Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh Canada and Portlandia

I just want to say that I wrote almost this entire post before the page froze and deleted the whole thing. So frustrated right now.

But anyway, I am basically like a traveling machine lately. On President's Day weekend, Max and I drove up to Vancouver, BC where we met up with our friends Anna and Aaron who were there with Aaron's fraternity. Did I mention I'd never been to Canada? I'd say it was a success.

We drove up Friday night and the only downside was that I really had to pee when we hit this traffic:
I had to hold it all the way there :(

When we got there, we met up with Anna and Aaron and went out to a sports bar called Speakeasy (really cool place!) for a "low key" night. Well Anna and I had a low key night. Max and Aaron ended up spending more than intended (understatement) and serenading Anna and me with their rendition of "Beautiful Girls." All in all, a good night. And did I mention how great the view from our balcony was?

The next morning the boys took Anna and I out for breakfast at Café Crêpe. So delicious.

 It was very sweet of them and everyone had super yummy food.

           Aaron got his peanut butter.

And I got my Almond Latte.

 Perfect with a Nutella and Banana Crêpe.  

We wanted to go to this suspension bridge park thing, but it was super cold and rainy. Instead we just walked around and explored downtown Vancouver. That night, we got ready for some super fun times:

 (I have no idea why they did this)

Aaron had been super bummed that a bowling alley he had wanted to go to was closed that day, so we went at night. It was lots of fun, but Canadian bowling is a little weird/hard to figure out. It's one little ball, five pins, and you have to knock them all over before they reset. Very weird. Also potentially dangerous as we learned when Aaron threw his ball directly into Max's leg. Don't ask how.

So that was Canada in a nutshell. We went home the next day because we had lots of things to get done, and I was getting sick (excuse number six trillion for being a sucky blogger). I actually was super sick most of that week, which was a bummer, but I got to go home last weekend. Home always makes everything better. 

Portland is really a much less exciting story. Laura and I drove home on Friday, talking all the way and only stopping for some delicious Taco Bell $5 Boxes or whatever they're called. Then I just hung out with my parents. My mom and I went to my high school's production of Singin' in the Rain because my friend's little sister was in it. It was Phenomenal! I always forget how incredible my school was in the arts. They literally made it rain on the stage. Super high quality. 

Then the fam and I just hung out and watched The Ides of March. See it.

Have you noticed lately how FABULOUS Ryan Gosling is?
I have.

George Clooney is not too shabby either.

Before I left my mom took me walking with her and her friend at a wildlife refuge.

It was actually pretty cool.
And I can definitely use these photos in my next wilderness project.

That was about it for Portland, and this week/weekend has been pretty low key. A party Friday night and hard work on the wilderness documentary last night. Lots of homework today. I miss Sara making sure we did something cool each weekend! I may actually head to UVillage Starbucks today in her honor. I actually gave up Starbucks for Lent, but it's Sunday so technically it's ok.

Cool things coming up this week: Super Tuesday talk on the election stuff. I've gotten kind of into politics slash electiony things lately (I know, nerd). And then Saturday I think I get to go see The Vow with Laura! Super girly, but I'm so excited!

That's all for now, 


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