Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ughh I'm so full right now. I ate way too much sweet potato for my own good while watching tv. Did everyone enjoy the Golden Globes? I mostly did. I'm a fan of Ricky Gervais and was very glad to see him back again this year. I'm also satisfied that the New Girl didn't win any awards because as much as I love Zooey Deschanel, I can't stand that show. 
Sooo last weekend I said I'd try and document Intelligentsia but I was too embarrassed to snap pictures like a Hollywood tourist, so I'm sorry to say that I failed in that department. I got a soy latte, shamelessly (but hopefully covertly) stared at a cute hipster barista and bought an $18 1/2 pound bag of coffee. I also saw Andy Milanokis and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (or as he's known to me as Angela's father in Bones) which was something I could get excited about. We shopped for a little while but had to leave because Emma needed to get to the airport and we parked like 8 blocks away so it took some time to get to the car. 
The cutest menorah I've ever seen! It was a shrine to commemorate a much loved daschund at a store in Silverlake. 
My sister started school this week so most of my time was spent at home with my mom running errands or hanging out. For instance, we went to Target, Trader Joes, the mall, and the Americana. 
They were painting the window at Anthropologie and doing some overall decorating, which is obviously going to look amazing. 
I also baked cookies. 
These are oatmeal raisin from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook. SO GOOD. And they're vegan and refined sugar free. I modified the recipe a little bit by using apple pie spice instead of straight cinnamon and adding a little bit of almond extract. 
I ate almost half of the batch. 
Friday was my busiest day this week because I went to Target with my mom in the morning and bought some pink strawberry heart marshmallows for Valentines Day, spent a few hours curled in a blanket watching tv and then went out with Audrey. We started at the Grove so she could pick a ring up for her dad, then dropped it off and finally went to Sasha's where all of us + Otis (Sasha's puppy) went to Marie et Cie for coffee. Because Audrey was sick and cold and I had to go to yoga, we finished our drinks and went home. Upon arriving home, I found that my sister was too tired to go to yoga so we went out to Daichan for Japanese food with my family. I ordered ozoune which is Japanese New Year's soup with mochi. 
On Saturday, we woke up early for yoga and I went to work from 2-7. The store's hours diminished so I get out earlier than pre-holiday season. I brought home some cupcakes and a donut muffin and 2 scones which have gotten eaten between last night and this morning by my mom and sister. I spent most of work making buttons or pins so my wrists and arms were pretty tired by the end of the night. 
Today, I went to yoga again because it's our favorite teacher's class (she looks like Terri from Glee so we call her Honey Badger). This morning she told us to say "Fuck That" to our problems which is probably one of the most unconventional yoga teachings I've ever experienced but also really fun to yell with a group of people (which is what she made us do). Anna and I came home and immediately got ready to go to Silverlake for round 2 of Intelligentsia because Kate and Anna didn't come last week. Oh, and we also brought our moms so it was a lovely mother-daughter outing. The adorable barista was there again, although I didn't get nearly as many smiles from him as last time. And don't think I didn't think about the hours that he was there last time, because I'm a first rate stalker and I got this shit covered. Clearly Sunday afternoons will my chosen day to get coffee now. We shopped along Sunset, trying on hats and sunglasses, and most all of us ended up buying ear cuffs from this incense/cross/skull selling shop. 
I like it because it's like getting the piercing without getting the piercing. Hence, no pain. 
We parted ways, observed a 2nd car accident (and it was a pretty bad one) and went to Gelsons so Anna could get some spicy tuna rolls. We got home at 4:57 and were just in time to watch the Golden Globes. Besides the 1 1/2 sweet potatoes that I ate (roughly), I also had brown rice and black beans and sesame spinach. And a tangerine. And I'm still so full! Maybe I feel this way because I'm bloated and cramping. UGH. 
My mom and I just walked my dog and it started sprinkling! So perhaps there will be rain tomorrow, hurrah! Or maybe that's not good because we are supposed to go to Costco. 
Happy MLK Day! I'll be writing from Seattle next time!!

xoxo Sara

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