Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Endless Homework

I've been swimming in large amounts of homework for the past couple of weeks. I've got a photo assignment, 10 pgs. of script to write (and now that I did the fist 10, I might as well get started on the next 10), a monologue to memorize, and a thousand pages of reading to do. And on top of all of that, I get the lovely task of completing my Eugene Lang and NYU applications by April 1. And finding a teacher willing to fill out the evaluation sheets that I didn't know I had to do until this weekend (and nearly had a coronary). However, in between all of this, I still managed to find time to read both of Katey's fabulous posts! I want to go back to Vancouver!
Hey last week was leap year! Apparently it means that the Mayans were wrong because they hadn't accounted for leap year in their calendar; therefore it is July 2013 as far as they know. Which they don't, since they're unfortunately dead. Some family friends came over to work on an 8th grade project with my dad (she made an animation film) and gave me a belated birthday gift of a Free People gift card! I don't know what to buy yet but I'm excited nonetheless. 
I finally took a picture of Gizmo, the dog of one girl in my class. 
I want a chihuahua like him now!
Last Friday, I had a dentist appointment, where the very kind dental hygienist told me that if I didn't floss my teeth, I'd get gum disease. Completely freaked me out so much that I've been on the flossing warpath since then. In the waiting room, we saw a magazine with these adorable gingerbread men. 
After the dentist, we went to Whole Foods (coconut water, kale, trail mix, dear god so LA) and the mall. I got a new shirt at Forever 21, which is in tune with my current retro, '50s/'60s, Help-inspired fashion choices. 
Instagram made it look really red but it's more of a pink. 
Anna and I went shopping and to Jamba and Peets, visited Sasha at Filigree and stayed in the rest of the night. We ended up watching both Shrek 1 & 2. 
I love imitating Gingy.
Work was boring on Saturday but I took home 3 dozen cupcakes (normal and mini). 
On Sunday, my parents and I drove to Santa Monica to shop and walk around. We started out with breakfast at Le Pain (Katey, I think we should get lunch or breakfast here one day, it's amazing) where I got a bowl of granola and almond milk. 
Not my picture, but the same thing. My mom got a butternut squash and goat cheese frittata and my dad got farro oatmeal with nuts and cranberries on top. Both soooo delicious! We went to Penzey's spice store and Barnes and Noble where my dad bought me a William Golding book on screenwriting. I found a great shopping area on Montana Ave. for when Katey comes to visit and lots of good sightseeing. On the way home, we stopped in Hollywood at Samuel French bookstore so I could get The Fantasticks; the musical housing my monologue. It was also warm enough for me to go sweatshirtless in SAMO! I think it got into the 80's. It's back down again though, since this week has been relatively cool. And yesterday was incredibly windy. 
I thought I'd share my breakfast fruit bowl from the other day, it was just so pretty.
Last night, Anna and I went to yoga and waterfalls of sweat came down my face but I felt great afterwards. I came home and watched Remember the Titans, which I like because it's by Disney meaning that there can only be a minimal amount of stress and conflict in the movie. Hayden Panettiere stole the show (aside from Denzel, obviously). Kate Bosworth was also in it and she was alright, too. And Ryan Gosling was already cute (what did I expect?).

My photo class today got cancelled because my teacher is in the hospital so I've got an extra week to do my project that already should be done but of course, isn't. So, I'll be doing all sorts of homework today and taking a break to watch 50/50 and/or Gossip Girl from last week. 
There are 8 days 9 hours and 46 minutes until Katey is here! I'm so excited! I'll be cleaning and planning between now and then!


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