Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good

This weekend was my trip to Seattle! I was scheduled to leave Friday morning but due to snow, my flight was cancelled. Thanks to my dad being so diligent, he got me on the same flight for Saturday. I spent a lot of time contemplating on which shoes to bring with me (rain boots, Uggs, or Docs?) and decided on Docs, despite the fact that they aren't exactly security line friendly. Burbank wasn't too boring because I bought the new Vogue with T.Swift on the cover and didn't get there super early. My flight was easy, as well, aside from drinking too much Diet Coke and having to pee. 
Since Katey and Max are the best, they picked me up from the airport, saving me from public transport. 
I think I brought some sun with me because Saturday was clear and gorgeous as I flew in. We stopped at Pikes for food and pictures even though it was freezing and windy.
After getting situated at Katey's, we drove to UVillage with Michela and Anna to go to Sephora and dinner. I was surprised that many of my friends showed up and I really hope that my excited-ness didn't overwhelm them. I had so much to say that I don't think I ever shut up! We had dinner at Boom noodle and I got a yummy salad (which are harder to eat with chopsticks that I thought).
We stayed in for the remainder of the night and watched Never Been Kissed and ate popcorn and chocolate. 
The neighbors upstairs were having a party and blasted 90s music till the wee hours of the morning. I enjoyed listening to the Ramones and Blondie but unfortunately the dj was a little spastic and cut off songs in the middle. 
Ok Sunday morning, what do you think we did? Yoga duh! Except UVill had a kettle balls class, which looked a little like death so we drove to Pacific Place for a normal yoga class. 
My arms and stomach are pretty sore from all of the poses and core work the teacher made us do but I enjoyed every minute of the class! And obviously, you'd be insane not to think that we got Starbucks after, so we went to UVillage and got lattes. 
I finally took a shower (post-airplane look doesn't really work for me) and we walked through the rain to Chaco Canyon, an organic, vegan cafe. I got a green smoothie in what I thought was a can but was really a fancy metal cup and lentil soup and quinoa; all quite delicious. 

Jeremy met us for lunch and got some celery juice, which was slightly weird but seriously tasted like celery. We went to TJ to get dinner and other groceries on the busiest day (probably post-snow, we're guessing). 
I got Yogurtland with my cousin even though it was very cold out and came back to Katey's to take another crack at the Audrey puzzle. 
Yeah, we didn't finish it. But I got the edges!
Anna and Aaron stopped by for chips and dip and the rest of us made tacos while educating Aaron on what a blog is. After practically sitting inside the heater, Brad showed up and told us about his Scientology experience until it was late and needed rest before school. Katey and I stayed up a little longer to watch the Hills (what else?) which made for a very good last night. 
Monday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, and walked to campus in the sunshine! While Katey was in class, I used my $71 UW Bookstore rebate and bought The Help, a book about Breakfast at Tiffany's, the Catcher in the Rye, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart, and Real Simple. Probably not the best choice considering their weight. I also rushed up to 50th to buy a cookie but the cafe was closed so I had to then go over to Suzallo to buy an apple for the airport, stopping to take a picture of the trees on the way. 
We walked back to Katey's and found her lost ballot on the way, packed up my things, and drove to the airport. It was sad to say goodbye but I will be back to visit (hopefully this summer!) and Katey is thinking of coming down during her spring break so there will be more opportunities to see each other in the nearish future!
I had many hours at the airport once through security (and they dumped out my entire change purse) so I read my magazines and ate my apple and Bumble Bar and had Starbucks. 
The plane ride home was a little bumpier than usual but gave me stunning views as I left Washington. 
It was cold when I came home and I was starving so I made a salad and some soup and watched Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie with my sister because my dad went to a screening of The Descendants (Clooney was in attendance, so I wasn't too jealous). 
Today, I went to TJ with my mom and baked some Gwyneth Paltrow peanut butter cookies for Brad's birthday. I really really hope they survive the trip up north!
Also it's supposed to get almost to the 80s this week, weeeiiiirrd!

xoxo moi

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