Friday, March 23, 2012

Katey and Sara take LA

Aw Katey has gone back to the Pacific Northwest :[ It was so much fun having her around for the weekend!
She's got more pictures than I do, so she may post with those, but I figured I could offer some sort of account as well. 
My dad made a vegan berry pie for Pi Day last week. It has an olive oil crust and was really good!
After theater class and cleaning the house, I helped my mom frost some cupcakes for a bake sale. They are the Trader Joe's vanilla cake and frosting mixes, and although I didn't try any, my mom enjoys them a lot. 
I think I did a pretty neat job! And the marshmallows are strawberry hearts. 
On Friday, Katey and I took the subway downtown and saw Olvera Street, Little Tokyo, the cathedral, the Disney Concert Hall, and Bunker Hill. 
I liked the llamas in this religious-ish store:
We got sushi and poki in Little Tokyo and some ethnic Kit Kats (dark chocolate and strawberry tarte) and saw every single news station outside the LA courthouse, waiting for a big story. 
We couldn't go all the way into the cathedral because they were setting up for something but lit a candle (not for $2 though) and looked at the fake animals. 
The donkey was my favorite because it looks like my dog. 
Bunker Hill had more homeless people than normal, if the amount of sleeping people on the ground was any indication. Some guys were occupying the 500 Days of Summer bench but I think we got the same view from ours not too far away. 
Also we used many bathrooms all over the area (Union Station, Japanese American museum, cathedral, Disney hall) and while the Japanese museum had clean ones, the people were pretty sassy, so I think the nicest bathroom award goes to the Disney Hall. 
My sister picked us up and we went shopping on Ventura, starting with Peets for chai and coffee. 
I tried on this really amazing dress at Free People; it reminded me of Twiggy in San Francisco. 
The back is a little lower and it's perfect for spring and summer. I want it so much but it's $118 so I'll have to think about it. Plus they didn't even have my size. 
We went out to Daichan for dinner and came home and watched the last 2 episodes of Glee since Katey hadn't seen them yet. 
On Saturday it poured, which was so exciting and a first for us this year. I wore my green AA vest hoodie because tis the season, after all. We went to the Grove first and went to Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Coffee Bean. From there, we went to Marc Jacobs and I got a shirt, bracelets for Lena and a grey bejeweled ring, which I've worn nearly every day since. 
We had lunch at Le Pain and I got a vegan spinach soup and quinoa tabouli. So good! Also the Melrose location is so cute! We had pizza for dinner and watched No Strings Attached afterwards. 
I want carrots! So practical and delicious!
On Sunday it was beautiful and sunny! We went to Santa Monica, unfortunately the same day as the LA marathon but thankfully, we were on the 405 when there was no traffic. It was incredibly windy and made the day chilly but we tried to find streets guarded by buildings to minimize hair flying. We walked A LOT. All the way to Montana Ave. and then through the Promenade and all the way to Urth Cafe. Katey got a great deal on a sweater at LF and a ring at Brandy Melville, Anna got a dress at BM and I got a face mask at Lush. 
We stopped at this British store where Anna got a Bounty bar and a Lion. I saw many things I wanted, among them were, a teapot shaped like a London bus, orange/pineapple squash and giant Cadbury eggs. 
I got an almond milk latte and a hummus and tabouli salad at Urth, which was sort of discounted because they didn't have the soup that I originally ordered. 
So amazing, the pita that they had was really soft. 
We passed a trash can while shopping afterwards:
When we made our final bathroom stop, I saw this ad and liked the girl's bangs:
They're chunky but I think they're cool. I'm not sure if my hair is thick enough to pull it off though. 
On Katey's last day, we relaxed in the morning, made an Easter package for Jeremy and stopped at school to see Mr. Winnie and talk to the counselor. 
It was sad to leave her at the Burbank airport but I want to try and make time to see her before she leaves to Paris over the summer!
My sister and I took Honey Badger's yoga class on Tuesday and I ran errands with my mom on Wednesday before school. It's gotten warmer the last couple days and I actually changed to shorts when I came home yesterday! My sister and I went to Menchies and took a run/walk around the neighborhood. 
Perfectly sunny and picturesque. 
Last night at the end of class, one of my classmates asked if I could host/interview a photographer for a webisode that he does and somehow I agreed, no idea why. I was a little scared but I think if I have fun with it and enjoy myself, it won't be hard. Maybe I'll post the episode if it goes well! I've been reading over the information all morning. I hope it goes over well!
I've got 2 midterms next week to study for and a monologue to get down! And there is a surprise party for Sasha tomorrow night, so after work I've got to head over. It's going to be a busy, busy week!

xoxo Sara

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