Monday, January 9, 2012

Ringing in ohtwelve

Happy new year one and all!
(from New Year's Eve)
As you can probably tell my new years resolutions are a little slow to start but one of them is to blog once a week with a minimum of every other week. I'm only a couple days off of being within the first seven days of the year. I think my new blogger app on my super cool iPhone that I got for Xmas will help with my dedicatedness. I am not however totally clear on where the pictures will show up when I post this so we shall find out together.*

Now let's recap the 11-12 transition:

Christmas was fabulous! Well Christmas eve was. You're experiencing the product of the iPhone now. It was crazy and family-y...see photo

Did I mention Max got to partake in the fun?

Xmas day we flew to San Jose to see my aunt and uncle. Got there around 12 and had a nice relaxing day. For most of the weekend/the four days we were there we watched home videos of the fam from long ago, hung out, and ate. We also saw Sherlock Holmes and it was fabulous!

This was a favorite stocking stuffer. They're napkins that say, "I'm sure a little hard work must have hurt SOMEbody." Too cute. My aunt is most definitely the reason I enjoy following Whitegirlproblems.

After returning home, I had just one day in which we took care of iPhone things, got my car out of the shop (loose wheel bearing), and packed before I drove back to Seattle with my friends Anna and Aaron- a journey complete with homemade sandwiches by Aaron and cookies by his mom.

In Seattle we rang in the new year pretty low-key-ly. We made dinner (delish pasta with homeade pesto) with friends and went to one party before some of us (aka me) were falling asleep immediately following the ball drop. Note on the pesto: my mom's friend made it, but I'm going to try to track down the recipe if it's not too secret.

I was probably more excited than others to ring in the new year...

Since then life has been school and pretending school isn't happening. It'll be a tough quarter but I'm excited about classes. And I'm committed to my blogging resolution so more later!

Ps most exciting news EVER: Sara's visiting on the 20th ish! Cant wait!!!!


*From the iPhone photos went straight to the bottom :( I edited on the computer

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