Thursday, February 2, 2012


The title is referring to my extreme hilariosity involving my sister studying for her government final. She didn't know what larceny was and I told her it was when you steal over $400 from a leprechaun and they set you (or the rainbow) on fire. Not everyone saw the funniness of it but you just can't tell some people. 
So, my peanut butter cookies were a success, both with my family and with Brad. I mailed them Wednesday and he texted me over the weekend or Monday and said that he ate them all by himself. 
Last Friday, I felt sort of sick but went downtown with my mom to go to the sample sales despite my hate for them. She bought a dress and some necklaces and got me a diet root beer as a reward before going home. My sister and I went shopping once she was home from school at Urban, Free People, Timeless, and of course, Starbucks. She bought this elastic pink tube top from Free People that was on sale for only $10!
I wanted everything, as usual. After shopping, we went out to Daichan with my mom's cousin and our family. I must have been starving because I finished my entire vegetarian rice bowl and I usually don't eat that much rice in one sitting. 
I went to work on Saturday, not realizing that my boss forgot to put me on the schedule. It was ok, though, I just stayed till 5 instead of 7. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Elizabeth Banks came through, although I didn't help them. But Jennifer Love Hewitt is totally pretty in person. 
On Sunday, Anna and I went to yoga, which was really fun because our teacher played rap and also because she let us do soul train. After showering and whatnot we went back to Ventura and I bought some sunglasses at Timeless. 
Only $15! They're sort of funky looking which is why I like them.
We made a quick trip to Costco on Monday afternoon to do Sugar Shack shopping and got some samples. 
On Tuesday, AJ and Justin picked me up because they said we were going on a secret mission. It turned out to be a trip to the zoo aka our high school. Justin brought back a cooler of snow from Mammoth over the weekend and they wanted to throw snowballs at some of our friends. 
After soaking the parking lot, we drove to the Old Zoo to explore the caves and hike. We saw 3 coyotes by the merry go round and played on the playground for a little while. We made sandwiches at AJ's house (according to them, the best sandwiches they've had in a long time, except I just had a plate of avocado and a blood orange because I wasn't that hungry) and then went....golfing!
This was my first time non-miniature golfing, which was intimidating but also a lot of fun. I hit the rubber tee thing most of the time but at least the ball went really straight! I got a couple of good swings/hits/whatever in so I felt satisfied. 
Yesterday, Allia and I hd planned to go to yoga in Burbank but changed our minds to go to Pop Physique, a cardio barre-ish class in Hollywood.

It looks like an American Apparel ad but it's actually a workout place! The class only had like 8 people which was nice but was incredibly hard. The teacher had to realign us practically every time we did a new pose and I'm really sore today but hopefully it was worth it. It was also $20 so I won't be going there too often...
After working out, we went to Cafe Gratitude and I got miso soup and saw Patricia Arquette (I think). It felt like my body had turned to jelly but we managed to walk back to the car and home without dying. 
Today, I got my new Teen Vogue with Kendall and Kylie Jenner on it (question: Am I the only person who has barely any interest in them?). My mom and I are going to go to Whole Foods for coconut because she is going to make me granola and I will be getting dinner with Sasha and Audrey later tonight!
I can't believe I finally start school on Tuesday! It's about time haha

xoxo Sara 

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