and broccoli and played Scattergories before packing up and leaving. Lena, her brother and I left early so Lena could get shit done before she left today. I stayed at her house that night and we watched some episodes of Breaking Bad, which was pretty intense but good before passing out in her sister's tempurpedic mattress. 
The next morning, we woke up and went hiking and the rest of the day I spent at home, relaxing from the high altitude. 
Today was Lena's last day :[ so we went to lunch at Il Trem. 
This was my chicken, avocado, chickpea, parmesan salad. I went straight to work only to find that I wasn't scheduled but got to stay for 3 hours, making buttons and doing other busy work. I got dinner with Lena and our friend Anna at Gangadin, this Indian restaurant near my house. They have a whole vegan menu so I got spinach and tofu which was delicious! Lena's flight is in an hour-ish so I had to say my goodbyes to her. I don't know when she'll be back because she can't come during spring break or the summer since her lease is till August so it looks like I'll need to make a trip over to Brooklyn in the upcoming months. 
Tomorrow I have plans to go to Intelligentsia coffee in Silverlake aka the Williamsburg of LA. I'll try and remember to take pictures!

xoxo Sara

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