Monday, February 27, 2012

Storm Watch

It's supposed to rain and thunder today. Right now, the sky is cloudy and gray and I'm waiting for this long awaited weather! 
I was very tired last weekend due to my late night out and couldn't be happier to finally get off work. I went to Loteria with my family afterwards and got lettuce cup tacos and had some of my mom's margarita. 
Check out this giant piñata; I feel like if I hit it, a cake or a king size candy bar would fall out. 
When we came home, my sister and I watched Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie and she braided my hair (since Katey isn't my official french braider at the moment). 
Not bad for her first time!
On Sunday, we went to our friend's church to make food for the homeless. We made sandwiches and lunch bags and salads and pasta for their dinner. Some volunteers were going to take everything to a shelter, so all we had to do was cook and assemble. In our lunch assembly line, I made the sandwiches and added cookies and an orange to the bag. And after that I chopped tomatoes, onions (but had to stop because tears were blinding me), cut broccoli and sprinkled cheese over the pasta. And the pasta was the most fattening thing I've ever seen: buttery pasta, chicken, chicken juice/fat poured over, vegetables cooked in butter, heavy cream, and 30 tons of cheese baked off. But I think these people need all the fat they can get, so it's ok. We rewarded ourselves with San Sei and Frootsi afterwards (I got a lavender slushy). 
My sister and I went to yoga on President's day, which made me tired for the remainder of the day. Luckily my dance teacher was sick, and 2 people were gone, so Lauren, Paradise and I were able to stretch and practice our dances with minimal effort because we all wanted to sleep. 
This week, we sadly finished our green tea Kit Kats. 
They were deeelicious! We've started on the dark chocolate ones, which are also amazing. 
It was warm enough to work in the front yard on Friday, so I helped my mom clear dead leaves from the flowers. I moved around anytime I saw a grasshopper or wasp, but managed to get some stuff done. As our reward we went to Artisan Cheese. I got an arugula salad with goat cheese, cranberries, and pistachios and my mom got a grilled cheese with tomato. 
We went into Urban, where I saw:
this sweater and 
this shirt. I don't know if I'm going to get any or both, but opinions? I just like shopping. 
I also met Jason Schwartzman! I've been a huge fan of his since I was in 8th grade (not to mention my big crush) but I actually stopped to pet his french bulldog. I might have seemed like a crazy dog person but he was really nice and friendly nonetheless!
Cecily came over and we played Just Dance and then went to Peets Coffee for soy lattes. 
They played with the coffee scoopers. 
I couldn't get over the tilted stack of cups. 
We were really busy on Saturday with orders for the Oscars (we had special Oscar cupcakes and cookies) and I was quite happy to be done that night. I went to Sasha's after work to hang out with her, Audrey, Jamie, and Sami. We sat outside (so cold) and listened to Sami make prank calls until we couldn't take the temperature and sat inside with the dogs and mugs of tea. 
Yesterday, Anna and I went to yoga and Jamba Juice. I was a good samaritan and ran after a lady who dropped her wallet in the street. I did as much homework as I could till 3 when I went to watch the pre red carpet show for the Oscars (essentially the pre-pre show). These were some of my favorites:
How can Angelina look so freaking stunning all the time?! Also I want that color hair. But what was with the pose the whole night?
It's bold to wear red on a red head but I think Emma pulled it off pretty well. The dress kind of reminds me of a Christmas present, but it flatters her length and looks good on her. Also I like her presenter skills so I give her a thumbs up. 
Another red dress and thought it complemented her skin tone very nicely. But Natalie always looks beautiful.  
The white Tom Ford was really simple but elegant and worked well on her long, thin frame. She lives in London, is married to a rock star, is a great cook, a talented actress AND is gorgeous! Seriously, Gwyneth, I hope I grow up to be like you. 
I haven't seen The Help yet but I reaaaally want to! I still thought Octavia looked magnificent in this dress, the color is perfect and the beading/embroidery is quite flattering. 
Rooney Mara's dress may have been my favorite. It works with her overall complexion and she's so thin, she can virtually wear anything (lucky bitch). She didn't have the same charisma while interviewing as others (she reminded me a little of Kristen Stewart which is frightening) but she's so talented that it doesn't really matter. 
My dad made me dinner while I was watching the show. 
White beans with spicy tomato sauce and spinach and broccoli and toasted pine nuts. Soooo good!
It still hasn't started raining and I will be really mad if it starts to pour when we go to Costco. 
Hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars and the outfits as much as I did!

xoxo Sara

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