Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catching Up

So, I'm like 110% sure that in early February (like 2.5 weeks ago) I started a post that I didn't finish, but now I can't find it. Having posted it would have made me less of a sucky friend/blogger because  it would have been like posting every 2 weeks. Alas, I am a sucky friend/blogger because I didn't post it. My sincere apologies for my absence. I like needed sabbatical from life between January 25th and when I almost posted that other post. I'm not super up for blogging about that saga, so trust me that nothing that happened in that time-span was worth blogging about.

Oh except Anna's birthday:
 Isn't she so cute?

Speaking of Anna, we go to lunch or coffee of some sort every Wednesday, and we recently discovered that you can get all of this for not too expensive at Cafe on the Ave. Who knew?

What WAS worth writing about was the most fabulousest visit ever from Sara! Thank you, Sara for covering those adventures and even more thank you for coming! Best weekend ever, and I cannot wait to see you in less than two weeks!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Readers: be ready for some serious adventure stories.

Another cool thing/positive outcome of the craziness that rendered me incapable of blogging was my new room! A roommate and I switched spaces and I got this:
I don't want to show too much, because I'm afraid of stalkers, etc. but I love the art and such and it has two closets!!!!!

We did the room switch on Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm realizing as I type this that my life hasn't been too exciting. School is like really hard, but the quarter is almost over, meaning I get to see Sara soon!

Oooh funny story though: I was at a friends on Capitol Hill the Thursday before the room switch, and it was supposed to just be a fun girl's night. Well, then Laura (my friend) saw a mouse. Girl's night became her standing on the couch in a panic while I sat on the counter eating Cheetos (I realize that makes me look like a total fatty). We had to stay at her roommates boyfriend's house (but I still had to sleep with her so she wouldn't be scared). Worst mattress ever. I could literally feel the springs. But it was an adventure, right?

Speaking of Capitol Hill, I'm considering living there next year. Could be kind of fun, right?

I almost chose a picture where it was sunny, but I felt like I'd be lying.

The weekend after that was spent on a wilderness project. Yes, I'm taking a class about the wilderness, and no, I don't really like nature. We took a group of people on a nature walk through Discovery Park and asked them questions about wilderness. We're making a documentary now. It's actually not to bad either. iMovie is shockingly user-friendly. Maybe I'll post the link when we're done. Oh speaking of that class though, look what I made for a different project for it:

It's backwards here, but it's a scratchboard of Multnomah Falls. We're supposed to do creative things.

Speaking of school projects, I finished a huge policy proposal with my Task Force group! I won't elaborate because probably no one reading is concerned with electoral reform, but we're super proud of it :)

It would appear that most of my life has been school lately. That's true. But the last couple of weekends were actually pretty fun, so I'll give them their own post. Talk to you soon!


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