Saturday, February 18, 2012

You fit me better than my favorite sweater

Happy Post Valentines Day! I hope it was a lovely chocolate filled day for all! 
Last Saturday, my sister and I went to Free People for their V-day activities of card making and cookies. Although we wanted to buy at least 4 things, we ended up with only a card for our mom. I personalized it with puffy hearts and glitter and I think it turned out quite nice. Work was really busy but I had time to hear from one of the bakers that Whitney Houston was dead, which I honestly didn't believe at first. 
I went to yoga on Sunday by myself and Honey Badger blasted Journey so we could sing along to it. It was brisk but really beautiful out, sunny and blue skies with a little breeze. 
I ended up watching the 2nd round of the Grammy's at 9. Well, actually I just watched Adele and a little bit of Paul McCartney. Nicki Minaj was terrible so thank god I didn't have to see it, I only heard some before moving out of range. 
On Monday, it was forecasted to rain but surprise, surprise, didn't. It was cloudy and windy and cold, though. I went to a paper store and Target with my mom. We bought more than we needed to at Target (no surprise there either), but all I got was a copy of Elle with Blake Lively on the cover. 
She's so beautiful, it's ridiculous. 
On Tuesday, I had to pretend to be an 11 year old at a bus stop for an improv exercise. Not as nerve wracking or embarrassing once you get up there, it turns out. Or maybe it's just me. Apparently I did a really good job referencing J.Beibs and iCarly (never seen it before so I have no idea why I talked about her). After school, I got V-Day coffee with Sasha and Kara at Starbucks. I was a little sad that they didn't have any more heart cups but oh well. Kara gave me a lil sticker from her babysitting collection and it matched perfectly to my nails. 
 When I got home, I saw the dining room table all set up for the holiday as well, with flowers and presents!
I got french bulldog pajamas, Union Jack and panda socks, a hair clip, and a little box of Sees Candy!
In the spirit of the joyous holiday, my dad baked some vegan brownies when he got home and I have to say, they were splendid. 
On Wednesday, it rained really hard when I got in my car to go to school but stopped by the time I got there. 
The clouds looked a bit scary despite it being sunny. Class was a little boring again but I came home and had some mac and cheese made healthy with olive oil and soy milk (I was skeptical of the soy, I thought we had normal nonfat milk but was wrong; it actually tasted no different than the regular version). My sister and I impulsively decided to go to yoga at 8:45 pm and since it was after 8, free parking! It wasn't Honey Badger but it was a calmer lady who still made us sweat. 
On Thursday I had to play air guitar in front of my class, to J. Beibs, of course. He will probably turn out to be a running joke in our class this semester. In my night class, we watched some versions of Rom + Jul circa the '60s and the Leo DiCaprio version. 
Who is this guy and what happened to him!? I know this is 1968 but he's still hot. It was cheesy but the people were beautiful, so how much can you complain?
The level of acting was better with this version and of course, they're both gorgeous, so that doesn't hurt. 
Yesterday I lounged and read all day until 5 when Sasha picked me, Audrey, and Kara up to go to Anna's art show at USC. Unfortunately, 3-8 (roughly) is the time of traffic in LA, so we sat for 2 hours in the car just to get somewhere that usually only takes 20 min. We made it there late after getting lost and driving around scary parts of East LA but saw the art and her family! We also saw people getting out of an NAACP awards show (our guesses were Obama's here, Whitney's memorial service or BET awards). 
 This sign made me laugh because I pictured the door being surprised. We endured more traffic down Vermont, passed through a DUI checkpoint and were 2 cars behind an accident before finally making it back to the Valley. Audrey used her Connecticut fake to buy some Jack and we went to Kara's to party with her animals and boyfriend. 
Kara and Gunther! Lots of shit got knocked over, including a shot glass, an Adele glass, Sasha's tiki cup off the stairs and Jared kicked over some rutabagas or turnips. Someone called the cops on us (probably because we were just talking too loud) but thankfully they were really nice and didn't even care, they were just like "WE don't think it's late but someone called so we had to come check it out". 
The classic Kara Pose with more hanging stuff on the face.
I got home at 2ish, ate dinner and went to sleep. I woke up freezing for some reason and super tired. I'm going to need a fuckload of coffee today at work. I hope I don't pass out in the buttercream. 
Also! I've been listening to Lana Del Ray (hence the title) so I leave you with this song:

Adios amigos! 
xoxo Saraaaa

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